Mute Killer || JBJ95


❝ The darkness swallowed everything and made it hard for him to see anything. The only thing he could see was the endless flashback that continued to appear in his sight. The sickness of a boy's smile who never said anything. The smile was too sweet and innocent for the true monster it belonged to. ❞ ⑀ This is a bloody Short Story about Kenta and Sanggyun. ⑀ I'm truly sorry if you find wrong spellings or grammar mistakes, but English isn't my first language ;) ⑀ Btw I actually used this story as an English written assignment Status : Completed ✓

Horror / Mystery
Age Rating:


Welcome to this JBJ95 short story!

Contains; Blood, Violence, Murder, Boyxboy and more...

Since this short story is pretty violent, I just want to say, that I have absolutely nothing against Kenta or Sanggyun. Remember this is fiction, so don’t take it too personal ;)

And the story is completely made up by myself, so please be aware that I don’t tolerate plagiarism, thank you >•<

Enjoy the story~

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