On the Wings of an Angel

Chapter 29

He was so screwed. There was no way in Hell Sirius could miss the look on the face of the goblin. In fact, he was lucky that they were the only other one's occupying the steps at the moment otherwise Harry would have an even bigger problem on his hands than just Sirius. He was just lucky that he had managed to keep his status a sect this long. It was complete dumb luck that he hadn't been found out by the goblins later summer when he had first sprouted wings.

Too be honest, he'd forgotten that the goblins already knew about him, somewhat. The meeting between them during the summer before second year had practically faded into nothing with the move memories that he regained. Add that to the events of the past two years and Harry interaction with the goblins had been pushed so far back that he had to actively strain to bring the memory forward.

"We should go inside," he said hastily, grabbing a still stunned Sirius' hand and dragging him into the white marble building forcefully. Any longer and even the inattentive occupants of the Alley would notice what was going on. That was the last thing that Harry needed right now.

Sirius barely did more than grunt in confusion as he let himself be dragged through the doors willingly. As soon as the doors shuttered together behind them, Sirius broke out of his stunned stupor. Grey eyes locked on him intently as he came to a forceful stop before they reached the second set of doors. "What was that?!"

'Lie,' Gabriel suggested quickly.

Yeah, no. Harry, and Gabriel, both knew that lying would only complicated matters when the truth did finally come out. While pretending to be ignorant of what just happened was tempting it want the way to go. "Later," he told him. This conversation was not one that should be held out in the open.

Sirius seemed to come to the same conclusion as he didn't protest as they made their way further into the bank. Harry pulled his wings tightly into his body in a way that made him ache just a bit. He shook his head slightly at the staring goblins as he walked past, silently begging them not to make a scene. Sirius walked up to the nearest free teller while Harry hung back. He didn't hear what was being said but soon they were being lead into the deepest part of the bank, far past where Harry had been taken last time.

"Griphook and Snapfang will see you now," the goblin snarled before edging around them in the opposite direction, sending Harry slightly fearful glances as he did. Sirius was quick to pick up on this as well and Harry had to fight down the urge to flee under his godfathers' gaze.

"I expect answers," the man told him, his face saying that there was no way he could let this go. Perhaps he might have been willing to wait if not for the reactions of the goblins. Harry knew that his godfather was already beginning to at least suspect something was off about him and he had no doubt at all that the man had been planning on waiting for him to trust him enough to tell him what that something was.

Yet the goblins were a warrior race and to have one cower at the sight of him and the others to regard him warily had pushed the matter.

'Fucking goblins,' he heard Gabriel mutter. For once, Harry was in complete agreement. This was not how he was planning very for his day to go, thanks.

He was startled out of his somewhat bitter thoughts as the door swung open and revealed the two waiting goblins on the other side. He followed his godfather into the room hesitantly, careful to slowly release his wings from his back as they made their way further into the large stone room. The two goblins were sat around a conference table with two files in front of them.

"Mr. Potter," Griphook greeted him. The other goblin snarled and drew back with a hiss as soon as he caught sight of him. "I see that you have continued to progress since we last met."

"Is this room secured?" Sirius all but demanded. There was steel in his voice that was likely keeping other, more volatile, emotions from coming out to play. Harry felt a bit guilty that the man had to find out this way but it was probably for the best considering his track record of actually telling anyone. He could admit that he likely would have found out in a much worse way if it had been up to Harry.

Gabriel kept silent; seemingly compete at ease with letting his more human counterpart handle this.

"Of course. Information like this cannot be discussed without the proper procedures put in place." The other goblin snapped, gaze darkening as he looked at Harry with distaste. He couldn't decide if that was better or worse than fear. 'Worse.'

'Not the time,' Harry scolded. He didn't even bother analyzing this interaction. It was pretty much a given that they were the perfect example of insanity at this point.

"So why don't we begin by letting me in on whatever it is that you all know and I don't?" Sirius ignored the goblins as he turned to Harry. "Starting with what you are." What you are, not who you are. That Sirius hadn't made that distinction meant that the man had been suspicious for quite a while before this had happened. Harry was willing to bet that Remus was at least partially behind some of it.

If the goblins could see his wings, it wasn't a step up to think that a werewolf would be able to sense something was off with him. Which meant that Harry would likely have to have this conversation twice. Well, more than that since he'd have to tell Hermione and Ron once he figured out a way to be certain that they'd be able to keep it quiet. Speaking of that….

Sirius was way ahead of him. "I'm well versed in Occlumency if that's what you're worried about." The man told him before Harry could say one word. Harry blinked and felt like hitting his head against the wall.

