Sinful Secrets


When the deepest most hidden part of yourself threatens to disturb the balance what do you do? Is it better to be honest and hurt or lie and be comfortable? There's so many times in life when this is the question we all face. Yoongi must decide which one is better and less hurtful to his relationship with Jin. EVERYTHING in this book save for BTS are my own original works. Do not plagiarize, or share without authors permission. Copyright means something. MATURE CONTENT *off color language *sexual scenarios (possible) IF YOU DON'T LIKE EITHER OF THESE, then stop reading. Reporting isn't necessary. I've marked all the necessities on the story. Also, if you read then vote, comment, share. I put alot of time and effort into these stories. Think how you would feel. It makes Author-Nim sad. ? And lastly, thank you to whomever the artist is that drew this beautiful fan art. I wish I knew who they were so I could properly thank them, but maybe they'll see my book and read this note ... I can only hope. AS ALWAYS, I ♡ my fandom, and even just passers by. ~ RBM

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1 Prologue


Littlespace is simply a place for adults who are too stressed to regress and feel stress free. They may live there always or come and got from little to big or even middle space. It depends on the amount of stressful triggers in their life. They regress and relive childhood moments that were happy and childlike or even moments they may have missed out on during this time of their life. Some Littles even have caregivers that help them through this part of their life.


Yugyeom makes a weird face, "looks like you should be sending flowers to someone lover boy."

"I hate this. Hiding this part of myself is killing me. I can't believe he's hung around this long. Little me is constantly screwing something up between us. What if I just told him, Yugyeom?"

"Well that's a possibility. Do you think he'll take it well?"

"Fuck! I don't know. Why do you think I've been hiding all this time? Honestly, I don't know what I was thinking getting into a relationship in the first place. It's not ideal to be with someone like Jin. He's beautiful, smart, somewhat funny, and generally everything I want except for one thing... HE'S NO DADDY!"
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