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Diana’s World Tour


When you’re a demigod, you get used to a lot of things. But I, Diana Wallace never prepared to fall for a sarcastic bookworm on reality TV. On the show we know and love, Total Drama. Great, just great.

Adventure / Drama
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In which I am volunteered as tribute

“Okay, first thing’s first. My name is Diana Wallace, and I’m a demigod. Yes, I’m the daughter of a goddess. Not just any goddess, Artemis. Long story short, she got raped and ended up with me before sending me to Camp Half-Blood. Present time. I’m 17 years old, live in my cabin alone, and my best friend is Leo Valdez. Yes people, him. Stop fan girling and let me speak please! Thank you.”

I tapped my pen against my chin in thought. “Hey! Karma!” I look over in surprise to see Leo, my best friend running over to me. When he reached the shady spot under the tree where I sat, he hunched over, and started taking deep breaths. “I looked for you everywhere!”

I snapped out of my moment of shock and looked up at his face. “Sorry Leo, what do you need?” I closed my new diary, curtesy of Mom, as he spoke.

“Chiron wants to see us. Apparently he owes someone a favor and wants us to join a TV show” One thing you should know about me is I don’t like people. After what Luke did, I know I can only trust a few people here. Leo, Rachel, Nico, my stepsister Skylar, Grover, and Chiron. (Not in that order of course.) Another thing you all should know is that Chiron is a centaur.

I stood up and grabbed my stuff and started walking before looking back at my best friend. “Well? We shouldn’t keep him waiting! Come on slow ass!” I left in a sprint before he could reply. By the time I made it to The Big House, Leo was waiting outside. “Wha- how?”

He turned his head at my voice and shrugged. “I used a shortcut. I was going to tell you but you ran off. Anyways, let’s see what this is about. He can’t really stick us in a TV show.” He held the door open as I went through, himself close behind

I rolled my eyes. “You probably just jinxed us, Grease Face.”

“Yep. You totally jinxed us man.” Chiron had indeed wanted us to go on a TV show. Not just any show, Total Drama, the most popular (and my favorite) reality show on earth. We had also been personally scouted, out of everyone, to join the latest season. Yay. As I walked out of the building on my way to my cabin, I pulled out my demigod-proof phone.

😈Karma😈: Guys,
Leo and I have news
🔥Flame head🔥: We do?

Oh! Right!

🐐Goat face🐐: Well?

🔮Oracle🔮: What’s going on?

😈Karma😈: Leo and I are joining a season of Total Drama because Chiron apparently owes Chris McLean a favor.

✨Da best witch✨: You’re what?!

💀Death breath💀: Piper still has a living uncle?

I thought he was dead...

🔥Flame head🔥: He’s not related Nico

🔮Oracle🔮: 😳

🐐Goat face🐐: 😳

✨Da best witch✨: 😳

😈Karma😈: Y’all are physic. Anyway, we will be traveling the world trying to win a million dollars and he personally scouted us.

🔥Flame head🔥: Or so we’re told

✨Da best witch✨: Damn, you two better bring that money back home

🔥Flame head🔥: We’ll even bring back a happy meal for you Neeks

💀Death breath💀: 🖕🏻

😈Karma😈: lol

We also leave tomorrow at 07:00 btw

I slip my phone into my hoodie pocket as I walk inside of my cabin, and start packing for tomorrow.
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