On the Wings of an Angel

Chapter 30

Sirius took the revelation pretty well, Harry thought to himself as they finished up their home search. After the bank, the man had perked right up as if he hadn't just learned that angels existed and his godson was a reincarnated Archangel. They had continued the day as if nothing had ever happened, going from one prospective home to the next. Harry had final say on which one they choose, for more reasons than Sirius had originally intended on, and after a long day of searching Harry found that he was more than pleased with a small farm house that was located in the middle of a forest, with no one around for miles. It was a bit far away from the Burrow yet the Floo system would fix that problem right away.

Sirius had been pleased with his choice as well. Harry figured that the farm house had been his godfather's top choice as well. The place was warm, far away from noisy witches and wizards, and could easily house a werewolf. And Harry knew that it would even if Harry himself had to drag the werewolf here by force. Which he was more than prepared to do, if it came to that.

So they had their home. The next step would be furnishing it, moving in, and unpacking. The next step was figuring out where they would go from there. While Sirius was great at pretending the talk at the bank had never happened, Harry knew that it had changed how their relationship would progress and he also knew that if they didn't address the situation then it was going to halt any relationship they attempted.

At the same time, he had no idea how exactly how to approach the man about what he had learned in that bank. He didn't know how to react to having someone know, completely know, what and who he really was. Even Luna had no idea that he was an Archangel, though she probably suspected that he was an angel already just from the wings. She didn't know that he had been reincarnated into multiple human lives. She had no idea that he was the Archangel Gabriel and was quite literally older than dirt itself, not to mention the entire planet.

Harry himself was still trying to wrap his head around it. So instead of talking to his godfather and discussing the issue, Harry made a decision. He would let his godfather make the first move. Until then, he'd let the matter rest. "So what does Remus know?" he asked.

Sirius looked at him, obviously surprised by the question. "What makes you think Remus knows anything?" the man asked, deflecting. If Harry hadn't suspected before, he knew it for a fact now. If Remus was completely in the dark, Sirius wouldn't be trying to protect the werewolf right now. It was likely that Sirius didn't know how Harry, being an Archangel, would react to Remus being a werewolf.

"He's a werewolf," Harry deadpanned watching the man flinch guiltily. "And I know for a fact that he should have at least sensed something from me. Everything in the Forbidden Forest can tell I'm not human and would be able to even if my tree hadn't been located there."

Sirius still looked conflicted. Harry sighed. "Look, I don't care. Lycanthropy is something that differs between worlds and honestly, this is one of the least horrifying versions of it that I've seen and that's just with my human memories. I wouldn't be surprised if there are even worse versions of it in my Archangel memories once I get that far."

'There are,' Gabriel assured. Harry decided to leave that out of their conversation. "I may not be able to read souls fluently but I can tell that he's a good person and being a werewolf hasn't changed that. I also know that there have been more than a few things he's witnessed about me that could cause suspicion."

"You can read souls?" Sirius asked his eyes wide. Despite being caught off guard by the mention of soul reading, a large smile was firmly working its way across his face. Harry had effectively squashed any doubt about his position on Remus. "He knows that you're not human. I don't know what you know about Lycanthropy in this world but the wolf is sentient within the human, no matter if the moon is full or not and is always aware. Remus and Moony both noticed something off about you when you first met, though that wasn't what convinced Remus that something was wrong. Moony actually seems to relax around you, something that he's never done before, not even with the Marauders. If that wasn't enough, Remus said there was that thing that happened with your Patronus."

'Great,' Harry groaned. Gabriel hummed in agreement. They'd hoped the man would write the incident off as a fluke.

"Our Grace influenced it a bit and it took the form off an angel," Harry explained with a grimace. "We've had to keep a better check on Grace to prevent it from happening again."

Sirius nodded in understanding. "Makes sense. Corporal Patroni don't just half form and they definitely don't become light with wings. Remus wasn't really sure what it was that caused it to form like that. We thought it might have something to do with why Dementors hate you."

Harry paused for a moment, frowning. "It sort of does. From what I can tell, the Dementors know what I am and they feel threatened by it. I think, if I tried, I might be able to actually kill them. I'm not completely sure on that though."

"Kill one?!" Sirius whispered, stunned. To a wizard that had spent over a decade in their presence and had grown up hearing horror stories about the creatures, the very idea was almost laughable. Dementors didn't die and they couldn't be killed, only driven off. Those were facts that every witch and wizard knew. Yet Harry wasn't just a normal wizard, he was an Archangel. He was older than the very planet and with that in mind, killing a Dementor didn't seem so impossible.

