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1 Prologue

Jeon Jungkook runs his 'business' with an iron fist. He hasn't time for those that have excuses. If he entertained all the excuses that walked through his door, he'd never get anything accomplished, and in this business that can be a deadly invitation to anyone waiting to steal his kingdom.

He's cold and been labeled heartless. He doesn't care. 'People are disposable, and I don't need any of them. Friends? I don't have any.' His close advisors are the closest he's got to friends, and yet he would have no problem putting a bullet in any of their heads if they got in his way.

He thinks love is a joke that weak people rely on. 'It has no place in this life.' Jungkook understands those under him feel differently, but the first time it becomes a hindrance for them he'll have no problem eliminating the cause of 'the issue.' His 'friends'; however, think Jungkook only believes this because he's never experienced love for himself.

Who's right? What will happen in the future? Does Jungkook let love change him, or does he eliminate those that he feels are a hindrance to his empire?

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