On the Wings of an Angel

Chapter 31

Harry was having the best summer vacation that he had ever had. He could visit his friends whenever he wanted, he had his own room, and he had his family. The Weasley's, Remus, and Sirius were available to him whenever he needed them, something that he had never had in summer's previous. The only thing that would make this better was if Hope, her foals, and Hagrid were here as well.

Two weeks after finishing the move into his new home, Harry was finally completely accustomed to his surroundings and he was comfortable enough to practice his flying and sword fighting skills I the safety of his room and the surrounding property.

On the days that he did this, Sirius would often tag along to observe him and give pointers here and there on his stance. Sirius was by no means a sword fighter but the man was a former Auror and an accomplished duelist. He could easily identify the weaknesses in Harry's balance and stance, letting him know how to fix the problems after he spotted them.

Harry was now slowly teaching his godfather how to fight with a sword as well. Sirius had shown interest after the third time he'd watched him practice and Harry had offered to teach him the basics in sword fighting, which the man had quickly agreed to. He didn't know how often his godfather would find himself in a position to use a sword instead of his wand but after the basilisk, Harry could see the perks of learning alternate fighting styles.

By the third week living in their new home, Sirius and Harry had set up a routine. Every morning they would wake up at six and go for a small run to build up endurance, a practice that Sirius had gained from his Auror training. After the run, they would stretch and begin sword practice using dummies that Sirius had conjured. Sirius would give Harry tips on his balance and Harry would correct Sirius' technique. After that, the two would eat breakfast and Sirius would work on his Occulmency shields.

Occulmency was one of the reasons that Sirius had managed to keep sane during his time in Azkaban. It was also why he had been able to recover so quickly. According to Sirius, his walls had taken a severe beating due to the Dementors. Even though he'd been free of their influence for over a year his walls still weren't at their maximum strength, a problem that he needed to fix if he wanted to teach Ron and Hermione.

While Sirius fixed his walls, Harry practiced his flying. Each day, he managed to get ten feet in the air before he began having problems. After a year of practice, he was finally getting somewhere and Harry couldn't express how excited this made him. Gabriel was just as thrilled.

Harry couldn't help but connect his new progress to the increased size of his wings, whenever he tried to think about when he'd started gaining better control. Gabriel never commented when Harry brought the subject up.

Either way, once Harry finished mastering in air flight, they would be able to start practice dimensional flight.

Dimensional flight was the ability all angels had to transport from one place to another in a millisecond. From what Harry gathered, the ability was a lot like apparition, if not much more conformable and less nauseating. It was also a lot harder to master than regular flight and much more time consuming. Harry had no doubt that it would take him much longer than a year to master but he knew it would be worth it. Once he was old enough, he could even use the ability in place of apparition with no one the wiser.

After he was done practicing flying, Harry would alternate working on controlling his other abilities, namely soul and magic reading.

Each spell had a different color and feel to it with no spell aura being a like. While some spells where the same color, they were always just a shade off from being identical. Each spell also had a different feel to it depending on whether or not it was Light, Dark, or Neutral. Dark spells had a feeling of danger to them while Light spells felt like safety. Neutral spells tended to feel like a mix of the two, with the option to both hurt and save behind each on. Magic was all about intent and Neutral spells were a strong example of this fact.

With all of that accomplished, Harry left the rest of the day free for whatever he wanted to do. Most days he would Floo over to the Burrow to visit Ron. Hermione was on vacation in Greece with her family, so it was just Ron and the rest of the Weasley's at the Burrow.

Percy wasn't around often, having graduated the year before. The redhead was working in the Archives of the Ministry. After the fiasco with Sirius, a new division of the Ministry bad been established to go through all the records and make sure nothing had been overlooked. Since Percy had been affected personally by the miscarriage of justice with Pettigrew, he had been immediately hired after he had applied. It seemed the head of the new division thought that Percy would be an asset as well as sufficiently motivated to do the job correctly.

He wasn't wrong either. Percy took dedication to the extreme, going through every file with a fine toothed comb. It was impressive to watch, truthfully. Molly and Arthur beamed in pride every time they saw Percy hard at work. Ron was usually helping him and Harry was starting to suspect that Ron planned on joining the division after graduation as well.

The twins even went out of their way to keep from interrupting the two while they worked. Their efforts spoke loudly of their thoughts on the Pettigrew situation. Both lamented all the failed opportunities they had at pranking the rat. Harry had even caught Percy apologizing for stopping some of the other pranks on 'Scabbers' when they were younger.

Harry usually took turns hanging out with the twins, Ron and Percy, and Ginny during his visits. Sometimes he helped go through the files with Percy or went flying with Ron of went exploring with Ginny and Luna.

The youngest of the Weasley children was much more calm and open with him than when they had first met. Ginny had gotten over her crush during the year before and Harry had to say that he couldn't have been more grateful of that.

Luna made their explorations all that much more interesting. Harry wasn't sure what the creatures that she spoke of were but he doubted that they were made up like Ginny assumed they were. Luna's second sight made it highly likely that she could actually see these creatures even though most couldn't even tell that they were there.

Ginny didn't seem to mind looking for made up creatures, though, and they spent most evenings amongst the forest around the Burrow.

It was the best summer that Harry had ever had.

Harry had known that he was going to have this conversation. He'd been preparing for it ever since he had spilled everything to Sirius. Remus was already suspicious and he was going to be living with them. It didn't make sense to try and hide something so important from the man.

