On the Wings of an Angel

Chapter 46

The revelation of Harry’s status as Gabriel and the following conversation had gone surprisingly well and horrible at the same time. Luna had remained in a state of shock for what seemed like hours before her Ravenclaw characteristics manifested in the form of questions. Unending, long winded questions about everything and anything Luna could think of. It was a trying experience and Harry almost wished that it had gone more like what his conversation with Sirius had been. He really wasn’t prepared for the reality that was Luna Lovegood, no matter how much he had thought he would be.

Luna had, apparently, been questioning his species for quite a while. Angels, including Archangels, were the only winged creature that she had dismissed due to the fact he was in a very human body and definitely the original Harry Potter. That hadn’t meant that she hadn’t done her research on them nonetheless.

The Wizarding World was surprisingly prejudiced against the very idea that angel could exist. Considering how many creatures they had documented as real and the amount of newly confirmed species that had been previously unknown that were registered by the year, when the subject of angels came up they shot the idea down.

The pureblood culture was deep rooted in the Pagan traditions and with the slightly otherworldly aspect of their own magic, they had dismissed the muggle religion has baseless. The gods of old they could prove existed. Heaven, angels, and God? The angels and their Creator had never really spent much time on this Earth so their influence was limited and hard to see if you didn’t know what to look for.

Harry’s own tree was one of the few physical manifestations of angelic presence on this planet, with Harry himself being another. So Luna had been forced to turn to muggle literature to research the angels and hadn’t gotten far after reading a few religious texts.

Answering her questions wasn’t as hard as it should have been. Whenever a subject he was uncertain of the details came up, Gabriel would fill in the rest immediately. Harry ended up learning just as much from this has Luna did. It was a nice experience, talking about this with someone outside of Sirius and Remus.

The really tricky part was explaining to Luna why he was waiting to tell Hermione and Ron. The Ravenclaw wasn’t completely satisfied with his reasons though she had thankfully decided to let it go for now. Harry had no doubt that she would be bringing it up in the future.

‘We should probably go to bed.’ Gabriel suggested. Harry ignored him in favor of the journal on his lap. So far, nothing in the book was legible other than the letter to them on the first page. It was Enochian, that much he could tell, he just couldn’t read it. Something had been done to the pages to make the words incomprehensible to both himself and Gabriel. ‘We aren’t going to get anything out of that book until He’s ready for us to.’

Gabriel had decided that the only reason they couldn’t read the book was that God currently wasn’t allowing them too. Which was a subject Harry wasn’t all that willing to touch at the moment considering he was still wrapping his head around the angel thing. Throwing the fact that he now had a living Father who had apparently invented child abandonment along with creating the universe was not going to be easy to accept. Add in the lack of communication during what was apparently the apocalypse (Gabriel had refused to go into any detail on that when it had come up during the conversation with Luna) and had withheld information about what really happened when an angel died made the subject even more complicated than it already was.

Harry sighed before moving to close the book. Gabriel was right and Harry knew it. He also hated it.

He paused when the book heated in his hand. ‘Be patient,’ the Enochian now read at the very top of the page.

Harry glared at it, annoyed.

Gabriel cursed.

“Harry!” Ron’s voice exclaimed from above him. “Wake up Harry!”

Harry groaned and tried to ignore the redheaded boy. He’d been up most of the night with Luna in the Chamber and he so didn’t want to wake until at least noon.

“Leave this to me,” another voice said. Harry ignored it though the voice was oddly familiar. He just couldn’t place it...

Water splash on his face, cold and shocking. Harry lashed out with his foot and caught a hard mass, which slammed to the floor. Opening his eyes, Harry glared at his gasping godfather who was holding his gut and moaning on the floor. Ron was to the right of the bed, laughing his ass off at them both. “Tried to wake you up myself,” he replied unrepentantly to Harry, grinning at the dark haired teen.

Harry huffed, annoyed at his friend before raising an eyebrow at his downed godfather. Sirius was pouting on the floor, still holding his gut. “Was that really necessary?” He asked the man. Gabriel grumbled in their head, more annoyed at their rude awakening than Harry was. Not that the reaction surprised him any. They were finally making progress in their dreams, getting to the point where the planets had started being created.

