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Sing Me A Song? (Part 2 to It's Complicated)


Deku's mom is diagnosed with cancer let alone had a daughter while he was gone. He spends the rest of his time raising his little sister, Violet. Please read the first one before reading this. It will make more sense.

Other / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

I take the bus to the hospital. I keep staring out the window hoping nothing bad had happened. I walk in and go to the receptionist’s desk and ask to see her.

“What’s your relationship with her?”
“I’m her son...” Her welcoming smile turns to a sad one.
" Y-yes... Room 109" I nod and say thank you.
I walk through the halls and hear screams from a newborn while sobs coming from another as a person takes their last breath. It reminds me of how precious life is.

I walk for a few more minutes before knocking on the door.

“Come in....” I open the door afraid of what I might see.

I see a little girl sitting in a chair sobbing quietly. I look around and see my mother lying in a bed. Silent tears run down my cheeks.
“Don’t cry, dear... It’s my time and I accept that... You should too.” She holds her hand up to my forehead. I clutch onto the sheets.
“D-don’t say that!! You can fight!! Your gonna be okay!!” She just smilies.
“I-I... I can’t be alone again.. . Please mom....” She ruffles my hair. She lifts my chin up so I face her. She stares into my eyes.
“Listen Izuku. I love you alright. I need you to take care of your sister, Violet. Do that for me when I’m gone. Okay?” I nod. I can’t process what just happened.

When she’s gone...

The next day

I check my phone and see a text message.

Midoriya I’m sorry but we couldn’t get a hold of you so we had to text you.
Yesterday your mother... She passed away. We’re sorry.

I stare at the message for a few seconds. I hear a creak and look at the door. Violet is standing there.
“D-did mommy d-die?” Tears streamed down my face. I dont know what to tell a 6 year old. What that her mother had died. No I cant I’m not that cruel I’ll just tell her when she’s older. I don’t know if it’s the right thing to do now but what else was I supposed to tell her.

“No... Shes... Sleeping peacefully. ”
She gives me a hug.
“When will she wake up?” I hold on to her tightly.
“I-I don’t know....”


3 years later

Violet POV

Izu-chan is taking me to the market today! I’m really excited!
He said I could get one thing. I hold his hand and we walk in.
“What would you like to get?” He asks me. I think for a moment before answering.
“Can I have a cookie?” He smiles and nods.

He lets me pick out a cookie then we get some groceries and exit the store. I drop my bag and go to pick it up. The store was crowded so when I went to lol for Izu-chan I couldn’t find him. I end up walking when a strange !an wearing a hoodie comes up and asks if I’m lost. I nod.

“Do you need help?” I nod again.
He holds my hand and we walk around. I see brother after a few minutes. He runs over to me, apologizing for leaving me. I giggle and he smiles. He then looks at the man with curiosity in his eyes.
“Who’s this Vi?”
“He was helping me find you!” Izu-chan stands up and walks towards the man.
“Where do I know this hoodie from...?”

??? POV

I found him. Izuku. I wanted to hug him so bad but now wasn’t the right time. Was it?
He walks up to me and says,
“Where do I know this hoodie from...?” I gulp. Would he recognize me?
He gets closer then stands back.

Midoriya POV

It was Todoroki. No mistake. But what was he doing here?

“Say, is your name, by any chance, Shoto Todoroki?” Vi just stares at us while eating her cookie. I back away. I shake my head.
" I-I’m sorry for bothering you... ” I could have made a mistake but I was sure-
“Midoriya...” I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turn around.
“H-how did you-”
“Can we talk about this somewhere else?
Please?” I stand here for a moment before agreeing.
We get on the bus when I notice the bus driver was one of my old friends. Tokoyami.
“Hey!” He waves and we get on.

At home...

“Can you explain now?” I ask.
He takes off his hood and I almost broke down in tears again.

Violet POV

Izu-chan is starting to cry.
“Izu-chan? Why are you crying?” I keep tugging on his shirt.
He looks down at me. He smiles. I look over at the guy with red and white hair. He looks like a candy cane. I don’t understand what is happening...

Izuku POV

I felt him pull me into a hug. I hug him as tight as I could. I was afraid I would lose him again.
“Izu? Do you know him?” I let him go and answer Violet.
“Mhm. This is Todoroki.” I bend down at pat her head.
“Go play I need to talk with him for a few. Then we can go to your friends house. Okay?” She happily agrees and runs off. I turn to Todoroki.
“So why are you here? Not that I’m not happy to see you it’s just shouldn’t you be at some concert or something?” He shakes his head.
“I kinda.... Ran away?” I stare in disbelief.
“Wait. You did WHAT?!? They could be searching for you! Y-you... I-” He grabs my shoulders.
“Calm down... I’ll go back.. Once my father let’s me choose my own path.. But until then..” He looks into my eyes.
“Could I stay here?” He says with a sad smile. I nod.

3 hours later...

Todoroki POV

“Vi! Let’s go!” I lean against the wall watching Midoriya run through the house. I slightly laugh to myself. Violet zips past me out the door.
“She went that way...” I point to the door. He runs out and I follow.
“Ugh Violet you need to wait for us-” He stops and stares out in front of him.
“Oi Deku?! This yours?”

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