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2 Sensless Murder

Pounding head, furrowed brow, and a completely avoidable need to torture someone are all that consume Jungkook's night. He wishes with everything inside him this man hadn't accidentally walked in on a similar scene; however that's not the case. It isn't because Jungkook is that merciful. No, in fact he'd much rather be in his soft bed at 1:57 am than standing above this bloody mess.

The man won't let go. He's holding on like he's actually got something to live for and that pisses Jungkook off even more. "What the fuck are you doing? Just die I want to go home to my bed."

An unrecognizable groan is all that's heard in response. The man leaning forward and lurching the contents of his stomach on Jungkook's new white Gucci loafers. He pulls out his sidearm without hesitation aiming it at the man's head between his bloody, sweat ridden brow.

"These are new you fucking nasty shit!"

They cost him 1,693,950 KRW. That's not a lot for the leading jopok in S. Korea, just bothersome. He now has to replace them which eats into his time. Won he has, time is a more precious and limited commodity for the leader.

Jungkook spits on the man's swollen and broken face before pulling the trigger. He doesn't think as the gun flashes with a deafening bang snuffing out this strangers life force as if he were just squishing a bug. The blood splatter landing like a child's art project all over the walls and white plastic gown Jungkook and Yoongi are wearing to protect their suits.

"Can you believe this? I am going to kill Namjoon." Jungkook spits the words like venom as he wipes down his gun before removing his gown and placing it safely away into his pocket. Namjoon is the whole reason they had to quickly kidnap, torture, and kill an otherwise innocent man tonight. He wasn't careful in covering his tracks allowing this poor soul to stumble onto him as he did the same action to a much more deserving man.

Yoongi looks the now empty shell up and down. He's limply fallen forward only held in place by the ropes that tie him to the hard piece of wood beneath him. "I mean, I get he saw, but did we have to do this tonight boss?"

Jungkook is well aware of the date Yoongi had to cancel to help him with this 'problem,' but he doesn't care. Yoongi on the other hand is missing out on a night with his baby, Jimin. What's worse is Jimin is in another man's bed because of it.

"I don't give a shit if you didn't get your dick sucked Yoongi. This man surely would have run straight to the police."

Not that it matters much, Jeon has people in his pocket all over Seoul. He just hates to be disrespected or made to look like a fool, it makes him look weak, and if there's one thing he isn't or can't afford to be portrayed as is weak.

Yoongi sighs and looks away as he now removes the plastic covering himself. He knows the only outcome to stating his side of things would be a quick trip to the same fate as this poor bastard. He is completely aware of the type of cold, unfeeling individual his boss is. He hasn't time for love and thinks its a crock of shit anyway. The honest truth, however, is Yoongi just thinks Jungkook hasn't found the right guy to break him free from that horribly lonely prison yet. He doesn't push it. He values his life and knows there will be other nights to spend with his little mochi.

"Ye, boss. You're right. Let me call Jackson to get his crew out here and clean this mess."
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