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Crush On You | Kim Sunwoo


"And there's this guy, whenever I see him smile, my heart beats fast and every time I hear he laughs, my stomach feels a little lighter and my days shine so brightly." . . "I've got a secret letter from anonymous lately and I'm really curious about the sender however I didn't even plan to find that person but now I'm so glad that I did." ~ ~ ~ ~ Kim Sunwoo, one of the most attractive school footballers, has been receiving a love letter lately from someone who has been admiring him from far. Will the secret admirer keep on being invisible and unknown? Or will Kim Sunwoo finds out the person behind his secret love letters that have been the reason why he smiles every day?

Drama / Romance
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If you stumbled upon this story by miracle and somehow decided to read it, I would like to thank you. First of all, I would like you to know that I can’t guarantee that it will be pretty throughout. And yeah, English and Korean are not my first, primary languages. So, I’m so sorry if there’s a lot of grammatical errors. Please notify and help me improve my vocabulary.

I will try my best to make this fanfic a ‘FEELS’ story. A story that will give you emotions. With a lot of character development.

I’ll try not to spoil anything. However, the ending of the story will be going to be either sad or happy depends on how I feel about the story.

All the ideas in the story are basically on what I had read and how my imagination that keeps playing in my mind and some parts of the ideas might be ideas from my friends or person near me.


“When you smile, it’s pure perfection. It shines through everything you do”
- Ariel, The Little Mermaid –


There’s a theory that when you meet someone that makes your heart skip a beat, it’s pretty clear you’re crushing hard, and despite all the shame that you feel, you would still be doing some stupid things just because you wanting to make him notice your presence.

Kim Sunwoo, the school talented footballer who has a good sense of humor, recently has got a lot of love letters from an unknown sender. He didn’t plan to find that sender despite all the curiosity that keeps on playing inside his head.

Trying to keep her identity as the secret sender, Choi Ae-ra would do anything to finally being able to grab the attention of Kim Sunwoo. The thing is that Ae-Ra is too shy to even meet him face to face despite her personality that an easy-going girl. Every time she gets an opportunity to talk to him, she would avoid it either run away or just ignore it but soon she regrets it.

Will Ae-ra keeps her identity as an anonymous love letter? Or will the truth untold?

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