"Like I said, I don't know for sure since we've no clue what the hell they are. Yet the next time I see one, I'll definitely be finding out." Harry let his absolute contempt for the creatures show as he sneered. He really hated those things with a passion.

Sirius shook his head before sighing. "As interesting as killing Dementors is, why did you want to know about Remus?"

Harry blinked, having thought that would be obvious. "He's a werewolf and is going to be living with us, which would give him more than enough time to figure out there's something different about me. I wanted to know how he would take the news about what I'm not human if I approached him about it before he moved in. If he already knows I'm not human, he's not going to freak out nearly as much as Ron and Hermione will once I tell them."

Sirius stopped dead, grey eyes locked on Harry. He didn't seem to know if he should be frowning or smiling. "You plan on telling Ron and Hermione?" he asked first, addressing the last part as it was the more worrying part of what Harry had just said.

"They already know something is off with me," Harry told the man easily. "They don't know what but they know that I'm hiding something. All of this started happening during my second year so they already knew me well enough to tell I was different and the rate I was regaining memories and changing during second year was fast enough for them to see the differences."

"And if they started looking for answers in the library they wouldn't find anything but they would chance bringing attention to the fact that there's something off about you." Sirius finished. That had been a real concern for him and James when they began searching for answers on what could possibly cause Remus to disappear for a few days each month. It was only with the Map and the Invisibility Cloak that they had managed to keep their research from anyone else. It was clearly a secret that the teachers and Remus didn't want getting out and hiding something in Hogwarts wasn't an easy thing to do, so they had known to be careful.

Ron and Hermione didn't have the knowledge or the tools to do the same, not without Harry.

"They go to the library without me often enough while looking up magical creatures, illnesses, or anything of the sort and it'll be all over the school within the month." Harry agreed. "I didn't really know how I was going to be able to tell them until you mentioned Occlumency."

Sirius sat up straighter. "That would give them the necessary skill and discipline to keep it quiet, if they manage to learn it but that's not a guarantee Harry. Not everyone can learn Occlumency. Some people just can't, for whatever reason."

"But there are items out there that can give the wearer a similar protection." Harry said, pleased. Once he'd been reminded of the branch of magic, he had called up all the memories he had on the subject. He hadn't been able to master the art so he'd resorted to using those items himself in past lives. He was certain that he could find one if either Ron or Hermione couldn't master the art. He was sure that Hermione, at least, would be able to get it down easily enough.

"True," his godfather conceded with a shrug. "Alright, I'd be willing to teach them and I'm sure I've got books on the subject somewhere. I'll talk to Molly and Arthur about it first, though. Might as well see if their other children would like to try it out as well; no doubt you'll want to tell the others eventually."

Harry couldn't stop the bright smile from taking over his face while Gabriel hummed happily in the back of their mind. There was a lot they still needed to talk about. He wasn't sure how Sirius really felt about this whole thing and they still needed to sit down and talk about it, but this was a start.

And it was a wonderful start at that.

The next few days were spent furnishing and slowly moving into their new house. Sirius had recruited the Weasley's help in getting the house up to livable standards as it had been empty for a while.

Ron, Harry, and Ginny were assigned the tasked of moving each packed box to its correct room. Harry found the task to be rather tedious and yet he still couldn't help but relish in the task. It was nice, he reflected, to know that this would be his home.

Percy and Sirius were on painting duty, giving each wall a fresh coat of paint that brightened up the entire place while the Twins were on furniture duty.

Sirius had even hired Bill through Gringotts to work on the wards of the house. Bill had then promptly recruited his parents to help him in the task and the three eldest Weasley's were setting up the warding around the property. It seemed his godfather had gone to a lot of trouble to make sure to incorporate every Weasely he could into the project. If he could have managed it, Harry had no doubt that Charlie would be around somewhere as well.

Because one never knew when a stray dragon would pop up. Or that was what Sirius had tried to claim when trying to get Charlie Weasley leave to help with the project. Not that he had informed Harry or anyone else of his efforts.

By the time the week was over, the farm house looked brand new and was ready to move into. Harry couldn't help but preen at his new bedroom. The walls were painted a beautiful green with gold linings, no doubt meant to represent the feathers of his wings. He had described them to Sirius when the man asked during the week.

The bookshelf and desk were made out of a beautiful holly wood, the same as his wand, and carved with an intricate scene of a family of unicorns, no doubt based on one of the many pictures Harry had taken of Hope and her foals. He suspected that Hagrid had been the one to carve them as the work looked very familiar to the figurines that the man had given him over the years.

