On the Wings of an Angel

Chapter 34

“Come on pup, wake up already!” Sirius yelled, banging open the door to his bedroom. Havoc and Tinker chattered angrily at the noise from their little perch on top of Harry’s bedframe. The two pixies had claimed the spot their first night there and Harry had rigged a makeshift bed for them, complete with small blankets the two had pulled over their heads in an effort to ignore the hyperactive animagus bouncing in the doorway.

Harry took their lead and buried himself in his blankets in a hopeless effort to go back to sleep.

Sirius rolled his eyes from the doorway. Alright, so they had been up later than usual the night before but Harry was acting like he didn’t even know what today was! “Up already!” the adult declared before grabbing a hold of the blankets and pulling.

Harry whined as the warm covers disappeared from over his body. Sitting up, he glared in annoyance at his godfather. Gabriel grumbled at the movement. Harry ignored it and sighed. “Alright, already. I’m up, happy?”

Sirius beamed. “Best start getting dressed, Molly and Arthur will be here with everyone else soon enough.”

Harry blinked at his godfather’s back as the man left. Why would the Weasley’s be coming over so early?

Perhaps because it’s July Thirty-First?′ Gabriel suggested after a moment and Harry blinked in surprise.

‘I can’t believe I forgot!’ Harry groaned.

Well, we were pretty focused on the Voldemort problem last night. I think Sirius mentioned it before we went to bed.′ Gabriel mused.

‘Oh yeah.’

The night before had been another long night of listing possible objects that Voldemort could have turned into Horcruxes and places that he could have hidden the containers. Remus had finished the books on them just the day before and they had been eager to start applying that information to the megalomaniac.

Each Horcrux split the soul exactly in half with each object made, attaching each new half to a new container that then became near indestructible due to the magic used on it. There were very few things that could destroy a horcrux, and the object used had to be of some sentimental value in order for the ritual to work.

That gave them the unique problem of having to figure out what, other than the diary, Voldemort could have used to create a horcrux and where he could have hidden the objects.

They knew from Kreacher that Bellatrix Lestrange had been entrusted with a Horcrux and that it had been placed in her vault. It would be up to Sirius and the goblins to located the Horcrux inside, leaving them with an unknown number of possible Horcruxes in an infinite number of locations, much to Harry’s frustration.

Don’t think too much about it,′ Gabriel advised. ‘We knew this wasn’t going to be a quick fix.’

That didn’t mean that Harry didn’t want to get this over with as soon as possible. It was highly doubtful the Voldemort would succeed in killing him during his next attempt but that didn’t mean he couldn’t harm the people around them. Sirius, Remus, the Weasley’s, and Hagrid were all prime targets and everyone in Britain knew it.

And if he tries anything, we’ll skewer him on our sword and bring down the wrath of an archangel on him,′ Gabriel pointed out viciously. ‘He’ll make a move around the end of the year, just like he always has, and by the end of this year we’ll have some access to our Grace again.’

‘And enough control over our magic to perform some spells that we couldn’t do before,’ Harry mused, conveniently ignoring the problems that would come with the returned use of their Grace. It wouldn’t be a lot, not in the grand scheme of things considering how much more powerful they were compared to a regular angel, yet Harry clearly remembered how things had begun going awry when they had accessed their Grace before. Each time, they had nearly died and Harry didn’t have any reason to think that this time would be any different.

“Three more years,” Harry mused, letting himself fall back onto his bed.

It was hard to remember that only four years ago, he’d been an innocent eleven year old with no knowledge of wizards, magic, and angels as anything other than myths. Now he was a humanized Archangel wizard with a megalomaniac after him and a potentially deadly infestation of creatures that came from a being older than even God.

You’re being rather dark today,′ Gabriel mused in their head.

‘Oh hush, I’m allowed to have an off day.’ Harry shot back. Really, he was taking this whole thing rather well considering. Was it really all that surprising that sometimes things just got to him?

Not really but you might want to perk up and get dressed. The others will definitely want to know what’s wrong if you take any longer.′

Sighing, Harry did just that before making his way down stairs.

“Happy birthday!” Remus called from the table. Sirius grinned at him from over by the stove, cooking a fresh batch of pancakes.

With a grin, Harry let all of his worries slip away.

“Come on pup, present time!” Sirius bounced giddily. Somehow, Harry thought that his godfather was more excited for his gifts than he was.

