Annabeth Chase and the Lighting Thief

(2) Turns Out, Dead Boy Isn't Actually Dead

You’d think a twelve-year-old boy would be light, but it took me ten minutes to bring him inside and onto a bed.

Our infirmary was overflowing with kids so I had to take care of the kid.

He woke up a few times while I was caring for him, though he seemed to know nothing about what happened with the gods. I think he’s just dumb.

Honestly, he was a pain to take care of. He managed to tell me about what happened with his crazy pre-algebra teacher Mrs. Dodds while he was unconscious but couldn’t answer my questions.

Once, I had to keep wiping nectar and ambrosia off of his chin and when I realized he was awake I asked, “What will happen at the summer solstice?”

He made a gagging noise, which I realized he had meant to say “What?” a little too loudly for my liking.

I looked around, afraid Chiron or Mr. D would catch me. “What’s going on? What was stolen? We’ve only got a few weeks!”

During the winter solstice, me and a couple of other campers who were year-rounders paid a visit to the Empire State Building, where on the 600th floor Mount Olympus was located.

After we left, there’s been crazy weather going on and a bunch of abnormal things. All that Chiron would tell me is that something extremely important was stolen and must be returned by the summer solstice.

I heard somebody knock and I practically shoved some ambrosia in his mouth. I groaned internally, he was about as useful to me as my sock.

Will Solace of the Apollo cabin walked in. “Annabeth, you’ve been with him all day, let me take care of him. Go see Grover, he’s by the pavilion.”

“Grover, oh my gods.” I had completely forgotten about him. He’s the satyr who led the kid to camp. I went to the pavilion and just as Will had said, Grover was there, eating all of the silverware.

“Grover get those out of your mouth we need those to eat.”

“Annabeth, hey.” Grover smiled weakly.

“What’s wrong? You usually only eat silverware if you’re scared, or really hungry.”

“I am scared!” He wailed. “I failed! I didn’t bring Percy to camp!”

“Grover, what are you talking about? Did someone else bring him?”

He went on to explain that the Minotaur had followed them and killed Percy’s mother, knocked Grover out, and Percy had to kill the Minotaur barehanded, and then drag him to camp where I had found them.

“Grover... that was incredibly brave.”

He wailed again and put his head in his hands. “I’m a failure! Because I lost him in New York! And his mom disappeared! And because technically Percy dragged me across the property line I never brought him in! The Council of Cloven Elders will never give me my searchers license!”

Over two thousand years ago the god of the wild, Pan, disappeared. A sailor off the coast of Ephesos heard a mysterious voice crying out from the shore, “Tell them that the great god Pan has died!” When humans heard the news, they believed it. They’ve been pillaging Pan’s kingdom ever since.

But for the satyrs, Pan was their lord and master. He protected them and the wild places of the earth. They refuse to believe that he died. In every generation, the bravest satyrs pledge their lives to find Pan. They search the earth, exploring all the wildest places, hoping to find where he is hidden and wake him from his sleep.

And Grover wanted to find him. It was his life’s dream. His father and his uncle were searchers too, though they never made it back.

I believed in Grover. He will get his license, and he will find Pan, and he’ll be the first satyr to come back alive.

“You are the bravest, strongest, most driven satyr I have ever met. I don’t have any doubt that you’ll find Pan and return alive.”

He sniffled. “You think so?”

“Of course I do. I believe in you so much.”


I hugged him and when we broke apart Will Solace was there.

“He’s almost awake, Grover I think you should be the one to tell him.”

Grover smiled and put his fake feet on and grabbed his hat.

“Cya later Annabeth!”

And with that final goodbye, he followed Will to the infirmary.

I pulled out my hat that my mother gave me as a gift. It was your average Yankees baseball cap, but when you put it on you turned invisible. I twisted it in my hands.


I jumped. “Oh my gods you scared me!”

When I saw who it was I immediately blushed, then I got mad at myself for it.

It was Luke. He was tall and muscular, with short-cropped sandy hair and a friendly smile. He wore his camp orange tank top, cutoffs, and sandals. The only thing unsettling about his appearance was his thick white scar that ran from just beneath his right eye to his jaw.

“I wouldn’t sneak in to see him Annabeth, he’s probably confused out of his mind and Grover might be able to handle him.” Luke spoke his name like venom. He never particularly liked Grover, I didn’t know why but I think it might’ve been because of Thalia.

“I have a feeling it’s him. I can’t exactly explain it but it’s like a gut feeling, y’ know?”

Luke stayed quiet for a little bit, as if lost in thought, and then said “Chiron’s looking for you in the Big House.” And then he disappeared.

Strange. I thought as I walked to the Big House. Chiron was waiting for me on the porch.

“Luke said you were looking for me?” When he didn’t respond I asked again. “Chiron, is there anything you need?”

“Look around and tell me, what do you see?”

I walked to the railing and looked out. “Um, I see camp. Kids climbing the wall, riding pegasus, sword fighting, archery. Everyday activities.”

Chiron scratched his beard. “Hmm, keep looking.”

After sometime, Mr. D came out and sat with Chiron, both of them silent.

“Mr. Brunner!” A squeaky voice cried out.

I turned to look at who the voice belonged to, and it was the boy, behind him stood Grover, shuffling nervously.

“Ah, good, Percy,” Chiron said. “Now we have four for pinochle.”

He offered the boy, Percy, a chair to the right of Mr. D. I snorted. This was going to be interesting.

Once Mr. D realized Chiron was waiting for him to talk, he sighed and spoke. “Oh, I suppose I must say it. Welcome to Camp-Half Blood. There. Now, don’t expect me to be glad to see you.”

“Uh, thanks.” Percy scooted away from him. I stifled a laugh.

“Annabeth?” Chiron called, “This young lady nursed you back to health, Percy. Annabeth, my dear, why don’t you go check on Percy’s bunk? We’ll be putting him in cabin eleven for now.”

I said, “Sure, Chiron.”

I looked at Percy. He was probably my age, maybe a couple of centimetres shorter, and more scrawny. I glanced at the Minotaur horn in his hands, then back at him. I assumed he wanted some sort of praise for killing the Minotaur.

Instead, I said, “You drool when you sleep.”

Then I sprinted to the Hermes cabin.

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