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Shifting ~ Fred Weasley


This is a story about how Chloe shifted and met her love. But when the path started to split what will Chloe do will she make the right choice and most of all, will her and the love of her life be able to make it or will they be torn apart in the midst of everything that they will experience and have to endure?

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Chapter 1

I woke up on the hogwarts express already in a carriage i look around and see Hermione, Harry and Ron. A huge smile spread across my face and they just looked at me, ‘Hey!’
‘Who are you?’ Ron looked completely shocked.
‘Oh sorry. I’m Chloe i’m new i mean i’ve just shifted so yes that would make me new. I can’t believe i finally shifted.’
Hermione looked quite intrigued, ‘shifted?’
‘Yes I wasn’t born for this world it’s basically like falling asleep in one place and waking up in another dimension.’
‘Oh wow so you know this place at all?’ Harry spoke slightly more calm than the others.
‘Yes back in the muggle world Hogwarts is a massive thing to people they love it they love this golden trio.’
‘Wait how though?’ Hermione getting ever more intrigued.
‘Oh it’s a movie series everyone loves it. I feel quite honoured to have shifted here.’
‘Oh wow but why feel honoured?’ Ron leaned over.
‘Well muggle schools are like living hell and i’ve always dreamt of being here and being schooled and a witch.’
‘There’s really nothing special it’s only Hogwarts and don’t get me wrong we love it but it can be hell.’ Harry spoke almost as if it gave him memories right there.
‘Hm go to a muggle school for a year you’ll soon be begging to be back at Hogwarts.’
‘Anyway tell us about yourself.’ Hermione questioned.
‘Well i’m Chloe. I can be a bit of a handful. I can be very hyper but some days I will have rlly down days. I love being around people who love me the same and I can’t imagine life without my horses.’
‘Horses? They are big they are.’ Ron said looking very haunted.
‘Indeed they are Ron. But deep down beneath the thick skin and fearsome attitude they are big teddy bears really.’
‘You’ll have to see if you can swap your riding skills to quidditch and join the team.’ Harry smiled.
‘Of course but what if I’m not Gryffindor then what you going to do?’I smiled cheekily.
‘Wait you don’t know your house yet?’ Harry scrunched his eyebrows.
‘No harry and when I did the test I got Gryffindor or Slytherin. And i’m new.’
‘Yes you are. Harry you really need to think sometimes. Anyway I’m sure you’ll be a Gryffindor.’ Hermione beamed.
The rest of the journey to Hogwarts was all of us comparing our upbringings and what we are all like and in general being goofs.

Once we arrived at Hogwarts we leaped off the train and saw Hagrid to whom I automatically smiled and waved at. I looked around and of course saw the twins, Fred and George, trying to get some student to eat a sweet form concoction of theirs. I wandered over seeing as the boy was having none of their games and decided to put my own word in, ‘ You’ll be missing out if you don’t have one I had one just on the way here actually they are fantastic!’
‘Really? Oh well if she’s had one and seems to be okay there’s no harm in having a small bite is there.’ The boy still didn’t look completely convinced still he ate the sweet however soon ran off holding his stomach and mouth. I burst out laughing I mean how could you not the boy had actually believed me. How silly of him. The twins looked very happy with their concoction and then looked at me with beaming smiles plastered ear to ear like a cheshire cat, ‘Wicked!’
‘Looked like you need a bit of help there.’
‘We would have gotten him to eat it!’ George argued.
‘Okay well i made the process quicker for you then.’
‘Okay we’ll give you that this once.’ Fred smiled at his twin and then back at me.
‘Well done by the way.’
‘Thank you. Who are you saw you coming of the train with our brother?’ Fred said starting to form a confused expression as if thinking back to the first time he’d seen me.
‘Oh I’m Chloe and before you introduce yourselves I know who you are.’
‘How if your new how can you know about us?’George asked looking over my shoulder at someone or something. I turn to see the golden trio and smile back at them which they returned.
‘Long story short I shifted...’
‘Wicked always wanted to shift or know someone who shifted!’ Fred said looking very happy with himself.
‘Well here i am in the flesh.’
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