“Worth it, pup.” Sirius grinned at him, pout dissipating. “Totally worth it.”

“Common on Harry!” Ron interrupted and started towards the door. “Present time!”

‘Oh yeah,’ Gabriel muttered. ‘It’s Christmas, isn’t it?’

Harry blinked before grinning. Shaking off the last remnants of the dream, he grabbed his wand from the bedside table and quickly cast a drying charm on himself and the bedspread. Sirius grumbled at the vanishing of his work before heaving himself from the floor. “I’ll see you downstairs, pup.” The dog animagus grinned at him.

Harry rolled his eyes as he watched his godfather leave before moving to get dressed. He probably wouldn’t have bothered any other time however he wouldn’t put it past his godfather to decide to drag him out of the castle before he could get dressed. ‘He would, too,’ Gabriel snickered.

‘Sometimes I worry about your sense of humor,’ Harry sighed internally.

‘You do realize that it’s your sense of humor too, right?’ Harry ignored the response and grabbed his shoes. He really didn’t feel like wearing them though he did grab them for the just in case scenario that Sirius decided they were going out. Likely to meet up with Remus, if nothing else.

‘I wonder how he’s doing, with the Weasley’s?’ Gabriel mused.

Harry grinned. He had been wary of leaving Remus alone for the holiday, mostly due to the fact that the werewolf had no doubt been spending holidays alone since Halloween of 1981. Sirius was the same, though Harry didn’t think the man had been paying attention to holidays during Azkaban. However, Sirius was here while Remus was decidedly not.

Ron had actually been the one that cemented the idea to involve his mother. Harry had asked him if his mother would mind, not wanting to ask if it was going to be a problem from the redheaded family. Ron had promptly snorted and informed him that his mother would be thrilled to have another person to feed. Apparently, Remus was too skinny according to her (though Harry was as well, according to Mrs. Weasley).

‘How mad at us do you think he is?’ Harry wondered.

‘He’ll get over it.’

’That wasn’t an answer though Harry knew what his other self meant.

“Come on, Harry!” Ron’s voice jarred Harry from his thoughts.

Dashing down the stairs, he grinned when he saw that the common room was empty except for them. The rest of Gryffindor had cleared out after the Yule ball, as parents picked them up from Hogsmeade and took them home for the rest of the holiday break. “Merry Christmas,” Sirius grinned at him.

“Merry Christmas,” Harry smiled.

The opening of presents, unlike the years before, was more a free for all than turn-by-turn based. Ron and the other present Weasley’s had wasted no time before they dove into their presents. Even Ginny had pounced on the pile with a happy smile.

Harry watched the chaos with a grin, more than happy to observe them opening their own gifts before he started on his own. All of his presents had been well received so far; the twins had gotten a copy of the Marauder’s personal pranking book (Sirius had been more than happy to copy it for him once Harry had explained the twins’ idolization of the Marauder’s to the man), Ron had gotten a set of new Quidditch gear, Hermione had a new book on Ancient Runes in modern magic, Ginny was given a necklace laced with protective runes (not that she knew that), and Sirius had the newest addition of Quidditch through the ages. His godfather had bemoaned missing the most interesting changes and games while in Azkaban so he’d been ecstatic upon opening the gift.

“Are you going to just sit there watching us all day or are you going to open those gifts?” Sirius asked, amused by Harry’s observation of them all.

Harry grinned at the man before turning to his own decently sized pile. From the twins, he’d gotten a beautiful set of carving knives, made especially for rune carving. Harry stared at the gift, wondering how they’d ever been able to afford these. The twins just gave him matching secretive grins when he looked to them questioningly.

It became even more obvious that they’d really gone all out on presents this year. Ginny got a rather pricy book on self-defense spells and Ron had been given what looked to be a brand new chess set, freshly enchanted from the way it was packaged. They had probably gotten the money from selling their products, now that he was thinking about it. They’d definitely been doing decently if they managed to get enough money together to buy presents of this quality. Hermione’s disapproving look meant she’d come to the same conclusion.

