Four months later.

An alarm's ringing loudly, waking them up from their light doze. River bats at Jayne's hand that's sliding up her thigh so she can scramble out of the bed to pull on clothes. Her boots are on before Jayne's even sat up fully. He watches with bleary eyes as she pulls the metal rod off the door, climbs up the ladder, and leaves the bunk in a matter of seconds. Jayne knows the alarm isn't an emergency - at least, not for him - and he's tempted to go back to sleep, but then Kaylee's head appears from where River just left, and he glares at her instead.

"Get dressed, di-di. Or should that be ghuh-ghuh?" she says with a wink.

"If your bao bei catches you..." Jayne warns.

Kaylee just laughs, her red hair falling down three rungs. "Who d'you think's holding me here, ghuh-ghuh?"

"And I'm not happy about it!" Simon calls out.

Kaylee grabs the ladder and walks herself back up. "Hurry up or you'll miss the job," she calls down to Jayne.

Go si, the job.

He hurries out of bed to get changed. His lucky red shirt is hanging up, and he figures with this job, he'll need all the luck he can get. Mal's planned it, after all.

Jayne is dressed, armed with everything from Arthur and Bea, his knives, to his favourite guns in Lux and Vera, and at least three grenades, no matter what Mal says.

"Will all of that really be necessary?" Simon asks, frowning as he pours out another breakfast bowl for Jayne.

Jayne takes the offered bowl of vitamins and protein (there's more protein than anything else), and nods in response. "Not getting on this fancy rock without 'em; your sister'll kill me if the Blue Hands get as close as they did last time."

"If I have to spend thirty-six hours stitching you back up again, River won't be the only one," Simon mutters, worry laced within his threat.

"We'll be fine. River's comin' with us this time, ain't that right, Albatross?" Mal asks, arm around her as they come down from the cockpit together.

"Someone has to keep you safe," River points out, rolling her eyes.

"Well now, I thought that was my job," Zoe says with a grin.

"Ours," River concedes.

"That'll do me fine. Sir, Badger's wanting to talk to you on the wave when we get back."

"All right. Someone remind me when we're back. I'll probably forget, 'specially if there're bullets flying. Which there won't be," Mal adds quickly when Simon looks worried.

River makes her way over to Jayne and mutters, "There will be."

Jayne smirks at her, and River grins as she steals one of his knives. As it's really her knife anyway, Jayne lets her pocket it and guides her out to the cargo hold where they'll finish getting armed and protected against Mal's latest plan.

"Ready to dance, bao bei?" Jayne asks.

She just smiles at him and hums their song.


The end.

Go si - shit/crap
Feng le - crazy
Feh feh pi goh - baboon's ass crack
Gai si - damn
Purple-belly - derogatory term for Alliance members
Jing tsai - brilliant
Tian xia suo you de ren - everyone in the 'verse
Chwen - dumbass
Ni ta ma de - fuck you
Chwee ni duh - screw you
Bao bei - precious/treasure/sweetheart
Shi ma? - is that so? / oh, really?
Wa cao - I'm fucked
Di-di - little brother
Ghuh-ghuh - big brother

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