At the same time, Harry honestly didn't want to have this conversation again. Telling Sirius had been stressful and he doubted that telling Remus would be any different.

'If this is how you're going to react every time we tell someone, we're going to have a problem.' Gabriel commented absently.

'I can't help it,' Harry grimaced as he tugged on a clean t-shirt. He shuddered a tad when the cloth slid through his wings. He would never get used to that feeling. 'He's either going to take this remarkably well or have us confined to St. Mungos!'

'I think you're overreacting,' Gabriel huffed.

'Aren't you the one that was against telling anyone in the first place?!' Harry snapped back, annoyed.

'I have no idea what you're talking about,' the Archangel lied smoothly. Harry didn't bother commenting on it as they both knew it was a lie.

'Whatever. Let's get this over with already.' Harry sighed. Stomping down on his nerves, Harry made his way out of his room and down the stairs.

Remus was sitting at the table with Sirius, still trying to argue against moving in with them. Harry was rather impressed that the man was still at it, seeing as both Harry and Sirius had emptied his apartment into a room in the farmhouse before kidnapping the man from the newly emptied apartment.

"Harry doesn't even know!" Remus all but shouted. The man went quiet when he noticed the thirteen year old in the doorway of the kitchen.

Sirius snickered.

Harry sighed. "You didn't tell him, did you?" Honestly, his godfather was so immature sometimes. Sirius gave an unrepentant shrug. "If this is about you being a werewolf, I figured it out months ago."

Remus froze before glaring at the still laughing Sirius. "I will get you back for this," the usually quiet man threatened. His eyes flashed gold with warning even as Sirius ignored the threat entirely. He turned to look at Harry. "You're okay with this?"

Harry could see the uncertainty in the werewolf's eyes. Harry rolled his own eyes and grinned. "Who do you think helped Sirius move all your stuff?"

Remus laughed, relaxing. "I suppose that I've been outvoted, then. Now what did you two need to tell me?"

Harry and Sirius both froze and glanced between each other. "How did…?"

Remus grinned, smug. "Werewolf." Well, then. That actually did explain everything.

'Super hearing,' Gabriel laughed. 'Can't believe we didn't think of that last night.'

After moving Remus into his room, Sirius had pulled Harry aside and asked him how they were going to break the news to the werewolf. Remus had obviously overheard the conversation between them.

"You know those suspicions that we had about Harry?" Sirius started. Remus nodded and turned to Harry for an explanation. That was all the prompting Harry needed and it all came bursting out.

As Harry explained about Hope, the tree, Gringotts, and the voice in his head, Remus listened intently. The werewolf was remarkably composed compared to Sirius, just nodding along and accepting what he was being told. That is, until Harry got to the summer of third year and discovering exactly what 'Gabriel' was.

"I'm sorry," the werewolf interjected. "But did you just say Archangel?!"

"Caught me off guard too," Sirius tried to comfort the other man.

Remus glared at the man, silencing him. Turning to Harry, he continued. "During the match with the Dementors, the reason you slowed down was because you were using your wings?"

Harry nodded, ruffling said appendages. "I wasn't all that good at flying with them so all I could do was slow down enough that Cedric could catch me."

"This explains so much," Remus breathed. "I always wondered why Moony was so intimidated by you. It seemed odd, what with Hagrid telling everyone about how much the unicorns adored you."

"You're taking this a lot better than Sirius did," Harry informed the man, somewhat relieved. Sirius shrugged, as if uncaring that he had reacted the way he did.

"I've had longer to come to terms with something being off about you." Remus smiled kindly. "Lily was always going on about Angels and muggle religions, so this isn't entirely surprising."

"Mum was religious?" Harry asked, surprised.

"She was. It was odd, considering most muggleborns give up religion upon learning about magic. Lily was particularly stubborn, though. I suppose it isn't all that surprising to find out that she was right. She was rarely ever wrong." Remus reminisced.

'Wow,' Gabriel mused. 'I really hope she never found out how wrong the bible got it. It's never all that good when a religious person meets an actual angel. We tend to stomp on all their preconceived beliefs.'

'Do I want to know?' Harry asked. Gabriel was already a good example of how different angels were compared to the bible but from what his other self was saying, the other angels were just as bad.

'Probably not.'

"If angels are real," Remus began, frowning. "Does that mean that everything else is real too? I know that there are a few creatures mentioned in some religious texts that wizards have never been able to prove exist. Like demons."


"Unfortunately," Harry echoed Gabriel with a grimace. He didn't have any concrete memories of demons but he had asked the same question not long after he had learned what he was. Vernon and Petunia were both religious and had often speculated on demons, Satan, and angels. He supposed that it made since that his mother was religious as his grandparents had raised her and Petunia that way. It just had never occurred to him as a possibility. "Demons reside in Hell, though and those that break out tend to stick to the First Earth."

"First Earth?" Remus asked, his eyes sparkling with interest.

Harry began a detailed explanation on the different universes and the three dimensions that connected them. It was something that Gabriel had been teaching him about ever since they had discovered the Other in this universe. Sure, he would eventually remember it all but right now, there was far too much he didn't know. He doubted that the Other was the only threat that he might have to deal with before he regained all his memories and was at full power.

The rest of breakfast was spent filling Remus in on everything Harry currently knew. In all, the werewolf took the news well.

He hoped that Ron and Hermione would be this accepting. Somehow, he doubted that he was going to be that lucky when it came to his friends.

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