Speaking of Hermione, the bushy haired girl had gotten him a book on advanced runes. Clearly he wasn’t all that subtle when it came to his interest in the subject as he found another book on Rune Applications from Bill. Charlie had sent him an updated book on Magical Creatures, which was probably a comment on how many ‘pets’ he seemed to obtain of the magical variety. Harry decided to ignore it and enjoy the information in the book.

Ron and Ginny had pooled together some money and bought him what looked to be a knife sharpening block, probably to help maintain the throwing knives he’d gotten from the twins as well as his new carving knives. Harry hadn’t really used the throwing knives enough to need a sharpening block as he’d been busy working with his sword, but the thought was there and he appreciated it. Either way, it would come in handy now that he had two knife sets to maintain.

Shaking his head when he realized the twins weren’t about to give up how’d they’d gotten the money, he turned to reveal the rest of his presents from the brightly colored paper that held them. The present was from Percy. Having graduated last year, the third oldest Weasley child wasn’t among the group. It was strange having Christmas without the former Head Boy though Harry felt rather warm that Percy had made sure to send them all gifts anyways, especially since he was probably busy with his job. The new department of the Ministry was no doubt still going through heaps of case files and inmate registers to make sure no one else had been imprisoned without trial.

Percy had gotten him a pocket watch. Harry blinked stupidly at the small devise, confused about the meaning behind the gift.

‘Er, is this supposed to be a comment on our punctuality?’ Gabriel asked, just as bemused with the gift as he was.

Sirius was the first to notice him observing the gift, speaking up when a few minutes past by and Harry had yet to move on. “What is that, pup?”

“A pocket watch,” Harry answered easily, still studying it. There was something off about the way it shimmered in his vision. There was definitely magic on the item yet Harry could seem to tell what kind of magic it was.

“Who sent you a pocket watch?” Ron asked, turning his attention from his own presents.

“Percy,” Harry answered, looking up at his best friend in bemusement. “Either there’s something magical about it or he’s making a comment on my punctuality. I’m honestly not sure which one it is.”

It was well known that Harry was rather easily distracted and lost track of time whenever he wasn’t in classes. He’d been late many times because of it. And now that he and Luna were exploring the Chamber, it had become even worse than it had been in previous years. The idea of Percy sending him a pocket watch after hearing about his even worse time keeping skills, wasn’t farfetched.

Sirius held out a hand, motioning for him to hand it over. The wizard easily flicked open the watch and frowned at the un-astronomical (‘muggle’) clock face. “There is something weird about it. Did he send you a note?”

Harry nodded. It had been one of the things that really jumped out at his attention when he’d been opening the gift. “Just to keep it on me at all times and a Merry Christmas.” He wasn’t surprised that the note was so short, though. Percy didn’t seem to be one for sending letters. Harry only ever saw him do so over the summer when communicating with work or his secret girlfriend that he was pretending that he didn’t have (though they all knew he did). Other than that, he mostly relied on Ron or the Twins to communicate with Molly and Arthur.

“Strange.” Sirius mused. “I’d write him and ask him about it. It certainly doesn’t look harmful. I’ll send an owl to Moony and have him as Molly or Arthur about it.”

“Moony?” The twins asked, having stopped everything they were doing at the name. Harry grinned. He’d been waiting to see how long it would take them to catch on, after he realized he’d never informed them. He’d been hoping for another week, though. He’d purposely kept it from Sirius that the twins had no idea he was Padfoot. It was rather benign as pranks go but the look of shock on their faces was hilarious so it was worth the payback he was no doubt going to experience.

‘Priceless,’ Gabriel snickered in their head. As unplanned pranks went, this one was certainly going to be interesting.

“Remus,” Sirius waved the question away, no doubt assuming Harry hadn’t given away who was who.

“Alright,” Harry nodded. He tucked the pocket watch into his pocket and turned to the rest of his gifts.

From Remus, he’d gotten a death threat that would be carried out if he ever sicced Molly Weasley on him again (‘So totally worth it’ Gabriel cackled. Harry found himself agreeing.) as well as a nice set of fountain pens that he’d gotten from a muggle shop. It was well known that Harry hated using quills so he found the gift rather thoughtful. Even if he was stuck using the glorified feathers on tests, at least his notes and essays would be a lot more legible. He could imagine his professor’s relief when they discovered the difference.

