The Green Eyed Girl


Paige Jackson grew up in a girls home but soon found out that she was Poseidon's more powerful daughter and must stop a new enemy from trying to take over the world. This story has a twist of myths having both greek and norse battling each other.

Adventure / Romance
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Percy’s POV

Hi, my name is Percy Jackson(you should know that if you read my adventures before). I am a demigod and my father is Poseidon. Yes, THE Poseidon. One of the Big 3. Anyway, I go to Camp Half-Blood and train there. I am going to have a quick flashback to when I fought Kronos single handedly. That would be so you could make sense of the rest of the story.

Kronos sneered. His scythe began to change, until he held Luke’s old weapon, Backbiter, with its half-steel, half-Celestial bronze blade. Next to me, Annabeth gasped like she’d suddenly had an idea. “Percy, the blade!” She unsheathed her knife. “A hero’s soul, cursed blade shall reap.”

I didn’t understand why she was reminding me of that prophecy line right now. It wasn’t exactly a morale booster, but before I could say anything, Kronos raised his sword.

“Wait!” Annabeth yelled.

Kronos came at me like a whirlwind. My instincts took over. I dodged and slashed and rolled. At one point I had a weird feeling like part of me was slowly dying. Then the feeling disappeared and once again I was slashing and rolling, but I felt like I was fighting a hundred swordsmen. Ethan ducked to one side, trying to get behind me until Annabeth intercepted him. They started to fight, but I couldn’t focus on how she was doing. I was vaguely aware of Grover playing his reed pipes. The sound filled me with warmth and courage--thoughts of sunlight and a blue sky and a calm meadow, somewhere far away from the war.

Too bad you can’t hear the part where I defeat Kronos in sword fighting. But I guess that’s not important in this story.

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