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Sinful Secrets

2 Broken Dates

Suga is frantically looking for his paci in his mess of a room. His floor is littered with a sea of stuffies, long forgotten crayons, and coloring books. "Where it goes!" He is terribly anxious that he won't be able to find it by bedtime. Tears begin to fall as he falls down on his bottom next to his bed. "Wannnn iiittt. Peaseee comes back."

Yugyeom his roommate hears his cries and comes into the room. "What's wrong little Prince?" His words are sincere and loving as he reaches down and picks his friend up. He settles Suga on his hip and strokes his hair. "I can't fix it if you don't tell me what's wrong."

"S-ssoooogaaa paci bye bye."

"Ohhhh, I think I know where that is." The younger man smiles at the little carrying him to the kitchen sitting him on the countertop. He temporarily ignores the whines and grabby hands coming from Suga as he opens the dishwasher. "I washed it for you." He pops it into Suga's mouth and picks him back up.

Suga giggles and wraps his arms and legs around Yugyeom like a baby monkey. "Sooga appy. Ank uuuu." He gives his thanks around the paci now firmly lodged between his lips.

"You're welcome little Prince." He carries the little into the living room taking a seat on the couch for cuddles and cartoons. Suga is extremely tired but won't admit it. He's so hard to get to sleep in littlespace. Yugyeom doesn't even bother asking which cartoon his friend wants to watch knowing it doesn't matter, because he'll most likely be asleep in a matter of minutes. Boy is he wrong.

Suga's phone rings from the coffee table as he's just about asleep. Yugyeom curses under his breath and reaches for the device. "It's Jin baby. Do you want me to answer it?"

Suga's eyes widen and he doesn't know what to do. He wants to talk to him but it's not easy to come out of littlespace quickly. He shakes his head no and lays back down on Yugyeom's chest watching the tv. "Sooga nu wan wash dis." He slides off the couch and begins to rummage through a box at the end of the couch.

"Suga it's 11pm. Let's play toys tomorrow, love. We both have busy schedules in the morning."

"Sooga nu tiwed."

The night went on like this for another 2 hours before Suga finally crashed. He just couldn't hold his eyes open any longer. Yugyeom loves his hyung but without a doubt hates when he has to be the one to get him to sleep. He's always tired in bigspace; however, when he's little Suga's the worst sleep fighter the younger has ever seen.

Suga is the only one to ever see Yugyeom like this. He usually loves to tease and play around; however, there's something about living with little Suga that does something to the younger man's heart. When he needs help the younger can't help but put on his caregiver pants and roll with it. He loves his friend even if he is a bit mean to him when they're both big. Let's be honest, Suga can be a bit of a pill himself. It's nice to know that if Yugyeom needs a caregiver Suga is there for him as well. It's a give and take relationship that both are so grateful to have, even if they never say it.

# # #

Jin sits at his restaurant waiting for his boyfriend. He's been through a whole bottle of wine and Suga still isn't here. He's been waiting two hours with no sign of him. "What the actual fuck Min Suga ? I can't believe you stood me up."

He pulls his phone from his pocket and punches the contact with Suga's face on it. The phone rings... and rings... and rings until the voicemail picks up. "Hi, you've reached Suga . If you don't know what to do then why are you on the phone?" BBBEEEEPPPP.

"Suga, I'm not going to yell at you on voicemail. I'll wait and do that in person, but just know I'm not happy with you. I've been here over two hours waiting for you."

Jin hangs up gathers his things and walks home completely confused. I can't believe he did this to me. I know we've only been dating a few months, but I really thought we were doing well. Is he tired of me already. Tears start to fall down Jin's beautiful face. He's so wrapped up in his thoughts that he doesn't even notice.

Before he has time to process everything he's walked home on autopilot. He unlocks the door and steps into the well lit house. Jin can hear the tv playing an unfamiliar drama from the living room. He removes his shoes by the door and follows the sound of the television. Jin isn't surprised to find his roommate Namjoon sitting on the couch texting someone on his phone not paying much attention to what's taking place on the screen.

Jin plops down next to Namjoon despondent. "How'd the date go?" Namjoon questions without even looking up from his phone.

"U-uumm," his voice drops to barely a whisper, "he didn't show."

Namjoon looks up at his hyung. "What?"

Jin rolls his eyes not wanting to say it for fear of displaced judgement but he does anyway. Raising his voice to a normal tone, "he didn't show." A frown plastered on his face.

Namjoon shrugs and says, "maybe something came up. Don't count him out. You have been dating a few months. At least give him the opportunity to explain." He stands up and walks to the kitchen eyes and fingers back to work on his phone.

Jin sits alone stunned at the response. He was absolutely sure Namjoon would make a snarky comment and tell him to drop the zero.

# # #

The sun shines through a crack in the living room curtain that's unfortunately lined up perfectly with Suga's eyes where he sleeps on the couch. He groans and rolls over falling to the floor not realizing he's on the couch and not his larger bed. "UUUMMMPHH!" A pained groan escapes his throat. "Why the fuck am I out here." He questions himself as he stands up holding his head.

Yugyeom walks into the living room fully prepared to comfort a little Suga, but pleased to see he is big. He wasted no time in giving the older hell over falling to the floor. "You cracked the floor hard head." Yugyeom continues walking to the kitchen giving no room for rebuttal.

Suga grabs his phone from the table, cracks his back, and walks into the kitchen. He sees a missed call from Jin. His eyes widen and he stops dead in his tracks. "Yugyeom, before I call this voicemail. Did I go to dinner with Jin last night?" He's having a hard time recalling what his last evening was like.

"Nope." He pops the p and turns to face his friend. "Were you supposed to?"

"Oh fuck me! Yea we had a date. What happened last night? Please don't say little me got me in trouble."

"Apparently, little you got you in trouble." He laughs before sipping his coffee.

"Fuck!" He dials the voicemail putting it on speaker.

"Suga, I'm not going to yell at you on voicemail. I'll wait and do that in person, but just know I'm not happy with you. I've been here over two hours waiting for you."

Yugyeom makes a weird face, "looks like you should be sending flowers to someone lover boy."

"I hate this. Hiding this part of myself is killing me. I can't believe he's hung around this long. Little me is constantly screwing something up between us. What if I just told him, Yugyeom?"

"Well that's a possibility. Do you think he'll take it well?"

"Fuck! I don't know. Why do you think I've been hiding all this time? Honestly, I don't know what I was thinking getting into a relationship in the first place. It's not ideal to be with someone like Jin. He's beautiful, smart, somewhat funny, and generally everything I want except for one thing... HE'S NO DADDY!"

Yugyeom laughs putting his cup in the dishwasher. "Here's the thought for the day. You must tell him at some point or you're wasting both your time. Will it be better to tell him now and be accepted or rejected OOOORRR tell him later after the L word has come into play causing him to feel more betrayed byyyyy." He pauses and thinks for a better word but can't find one, "your BETRAYAL?"

Suga's mouth is agape as he realizes the younger is right. All he's doing is stringing this poor soul along to a place where he's actually going to be hurt not to mention the way little Suga will take it. This has happened once before and his little heart was shattered into a million pieces when the person told him, "I'm sorry but I just don't know how to be a daddy."
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