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Lilith Callman and Liam Egan have had it rough all their lives. And when they finally found sanctuary, it was snatched away from them. Liam took a knife for Lilith, and for ten years she has believed him dead. She became the Messenger of Chaos and took a mission in a different Universe where she has lived for 10 years. But when Liam is approached by Chaos and given a mission, he takes it. Will Lilith and Liam meet again? And what will their roles in this quirk filled society be? Read to find out

Action / Drama
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The New Teacher

Izuku Midoriya walks into the classroom, eager and anxious at the same time.
He takes a seat in the front, taking out his notebook and pen. He opens a fresh page, waiting for the teacher as his classmates file inside.
“Hey Deku- kun,” Uruaka greets peppily as she takes a seat beside the emerald eyes boy. “Who do you think the teachers gonna be?”
“ I think they will be very intelligent,” Iida chips in, taking a seat on the other side of Izuku. “Physical training is not an easy class for one to teach.”
“I want it to be a girl!” Mina exclaims, making Izuku chuckle slightly.
“Well I guess you’re out of luck,” a smooth masculine voice says, making every student look to the doorway.
Every single person in the classes jaws drop.
He has shaggy raven hair, and stands at about 6’0. His skin is pale, but he somehow makes it look good with his young early twenties look. His clothes are a white tunic and grey dress pants, finishing off the look with black dress shoes. Black gloves cover his hands, which is slightly abnormal but not what sticks out to the whole class the most. The thing that sticks out most are his eyes.
They’re pure gold. Not yellow like Himiko Toga’s, but like actual gold. They seem to flash as the sun shines through the window, making him seem even more elegant. His pupils are slit like a cats, and his eyes have a glint that makes Izuku and a few others nervous and cautious.
“Are you our teacher?” Kirishima asks. “You seem a little young don’t you think.”
“It’s not age that matters Mr. Kirishima,” now hearing his voice again they hear how melodic it is, with a hint of a forin accent. “It’s experience.”
“But you are our teacher?” Karminari clears up, to receive a nod in response.
“Liam Egan, pleasure to meet you,” he introduces himself, walking over and leaning on the podium.
“Sir if you don’t mind me asking,” Iida says, putting his hand up in the air. “But how old are you?”
“Twenty six,” he answers. “And I’ll be your physical training teacher until you either pass, get expelled, flunk out or drop dead.”
“What’s your quirk?” Tokoyami inquires, making Izuku put his pen to his paper and lean forward in anticipation.
“My quirk?” Liam repeats the question, the corners of his lips perking up. “You know what... think of this as your first lesson. The first person to find out my quirk gets extra points is all their classes. And you’re allowed to work in groups, class dismissed.”
He exits the room, leaving behind 20 bewildered teens.
“You guys want to work together?” Deku asks his 2 friends, them both nodding in response.

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