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Chapter 1

The sun shines down brightly on me as I walk across the cracked sidewalk. The air smells of cut grass and mud and I scrunch my face up in disgust. The smell made my head pound in a headache. The strong smell of grass makes me feel sick and I walk as fast as I can to escape the nauseating smell that continuously seems to get stronger. Why must people have to cut their grass? I wish the grass wouldn’t grow so then I would have to experience this awful feeling.

I stare intently at the ground as I pass people sitting on their porches. I turn up my music and pull up my hood as Nico Collins blasts through my earbuds. I shove my hands into my jean pockets and let my mind start to drift away into la-la land.

I am only a few blocks away from now and the smell of grass started to lessen, thank God. I thought I was about to pass out from this pounding headache. I take a deep breath and look up at the sky as I walk, my Bowie vans kicking pebbles along the way.

I walk past an alley on my journey home. I shudder as I get closer to it and walk a little faster, hoping my mind will ignore the chilling, dark, narrow alley. I’ve heard too many stories about that alley. Everyone at school says that’s where gangs and rapists like to hang. Every child around this area has been told by their parents to stay away from the place, that bad things happen there.

I close my eyes and briskly walk past the cursed alley. My heartbeat accelerates as I walk past, but I know it’s all in my head. I walk past this place every day and nothing has ever happened. Why would today be any different?

Then it happened.

I am jerked into the dark alley and roughly slammed into a wall. I suck in a breath, my fear escalating to incredible heights. What the hell is happening? I need to scream. I need to draw attention. I take in a breath, preparing to give a hearty scream, but a hand is clasped over my mouth and I’m pulled sharply up, so I could get a better look at who is currently holding me hostage against the crumbling brick wall.

My eyes widen at the beauty I see before me. He’s tan and has beautiful bright green eyes. His bright red hair is a mess and he wore smeared eyeliner around his eyes. His clothes make him seem like he just came from some emo/punk concert, and he is wearing bright red lipstick. He kinda looks like a normalized Joker. He looks like a psycho.

And he is beautiful.

I should be scared. Who knows what he could do to me.

I stare at him with wide eyes, unmoving. I was petrified and awestruck all at the same time.

He slowly removes his hand from my mouth and presses his index finger to his plump lips, telling me to be quiet. Not wanting to make the situation even worse, I nod my head, letting the mysterious guy know I was in agreement with him. He gives me a crooked smile as his hand goes to his side.

“Now I hope you don’t scream, love, I would hate for this to end up badly,” He says in a thick British accent.

Oh, God.

He’s British.

Did he just get a million times hotter?

I gulp, taking a deep intake of breath. The air was musky in the alley and it was very dim. I notice my AirPods laying on the ground not too far from us. I could hear the beats from Take Me Away by Nico Collins.

I guess my kidnapper had noticed me staring at my AirPods cause he walks over and picks them up. He places one in his ear and he stares at me. He starts nodding his head.

“You have a great taste in music,” he smiles at me. He nods down at my shoes. “I love Bowie by the way. He is such an inspiration to me.” He looks back up to my face. He looked like he was expecting a response.

Why was he trying to start a conversation with me? Wasn’t he, like, kidnapping me?

I nod my head in agreement and stare down at the ground. His green eyes were too captivating, I couldn’t stare at them for too long.

When I look back up, he’s frowning. Oh no, did I do something wrong?

He finally decides to speak after a few tense seconds. “You’re allowed to talk, you know that right? Nothing is stopping you. You have freedom.”

I roll my eyes and give him a ‘pfft’. He stares at me confused.

“What?” he asks in that incredibly gorgeous accent.

I give him a pointed look and say, “You’re kidnapping me and saying that I have freedom. What the hell?” He looks surprised and I guess he just noticed how close he is to me and how he pretty much has me trapped against a wall.

“I-I didn’t-” He stutters and takes a few steps back, giving me some space to move. He hands me my AirPods and he looks down at the ground.

What is going on? Is he allowing me to escape before he does something to me?

But yet, I don’t run away. Something was captivating about him, and he didn’t seem that dangerous. In fact, right now, he seems nervous and ashamed.

“A-are you okay,” I ask him cautiously. I keep my distance and pull my hood tighter around my head.

He slowly looks up at me, afraid. “I didn’t mean to scare you...I didn’t realize you thought I was kidnapping you….I’m so sorry.” He buries his face in his hands and starts to hyperventilate.

He was...he was having a panic attack.

I rush over to him, not caring that it could all be an act to make me trust him. I wrap my arms around his shoulders and try my best to soothe him. But he pushes me away and instead slides down the wall that he had earlier released me from and placed his head between his knees.

It seems like forever till he looks at me again. He seems surprised to see me still here. I give him a small smile. “You okay?” I ask. He slowly nods his head and gives me a tentative smile.

I go over to him and offer him a hand. He takes it and I help him up.

“I’m sorry about earlier love. I just wanted to talk to you, that was it, I promise,” he looks me in the eyes with a worried expression etched on his beautiful face.

I look down at the ground, “I-it’s okay….I’m Ash,” I say shyly. I peak a look at him. He had a huge, goofy smile on his face. I laugh at the childish look.

“I’m Dom, it’s certainly nice to meet you, Ash.”

I think my heart skipped a beat when my name went past those, plump, red lips of his.

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