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When the impossible happens

By KinkyKate

Other / Fantasy


Neither Mick or his secret lover Dave have ever expected to be able to have children together because of their same sex relationship, which they assumed meant it was impossible. However, they return home from touring with their band, and Mick becomes ill with what they believe is a stomach bug which has lasted too long. When Mick seems to be getting no better, Dave insists he sees a doctor. When Mick is told he must have a blood test, nothing prepares him for the results; he is pregnant. The doctor refers him to St. Mungo's hospital for magical maladies and healing and from there Mick and Dave encounter people they have never come across before, magical people who would protect them against a world that condemns their loving relationship, people who are no strangers to male pregnancies and who would support them in raising this child together. However, sparks are set to fly when Dave's brother Ray finds out not only about the pregnancy, but about Dave's relationship. Will they be shunned by the people they care about?

Chapter 1

Dave awoke to a sound he had become accustomed to for the past week, a sound coming from the bathroom. Once again, the man he loved was sick. Why this kept happening, he could not understand, but it worried him.

If it were just a tummy bug, then surely I would have caught it too, but I haven’t, he thought.

Dave climbed out of bed and made his way to the bathroom; Mick was on the floor, slumped with his head bent over the toilet, retching and bringing up bile.

Dave went to the kitchen to get his lover a glass of water. He took it back to the bathroom and gave it to Mick, who was now resting his head against the wall, looking pale and completely drained.

Mick gave Dave a weak smile and gratefully accepted the glass. Dave sat on the floor next to Mick and put his arm around him; Mick rested his tired head on Dave’s shoulders. Dave whispered to Mick, “Honey, you need to see a doctor, you can’t go on like this.”

“I know,” Mick replied in a weak voice, and took a small sip of water.

“What’s causing it do you think?” Dave asked him, knowing this was a rhetorical question.

Mick shook his head, “I don’t know,” he answered. “What I do know is that, I’m just really tired all the time and haven’t much energy to do the things I normally do.”

“Tell me about it, babe,” Dave said kissing him. “You haven’t even been anywhere near your drums which is very unlike you, and you’ve not once felt like jamming with me when I play my guitars.”

“Just haven’t had the energy to do it,” Mick replied with a sigh.

“You can’t seem to keep any food down either.” Dave pointed out with concern. “You sleep a lot during the day; I’m worried about you Mick.”

“I will go to the doctors then,” Mick replied. “You’re right, I can’t go on like this.”

It was true, this had gone on for a whole week now, and both men knew this was getting ridiculous.

It began a few mornings ago. Mick had woken up feeling very ill, had to spring out of bed and run to the bathroom to be sick; the same thing happened every morning after that, and a few times during the day.

Mick spent most of those days lying on the sofa, or if he felt dreadful, he went to bed and slept for hours.

Dave remembered how a few months ago, they both had awful stomach bugs. Dave had it first and then Mick caught it from him, so Dave naturally assumed that Mick had picked up another bug from somewhere; perhaps when their band, the Kinks were touring around Europe, as when they returned home to their flat, Mick had complained of feeling unwell.

Dave had just been waiting to get ill himself, but when that did not happen, he thought perhaps he had got lucky this time, either that or there was something else wrong with Mick.

Dave was beginning to worry about his boyfriend, Mick looked so pale and was losing weight with not being able to eat very much.

Dave helped Mick to his feet, put his arm around him and brought his sick lover into the living room.

Mick lay down on the sofa, not wanting to do anything; he was just too weak.

Dave went to their bedroom to fetch Mick a pillow, brought it back into Mick and gently placed it beneath his head. He then put a blanket over his boyfriend and stroked his hair tenderly. Mick smiled gently, “Thanks for looking after me Dave,” he said with love in his eyes.

Dave smiled back saying, “I’m going to ring your doctor today, no arguments because the way you are going, you could end up in the hospital.”

Mick looked at the man he loved, he knew Dave was right and that he needed to get himself seen to.

Dave managed to get an appointment for Mick that afternoon and drove him to see the doctor.

Mick still felt weak, so decided to take a bucket with him, just in case he needed it on the way. He had his head resting on the car window the whole time, why was he feeling so ill?

Mick prayed to God that the doctor would be able to sort him out because he was getting fed up with feeling so poorly all the time.