Sirius’ gift had to be one of his favorites (only really beaten by the rune carving knives). It was a small amulet, the stone no bigger than a muggle pence. It was covered with runes and glowed a soft blue-green to his eyes. The color of the stone itself was multiple shades of blue twirling around each other. Harry had never seen anything like it. “What does it do?”

Sirius puffed out in pride. “It’s a protection amulet,” the man flat out lied. Harry blinked at him, almost tempted to frown, when the man continued. “We haven’t had any luck with most Occlumency for you so I got this commissioned. It’ll act as your barriers instead of you having to build them.”

‘Wow, he is really good at lying,’ Gabriel interjected. Harry could hear the grin in the Archangel’s voice. ‘If I hadn’t known he was lying, I would have so bought that.’

Harry would have bought it too if it hadn’t been for the small change in the man’s soul, signaling them that he wasn’t being truthful at all. It was almost scary how good Sirius was at passing a lie off as a truth. This was the first he’d ever heard that he was, supposedly, trying to learn Occlumency though Ron and Hermione looked as if this was old news.

‘That explanation will definitely give us a cover when people find out that they can’t break into our mind,’ Gabriel added, grinning. ‘It’ll definitely explain away what happens to people when they try it as well. It’s beyond obvious that we aren’t using Occlumency.’

Harry nodded seriously at his godfather, making a show of slipping the amulet on. Sirius’ eyes gleamed with satisfaction that was only somewhat faked. “Thanks, Sirius.” He’d corner the man later to demand an explanation as to what the amulet actually did.

The rest of the day went quickly. Sirius had indeed decided that they were going to meet Remus and had made the brilliant decision that everyone else was coming with too. Having to reign in both Sirius and the twins had made the day that much more interesting for Harry and Remus. Harry had developed a twitch whenever the three stood next to each other for more than two minutes.

The two redheaded menaces had figured out that Sirius was a Marauder and that Harry had known. The pout they both directed at him made Harry snicker before he shrugged. Sirius had caught on and was having the time of his life watching the Twins try to figure out which on he was. They knew that Moony was Remus yet that still left three other’s. Wormtail was quickly discounted after the dark anger at the name had settled around both Remus and Sirius.

Harry didn’t doubt that the twins had put together who the rat was right then and there. Honestly, how many rat animagi could there be that were friends with the two Marauders during school? They’d quickly dispelled the negative energy by casually mentioning all the Hell they had put ‘Scabbers’ through during the twelve years that Pettigrew had lived with them.

After that, their moods had lightened and Sirius spent the rest of the day dragging them throughout Hogsmeade and tormenting unsuspecting members of the small town with small pranks. Getting carried away as he was by the twins helping, Harry lost count of the amount of people he’d been forced to apologize to on his godfather’s behalf, Remus taking on the more angered members of the victims.

The result was that when they got back to the castle, everyone was exhausted and immediately headed straight for bed. Well, almost everyone.

“So what does it really do?” Harry asked after he was sure that they were alone.

“Emergency beacon,” Sirius told him. “It alerts both Remus and I if you get hurt and it’ll alert you if we get hurt. Green is Remus, Blue is me. One flash is minor, three flashes is mortal danger.”

Harry blinked down as the amulet, studying it. ‘That’s actually really handy.’

It really was. Harry couldn’t count the amount of times he worried about other people getting hurt when he wasn’t around, not after the petrification of Hermione and Percy. Having a way to keep track of his godfather and Remus was a relief. ‘I wonder if we can stick a few of these on the Weasley’s once everyone knows what we are?’

‘I’m pretty sure they’d think that was overkill.’ Gabriel mused, though Harry knew that he was also thinking the idea over.

‘We could try the puppy-dog eyes.’ Sirius had told him that they were ‘really too good at those damn eyes’.

‘It’s a thought.’ Harry nodded as he continued a small conversation with Sirius. His godfather was going over all the things that the new elves had been doing that he deemed hilarious. Even Kreacher seemed to have lightened up with the new arrivals, though any mention of the elf had Sirius scowling.

Eventually, their conversation trailed off and they both called it a night.

Ron was already asleep when he entered the dorm room and Harry didn’t take long to climb in bed.

He barely had time to blink before he drifted off, a smile on his face.

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