The closet had been filled with Harry's Hogwarts' robes as well as a few dress robes and a few pairs of new shoes. Harry smiled at them red and gold scarves on the back of the door before closing it and tuning to explore the rest of his room.

While his desk and bookshelf both were works of art, his dresser was plain holly and stood proudly on the wall parallel to his bed. It still managed to be beautiful in its own right and the wooden figurines on top added to the look.

His bed was decorated in the same colors as the rooms and was placed to the right of the window. Harry sat down on top of the green comforter and smiled. This was his room and it was more than he had imagined it would be.

'And the window's big enough to fly through once we get better control,' Gabriel added, pleased.

'Or with our broom,' Harry pointed out. Said broom was propped up against the window. It would be nice to fly it during the holidays and not just at school. Especially when he had that itch to be in the air that couldn't be sated until he had better control over his wings.

He was drawn out of his thoughts by a gentle tapping coming from the window. He looked up and saw Hedwig perched behind the glass. Harry stood and moved towards the window, pushing it open. The white owl hooted in greeting as she flew into the room before settling on the bookshelf. He would have to get a perch for her, Harry thought as she made herself comfortable.

It was then that Havoc and Tinker made their presence known, fluttering out of his pocket sleepily. The two looked around in curiosity.

"Feel free to look around," Harry told them with a smile. "Sirius already knows you're here so you have free reign."

That had been a fun conversation. Harry still couldn't help but giggle at the look on his godfather's face when he informed the man of the presence of the two pixies.

Said pixies grinned at him and departed, off to explore their new home. Harry suspected that the two were going to be staying around for much longer than he'd originally thought. Ruth purred from his spot under the bed and Harry laughed. An owl, two pixies, and a sentient book. Harry wasn't sure what it said about him that each year, he had yet another addition to his little following and couldn't help but wonder what stray he'd pick up this year.

"Harry, Remus is here!"

Harry grinned, closed the window and made his way out of the room. He'd just have to wait and see.

Albus Dumbledore sat behind his desk in the Headmaster's office, pondering the enigma that was Harry Potter.

When Harry had first been born, Albus was unsure of what to think of the small baby that could one day grow to defeat the worst Dark Lord in history. He'd been just as unsure when he had met the baby Neville Longbottom the day before, yet even then he knew that Harry would be special. There was a gleam in the bright green eyes of the babe in front of him. That Harry had not been born with the normal baby blue had spoken volumes of his magical potential.

Then the impossible had happened and the Dark Lord had found the Potter Family and had killed both Lily and James. It should have spelled the end for Harry Potter, leaving Neville Longbottom as the boy of prophecy.

That wasn't what had happened, however. Instead of young Harry dying before his time, Voldemort had been the one to perish that night. The only trace of what had nearly claimed the young boys' life being a lightning bolt scar upon his brow with traces of the Killing Curse seeping from the fresh wound. "And the Dark Lord shall mark him as his equal," Albus whispered to himself. That line had finally made sense to him, proclaiming that Harry was indeed the child of prophecy that had been spoken of in that tiny pub by a woman that was just barely a proper Seerer at all.

The events after that had been a blur. He'd had to move quickly once the protection Lily had invoked for her son was discovered, less the ritual fail to take hold. There had been little time and Albus found himself barely able to leave the young boy on the door of his relatives before the Blood Wards took hold and repelled all wizards away from the house. Until Harry's magical core stabilized at the age of eleven, no grown wizard would be able to approach the house, so Albus had relied on the reports of muggles and an elderly squib to let him know how the young boy was fairing.

So at the age of eleven on the first of September, 1991 he was given his first look at Harry Potter since he'd been a baby. With sparkling green eyes that were taking everything in with wide eyed wonder, he had been pleased to see a thriving child in place of the small infant Harry had been. Albus, foolishly, had come to the conclusion that Harry had been treaty decently by his relatives, if not as well as they could have treated the boy.

As the year had passed, he had learned much about Harry. The young boy was bold, courageous, loyal, kind, and gentle. Harry was everything that Voldemort was not, his opposite in many ways. Were as Tom Riddle had been an overachiever, Harry was blasé in his response to school work. Were Tom Riddle only had followers that held little importance to him, Harry had friend that were everything to him.

It had been a relief, he could admit. He had been very afraid that Harry would be another Tom in the making; that to be Voldemort's equal Harry would have to walk upon the same path as Tom had. The differences in the two were further shown when Harry first encountered Tom again in the Forbidden Forest.