The day had been going rather well so far. The Weasley’s had arrived not long after Harry had finished breakfast and Harry had spent the day hanging out with Ron, exploring the forest around them with Ginny, and playing a few pranks with Fred and George on Sirius with Percy cheerfully watching the chaos from a safe distance with Remus. It seemed that the older boy and Remus had clicked rather nicely at some point.

Harry was almost sad that the day was drawing to an end.

“Open mine first!” Sirius demanded, shoving said present into his chest. Harry raised an eyebrow at the obviously broom shaped gift before shrugging and tearing the wrapping off of the broom to reveal what was obviously a Firebolt.

During the game against Hufflepuff, Harry’s Nimbus Two Thousand had taken a rather nice beating. It was only luck that the broom hadn’t snapped in half during the Dementor attack and it hadn’t worked quite right since. Harry had been planning on ordering a new broom before the first Quidditch game of the year to replace the old broom. It seemed that Sirius had beaten him to it and Harry grinned in thanks at his godfather. Sirius just winked at him with a secretive smile that had Harry a little on edge as he turned his attention to his next present.

He received a broom care kit from Hermione, who had noticed that his old kit was nearly used up. It was a rather nicely timed gift, Harry noted as he set it next to his new broom. He tucked her letter next to the gift with a silent promise to read it later. The brunette was spending a week with her parents in France and wouldn’t be back for two more days.

Ron and Ginny had collaborated on their gifts and had gotten him a new photo album and some new film for his camera. Harry didn’t know how they knew that he was running out of both but decided not to question it for the most part. He doubted that he would like the answer if he asked, judging from the grins on their faces.

Remus’ gift was next and Harry laughed at the book on Martial Arts. No doubt Remus had picked out the book in order to give him and excuse for some of the different skills he had. His skills with a blade could easily be blamed on the short knife and book he had gotten for his birthday the year before but other skills that he had been practicing from his past lives, couldn’t be easily explained.

Percy and the Twins, continuing on the same theme from his last birthday, had gotten him a book on Self-Defense Spells. Mrs. Weasley and Mr. Weasley had both gotten him a book on Muggle Mythology (“Please call us Molly and Arthur, dear,” the motherly woman told him). Harry thanked them for the book before glancing suspiciously at Sirius, who tried to look innocent. He had a feeling that his godfather was behind the strange gift.

The last of his presents came from Bill, Charlie, Luna and, surprisingly, Cedric. Luna had sent him a painting of a man made of bright light with green and golden wings and Harry grinned at the sight. Sirius and Remus stared at the painting in shock and Harry knew that he would be explaining the gift later.

Charlie had sent him a book, The Beginner’s Guide to Dragon-Taming and a letter that Harry tucked into the book and set aside. Bill had sent him a similar gift, The Beginner’s Guide to Curse-Breaking with a letter of his own. Harry set this one aside as well.

Cedric’s gift was a simple Practice Snitch and a small card wishing him well. Harry had stricken up a tentative friendship with the Hufflepuff the year before and he honestly was surprised to see the gift. He’d have to find thank him later, Harry thought to himself as he slipped the snitch into his pocket.

Unfortunately, the Weasley’s had to leave for the night after that and Harry thanked each one of them and promised to be over the next day as usual. Once the floo died down, Harry turned to Sirius and raised his eyebrows. “A book on Muggle Mythology?” he asked.

Sirius shrugged with a grin. “Figured it would prepare them better if I started dropping clues. Ron didn’t seem to catch it though.” The man looked almost depressed by that and Harry sighed. His godfather was a giant child. “Anyways, I have another surprise for you!”

Harry blinked at his godfather. Sirius turned towards the kitchen. “You can come in now!” he yelled.

A small pop sounded and Dobby appeared in front of him, clothed brand new robe with the Black crest on the shoulder. Another elf in the same garb appeared next to him.

“Dobby!” Harry exclaimed with a grin as the house-elf beamed at him.

“Dobby is pleased to be seeing Master Harry Potter sir!” the elf squeaked happily.

“Narcissa contacted me this morning and asked if I had time to floo over and evaluate the elves that she had pulled aside for me. Dobby and Pinky are two out of four elves that I was allowed to take.” Sirius shrugged at Harry’s stunned look.


“Surprised me too,” the man nodded. “Dobby, of course, was the first elf I picked and he subtly let me know which others were…displeased with their masters. Pinky, Missy, and Mimi were all very grateful to come with me. Missy and Mimi are currently helping Kreacher clean up Grimmauld Place and Pinky and Dobby are going to be primarily helping out around here.”

