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The girl


a girl who is apostolic Pentecostal meets a boy who is troubled in life and is making bad decisions will she help him and bring him to god? Or will she leave him alone in worry of her own faith being destroyed and him bringing her down with him we shall see.

Romance / Fantasy
Jessica Franklin
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The meeting

Hey my names Josephine I’m an apostolic Pentecostal and I’m 17 years old I’m about to be 18 in February. But let’s not talk about that today was another day of school and I was bored out of my mind but luckily I had my best friend Kate who is also an apostolic Pentecostal and goes to my church so we kinda grew up together I guess you could say. The bell rung and as soon as me and Kate heard it we jumped out of our seats and headed towards the door only for me to be to be met by a strong hard wall who just happened to be the new boy. I had already heard gossip that there was a new boy but I tried to not listen to the gossip that happened around school people will say anything just to get popular or to be liked. As I was shaken out of my thoughts remembering what just happened I quickly apologized and picked up my books only for them to be slammed on the floor again and for the new boy to yell at me “GET OUTTA MY WAY LOSER”. I wanted to cry badly but I didn’t because I knew god was giving me the strength and courage I needed in that moment so all I did was smile once more and apologize making a mental note to try to distance myself from him seeing he wasn’t much of a good influence. As me and Kate made our way to lunch she asked me if I was alright and I just smiled and said yes only knowing that if I didn’t have god giving me the strength I needed I’d probably be crying right now as I’m very sensitive to everything and take stuff personally even though I shouldn’t , I’m trying to shake myself out of that habit. Me and Kate made our way to lunch and in that moment I didn’t feel very hungry so I just told Kate I was going to sit down at our table and wait for her instead she nodded and I made my way to our table only to be met by no other than him , I looked around for another table but this was the only one left so I gently tapped his shoulder politely asking him if he could move or if me and my friend could sit there and all he did was huff and get up and move. I asked god to give me the strength not to be angry because this dude was really testing my limits at this point but I soon remembered that not everyone has it easy.
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