When Albus had realized what had happened in that forest, looking down on Harry's small form in the hospital wing, he had been furious. At the same time, he had been relieved. The act of saving that unicorn from death and the friendship that had blossomed between Harry and Hope, as Hagrid had taken to calling her, was amazing. Albus couldn't remember the last time such a friendship had occurred in Wizarding History as unicorns were impossibly picky with who they allowed near them.

Then something had changed. There had been an explosion deep within the Forbidden Forest that had every creature within the dark woods a flutter with, dare he say it, excitement. Hagrid had been baffled by the change in mannerisms of the Forest residents and the half-giant was still uncertain as to what had happened that day.

Whatever had happened that day wasn't just confined to the Forbidden Forest, Albus had learned soon enough. Whatever happened in that forest had affected Harry as well and it wasn't until the end of that year when Harry confronted Voldemort for the third time that Albus realized it.

Lily's Blood Protection that kept Harry safe could not have done that to Quirrell. It would have kept Voldemort from touching the boy, yes, but to actually dissolve the host body into dust? Albus had been completely baffled. Yet is had seemed harmless enough, so with a vow to keep an eye on the situation, he had left the matter alone.

He regretted the decision the next year when Harry returned to Hogwarts changed. Harry's mannerisms became more erratic. At times, Harry would fail to react to his own name or would suddenly walk with a swagger that spoke of a battle experience warrior. He would zone out for long periods of time, as if focusing on something that wasn't there. Even young Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger had noticed the change and both were prone to glancing at the boy with concern.

Albus had been at a loss as to what had caused these changes. The attacks had distracted him from approaching the boy and Albus pushed the matter to the back of his mind.

Then he had been faced with the problem once more when Harry had stumbled into the Hospital Wing with Ronald and Ginerva Weasley. Albus didn't know what had happened in that Chamber yet it had changed Harry once more. The erratic behavior started to recede and the boy seemed to zone out less and less. In fact, Harry seemed to have aged and it reflected in the way he spoke, how he held himself, and the way he approached school work with a slightly renewed interest.

Signing up for Ancient Runes had been a surprise, he admitted. Harry hadn't seemed like the type to go for such an involved class and it had more than pleased him to see the boy excelling in the class.

Harry's third year had been even more frustratingly eventful than his second year. It was the first time that the young teen had ended up in the hospital wing so early in the year and for so long. Revelations about his relatives aside, Harry's third year gave way to the most questions.

Dementors didn't attack people the way that they had attacked Harry. In all his years of life, Dumbledore had never heard of the retched creatures behaving the way they had and frankly, the Headmaster wasn't sure if their hatred of Harry was a good development or not. So he pushed his uncertainty back and focused at the matter currently at hand until he could safely fall back and study what had happened.

He had once again been unable to focus on the problem as events concerning the innocence of Sirius Black demanded his attention. Young Sirius had suffered so much during his time at Azkaban and Albus couldn't help the stirring of regret when he realized that he'd not spared the young man a single thought after he was sent to the horrid place. So many things had been overlooked, so many mistakes made. It made his head spin as every knew mistake was brought into the open for him and the world to see.

Who else had suffered Azkaban without the right to a trial? Who else sate within those damned halls for no reason other than the incompetence of the government? Albus found himself nauseous at the very thought.

So Harry had been moved to the back of his mind until he was brought forward once more when Sirius inquired after his godson. And the predicament that he found himself in with Harry's guardianship now that the Weasley's were not an option.

It had been a hard battle, granting custody of Harry to the newly released inmate. The Ministry wasn't attempting to be deliberately cruel in their assessment of Sirius' possible mental health. No one had spent so long in Azkaban with so little long term affects before, after all. No child could be given to an obviously unfit guardian.

Then Lucius Malfoy had gotten involved and thing had spiraled from there. And Dumbledore had watched from the sidelines, helping out wherever he possibly could until Sirius was declared fit. During that process, Dumbledore had unfortunately forgotten to inform Harry, himself, of the change. So he was surprised when Harry accepted the information with a new excitement in his steps and a large smile plastered on his face. And Albus found himself pondering back on the changes in the young man since he had first walked through the Great Hall doors on September 1st, 1991.

Questions and more questions with no answers, he mused to himself with a sigh. Something had definitely changed in Harry that first year when the Forbidden Forest had shaken. Something that could change the destiny of the entire Wizarding World.

"And he will have the power the Dark Lord knows not." Was this what the prophecy had meant? Was all this predestined to happen all those years ago in his brother's pub?

Dumbledore didn't know.

And that, more than anything, was what frightened him the most.

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