“Pinky is being pleased to meet the Master Harry Celestial, sir!” the elf next to Dobby squeaked. “Pinky will be keeping Master Harry Celestial sir’s secret!”

Harry smiled at the elf. “It’s very nice to meet you, Pinky. I would appreciate it if you and the other’s referred to me as Harry when around anyone else, okay?”

Pinky nodded hurriedly before popping away. Harry blinked at the abruptness of her departure.

“Pinky being shy, Master Harry, sir!” Dobby told him happily. “She beings very happy to be workings here, sirs!”

Harry nodded at the elf, smiling. He hadn’t been expecting their plan to free Dobby to happen so quickly or to end up with three extra house-elves along with his friend but Harry couldn’t say that he was displeased with this turn of events.

I’m just glad that he’s out of that place,′ Gabriel grumbled. They had never really gotten over how Dobby was treated by the Malfoy’s and it stung that the elf had been forced to endure another two years of that treatment. ‘I still think we should teach Lucius Malfoy a lesson.’

Harry was hard pressed to disagree.

“Dobby came be taking Master Harry sir’s things upstairs if Master Harry sir’s is wanting?” Dobby asked hopefully.

“Thank you Dobby. That would be a great help.” Harry told the elf. Dobby squeaked in happiness and immediately disappeared with the new objects on the floor. Harry shook his head in fondness.

This was turning out to be the best birthday he’d had.

Dear Harry,

Happy Birthday! I do hope that you liked my present. I noticed that the kit I got you last year was running out and I figured that you wouldn’t mind a new one. I was originally planning on getting you a book but Ron insisted that you would be getting enough of those already. Did you get any good ones? I might have to borrow them, if you did!

France is wonderful, as always. Mum and Dad seemed to really love it here and it’s nice to spend some time with them. I don’t see them as much as I used to and I miss them terribly most of the time. They’re always so busy with work since their practice expanded and I don’t have the heart to ask them to spend more time with me. I know they would but they really love their practice and they have some many patients now…

Oh, look on me. Rambling on with my problems on your birthday! You’ll have to tell me everything you got when I get back!

I’ll see you then!

Love, Hermione

Harry smiled at the letter, a little concerned but not overly much. No doubt Hermione’s parents would have more time on their hands once they got into the swing of things again. Hermione had a habit of over-thinking things and making herself needlessly worry. With a shake of his head, Harry picked up Bill’s letter next.

Happy Birthday, Harry!

Sorry that I couldn’t make it, there was a new tomb discovered in Egypt and I was the only curse-breaking not already assigned a project. I think the goblins were purposely keeping me available in England for some reason but this job couldn’t wait.

I hope you liked the book I got you! I heard that you were doing really well in Ancient Runes and I remember you showing an interest in my job during your second year. Even if Curse-Breaking doesn’t turn out to be for you, it never hurts to know the basics if you end up in a tough scrape. Knowing you, Ron, and Hermione, you’ll no doubt end up needing that knowledge before the year is up. I wish my school years were half as exciting as yours!

Well, I should get back to work. We’ve just broken open the first chamber and I bet those over eager researcher’s are going to get themselves hurt if I don’t hurry it up and clear it for curses. Sometimes I think these guys would sell their souls for a little knowledge. Makes me miss the Ravenclaw’s, at least that house was mostly sane!


Harry grinned and shook his head. No doubt the goblins had been keeping Bill on hand in order to appease Harry. Goblins were shrewd creatures and were no doubt trying to keep on his good side for when he finally regain full power and all his memories. No one wanted an Archangel annoyed with them. They had likely noted his closeness with Bill when Sirius had personally requested his help on warding their house and had acted from there.

Harry wasn’t going to dissuade them of this notion, either. Especially since it meant they would be more inclined to keep a close eye on Bill’s health than they would have if the redhead was just an ordinary curse breaker.

Picking up Charlie’s letter, Harry set Bill’s aside.

Happy Birthday!

Hope you like the book I sent you. You’ll have to let me know!

I don’t have much more to say that I won’t be able to in a few weeks. The Ministry has requested help with a special project so I’m being sent back to Britain with some co-workers in a few weeks.

Don’t tell the other yet, I want it to be a surprise.

See you then,


“Wonder what project he’s talking about,” Harry mused aloud.

No clue. Probably nothing to do with us.′ Gabriel pitched in.

‘Since when are we that lucky?’ Harry shot back before sighing. ‘I hope you’re right.’

Somehow, he had a bad feeling about this.

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