'How could we have not thought of that?' Gabriel groaned. Harry had to admit, he'd forgotten about Occlumency. In all of his loves in the Wizarding World, he'd been absolutely rubbish at the mind arts and had mostly ignored that branch of magic. He suspected his inability to grasp the subject had something to do with only being part of himself.

The goblins weren't a risk, either. It would be suicidal to even attempt to gain information from the warrior race and they definitely wouldn't offer it up freely less Harry take offense to it. Griphook knew his name from that visit two years ago and now that he knew what Harry was, there was no way he'd risk angering an Archangel.

Harry took a deep breath, reading himself for the conversation ahead. "I'm going to have to start at the beginning. How much do you know of my first year?"

And the story began to unfold as Harry told him about Hope and the tree, talking about waking up in the clearing with no memory of getting there and how he hadn't questioned it until the voice in his head appeared.

"Voice in your head?!" Sirius shrieked. "Harry, that's not normal!" As if Harry wasn't aware of exactly how not normal this situation was. 'Normal took one look at us and fled,' the Archangel joked. Harry snorted silently; he hated to admit it but that might be more true than either of them wanted to admit.

"Nothing about this is normal." Harry told him point blankly. Then he took a deep breath and began telling them about Gabriel and what Gabriel, what he really was. That's when Sirius went stark white and Snapfang pulled back with shock.

"Oh Merlin," Sirius moaned, leaning his head down into his hands. Really, he was taking it better than Harry had thought that he would. He'd honestly been expecting a giant freak out and crisis in faith.

"Are you alright?" Harry asked as Gabriel snorted in their head. Harry didn't bother replying, he knew it was a stupid question but he still had to ask. It wasn't every day that one learned that God was real, so were angels, and your godson was actually a reincarnated Archangel.

"I just found out that my godson is a reincarnated Archangel and has wings, a sword, and memories that talk to him. What part of that am I supposed to be alright with?"

'When you put it like that…' Gabriel drawled rather smugly. Harry stomped on the urge to throttle him, now was not the time, damn it. "It's not all that bad," he said comfortingly. It was a lie.

'No he's right, it is pretty bad.' Gabriel said easily . 'We nearly die every year and we'll be lucky if the Other doesn't pick up on our presence and hunt us down.'

'Hush.' Turning to Sirius he shrugged easily. "It sounds bad, I know. I'm the one dealing with the fact that while I'm nearly fourteen, I have the memories of being hundreds of different people, the oldest of which I was ninety along with the slowly returning memories of being an Archangel older than the universe."

He took a breath. "Yet I haven't died yet and underneath it all, I'm still me. My life as Harry is the one at the front of it all. I'm still me."

It was true, as well. Despite all those memories and the knowledge that came with, Harry was still Harry in every way that mattered. If anything, he was more himself than he had ever been before Hogwarts.

And for the first time since this had all began, Harry felt completely at peace with himself.

Gabriel remained silent.

Sirius hadn't been expecting things to go this way. He never expected to find out what was so off with his godson so soon or in such a way. He'd been perfectly content with waiting for Harry to trust him and Remus, eventually letting them both in.

And to think, he'd thought nothing Harry could tell him would be all that bad. He'd consoled himself with the thought that Harry was still Harry.

And that was true but in a way it still wasn't. He might be Harry but he was also hundreds of other people and an Archangel to top it all off.

Sirius knew the religion, muggle or not. Lily had been Christian despite how looked down it was to practice a muggle religion in the Wizarding World. Sirius had been fascinated with the religion and Lily had been more than happy to tell him all the stories.

So he knew about the angel Gabriel, the Messenger of God. He didn't know if he should laugh or cry at the irony of Harry being the same Archangel that his mother had spoken of so long ago. He wondered if it was just coincidence that Lily had been the one chosen to give birth to an actual angel in human form. He definitely wanted to laugh hysterically at all those purebloods that had sniffed in distain and ridiculed Lily for her 'foolish muggle beliefs'. As it turned out, the juggles had it right this entire time. The gods of old had not been the ones go create them, it had been the one God that the muggles came to worship.

The looks on their faces would be priceless. Those smug, superior assholes would likely have a heart attack to learn that they had been wrong for so many centuries.

"Um, are you sure you're okay?" Harry's (Gabriel's?) voice broke through his nearly hysterical musings.

"Probably not," he admitted. "Give me a minute while I try and process this."

Harry gave him a concerned look but nodded in consent. No doubt he was arguing with the memories of his Archangel self, which wasn't a subject he'd be willing to touch with a forty foot broom, thank you very much.

"If we could return to business?" the goblin Griphook interrupted. "There is much to discuss. Particularly in the case of Gabriel."