When they arrived at the surgery, although Mick wished that Dave could come in with him, he knew it would look very suspicious if they were to go in together. Their kind of relationship was illegal after all, there seemed to be a bit of a witch-hunt for homosexuals, and two men living together often aroused suspicions.

They both agreed that it was best for Dave to wait in the car for him.

As nobody seemed to be about, Dave gave Mick a quick kiss, before saying, “You’ll be fine my love, just tell the doctor your symptoms okay.”

Mick nodded and got out of the car. Dave looked on sadly, as the man he loved disappeared into the entrance of the doctor’s surgery. It was so unfair how they were so in love, and yet if they were found out, they could go to prison or be forced into having treatment.

Dave would not have changed the way he felt about Mick if he could; his beauty took his breath away, finding out that Mick was in love with him too was the happiest day of his life.

Dave always felt when he was growing up, that something was missing; but meeting Mick made everything fall into place. Mick filled that emptiness that he had always felt, deep down inside of him.

Dave felt scared with the possibility of losing Mick.

Dave waited in the car for what seemed like an eternity; he missed Mick whenever they were not together, and right now, he could not wait to see his sweet lover come back to the car.

Dave waited, nothing was happening outside around him, but he was too anxious over Mick to be bored.

Dave hoped there was nothing seriously wrong with Mick, but whatever was wrong with him, he wanted it to be sorted as soon as possible, he wanted his baby to get well again.

After what must have been good three-quarters of an hour, his beautiful Mick finally emerged from the small building. Mick was still looking very pale, and Dave was very anxious to hear what the doctor had told him.

Mick smiled a little as he got into the car, Dave asked him, “How did it go?”

Mick showed him an empty urine pot. “Well, got to pee into this,” he answered, slightly in jest. “Then take it in for testing first thing tomorrow morning. I’ve also had to book a blood test, and the doctor’s given me fluid replacement stuff that I have to go and get from the chemist. He thinks I may be suffering from a stomach flu, but then he said from what I was describing, something doesn’t seem to add up.”

“Really, how d’you mean?” Dave asked curiously.

“Well, he said if I were a woman, he would think I was pregnant.”

Dave could not help bursting out into a fit of laughter. Mick would have laughed too if he was not feeling so weak, so he just smiled.

After getting over his laughing fit, Dave then asked, “So did he say anything else?”

“Well, he asked me if I was sexually active, would you believe!”

Dave laughed again, “Well you are, with me.”

“I know, but I had to lie and tell him I wasn’t, didn’t I?”

This was very true, as these were the times where a man could not get away with sleeping with another man. Mick had felt very embarrassed when the doctor had asked him such a question, he felt that it was entirely inappropriate.

Dave lovingly caressed Mick’s face, and asked his lover, “So what’s that piece of paper you’ve got?”

Mick handed the prescription to Dave for him to look at. “It was really all he could give me for now,” Mick answered. “Just to replace the fluids when I’m sick, he also said to drink plenty. I said I would try, but it’s really hard to keep anything down at the moment, even water.”

“Well we’ll go over to the chemist and get it for you now,” Dave said, handing it back to Mick. “It’s a good idea to do as the doctor says, and what else was it you had to do? Go for a blood test?”

“Yeah, that’s all booked for tomorrow morning, ten o’clock,” Mick replied.

“Okay well, let’s go and get that stuff you need babe,” Dave said, starting the car.

They fetched Mick’s prescription from the chemist. Then as Mick was still feeling weak, tired, and slightly nauseous, he asked Dave to drive him back to the flat. Dave lovingly obliged.

When they got back, Dave felt hungry. He also offered Mick something light to eat. Mick could not really face it, but agreed to let Dave make him a bowl of soup.

Mick managed to consume more than half of it, but after a few hours was sick again. This really worried Dave, who was glad that Mick was going back to get a blood test the next day though he did not really understand why that was necessary with the symptoms Mick was experiencing. Still, Dave was no medical expert, so for now, he thought he would let the professionals do their job.

Dave put Mick to bed early and gave him a hot water bottle, which Mick put over his stomach and held it covered under his pyjama top. Dave lay next to his boyfriend and stroked his hair until he fell asleep.

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