Harry was pretty sure Sirius was having a nervous breakdown. The only thing keeping his godfather from collapsing in hysterics completely was the interruption of Griphook. The goblin was not nearly as weary of him as Snapfang was and seemed very interested in negotiating with him. With Gabriel.

It was the first time he'd been addressed as Gabriel since this entire thing had started and Harry found himself actually responding to the name in the same way he did with the name Harry, Gabriel's voice eerily silent in the back of his mind.

He was a good hundred years into his life as Gabriel so it really shouldn't have been such a surprise yet it still managed to five him pause. The silence from his counterpart was what really caught his attention. The voice in the back of his head that he had come to expect after the last two years was suddenly just gone and it unnerved him.

What was it going to be like, he wondered, when he and that voice were completely the same person again? Was he going to remember the time spent as a voice in his own head? He didn't know and he suspected Gabriel didn't know either.

"The goblin nation would like to extend our greetings," Griphook began. "To the Archangel Gabriel. It has been a long time since one of the Celestials graced this world with their presence. Many have forgotten your species nearly entirely."

Harry shrugged, knowing that was true. Luna wasn't sure what he was even though she could see him. "Not surprising," he told them. "From what I remember so far, most are likely focused on the first Earth."

"Frist Earth?!" Sirius moaned, rubbing his temples. Harry grimaced in sympathy. His head had hurt quite a bit when he'd first had this explained to him. And it still hurt a bit every now and then if he was being truthful. And as lying to himself wasn't a problem that he really wanted to deal with on top of everything else, so he was.

"From what I've been told and have also remembered, there are thousands if not millions of separate universes, each with their own Earth. Each one differs from each other in either large or small ways, all of them noticeable. The First Earth was the first of them all to be created and has the weakest barriers between dimensions because of that." Or at least, Gabriel theorized that was why the First Earth had so many problems with Demons and Eve's children running around causing chaos.

"Dimensions?" Sirius looked afraid to know.

"Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell." Harry listed them off easily. He had only vague notions of Purgatory from his memories, having only just cast away the Leviathan into the newly created prison for the abominations. He still shuddered whenever an image of them entered his mind. "Hell is where the demons live and Purgatory is where the creatures that prove themselves to be a threat are imprisoned."

'And where Eve's children go when they die.' Gabriel added, finally speaking up. 'Then there's the Other.'

'What is the Other, anyways?' Harry asked, frowning. The room went silent as three sets of eyes trained on him as he continued explaining.

'Might as well,' Gabriel muttered. 'You'll be more prepared when the memories come. The Other is Amara, or at least small parts of Amara's power that has become somewhat sentient over the eons.'

'Who's Amara and why would it attack us?' Harry demanded. Why did that name send a shiver down his spine and make his skin crawl in fear? Even his wing shuddered and twitched at the name, drawing the attention of the goblins. He shook his head, letting them know not to ask. To his relief, they didn't mention the slight discomfort and allowed him to continue the conversation without pause.

'The humans think that God was the first being yet that isn't true. Amara is, in human terms, our Aunt and God's older sister. While we did fight help in imprisoning the Leviathan, that was not the reason we were made. She is the Darkness and the original Evil. And the Archangels were created to be the light that helped God fight her in a war that was waged for eons, long before He created the First Earth and our siblings.

Amara, like God, is amortal. They predate everything, although she predates even Him. It's impossible to kill her but we were able to lock her up instead. Yet the lock wasn't completely full proof and small parts of her power are able to affect the outside world. These bits began to gain their own sentience and they have just enough of her memories to hate and attack angels, especially the Archangels. Yet since we have little to no Grace showing at the moment, we were able to keep from being spotted.'

'So you're telling me that this world is infected with these things. And we can't kill them but they can kill us?' Harry tried to keep his voice steady as he answered another question Sirius had asked. He steadily ignored he the 'God's older sister' part of the explanation. "Yes, I can fly." He informed the now excited man with a shake grin. "Somewhat. I only have one set of wings at the moment when I used to have three. It's a work in progress if I don't want to end up in China on accident."

'Not really,' Gabriel hedged. 'While Amara is amortal, her power isn't. It just takes nearly the full power of a full-fledged Archangel to destroy one.'

'Which we don't have at the moment,' Harry concluded. He closed his eyes as a headache throbbed behind them. 'You think that our Grace was put here so we'd become aware of the problem.' And fix it once they were able, though Harry left that unsaid.

'Pretty much,' was the reply.

"Harry, are you okay? You're looking a bit pale." Sirius asked, pulling his attention back to the room at large.

"Not really," he admitted. "But you really don't want to know why."

Well wasn't this just great.

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