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That One Night


It started out as a very alcohol and lust induced one night stand. Y/N is a workaholic but very driven and ambitious. Even though she comes from a wealthy family she wanted to create her own path without the influence of her father. Y/N just recently got a promotion and her best friend wanted to take her to celebrate. Of course there's alcohol and hormones involved, y/n wakes to find herself in a very handsome stranger's bed with a bad hangover. Will this be the last time y/n sees this person or will they meet again unexpectedly? ⚠️ATTENTION⚠️ 🔞 Mature Content 🔞 *This is a fictional story and is based solely from my imagination, any similarities coincidental*

Romance / Erotica
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That Fated Night

The coldness of the wall sends goosebumps throughout your body as he pushes you up against it. He uses on hand to pin both of your hands up above your head. The other hand he uses to slowly caress your skin sending a surge of electricity through your veins. He smashes his lips on to yours, both of your tongues dancing, as you can still taste the strong alcohol. Using his free hand he traced his fingers along your nipple causing them to hardened. He slowly trailed his fingers down your side to your ass and gave it a good squeeze. You let out a moan, he saw his chance and pushed his tongue in your mouth. He was kissing you more passionately as he let go of your arms, you immediately draped both of your arms around his neck.
He pushes is body against yours and uses both of his hands to grab your ass. “Jump" he says in a husky lust filled voice. You do as your told, your legs wrap around his waist and his hands grab your ass. He walks towards the bed while still kissing you. You feel yourself being laid down on the soft mattress. He straddles you and begins to take off his shirt, you follow suit and take off your top along with your black lace bra. He leans down and begins to kiss you, then makes his way along your jaw, towards your neck. He keeps kissing your neck searching for your sweet spot till he finds it and bites down and sucks on it leaving a purple mark. You let out a moan when he does this, you then tangle your fingers in his hair. He begins to kiss down your neck towards your chest leaving goosebumps on your skin. He takes your already hardened bud in his mouth and swirls his tongue around it. “Ahhh…” you let out a moan and arch your back at the euphoric pleasure. He then switches to do the exact same thing to the other side.
He was taking his sweet time which was driving you crazy. “Mmm… p-please” you begin to say but were instantly cut off as he attacked your dripping core. He begins to kitty lick your folds then starts sucking on your clit. “Ahhh… Don’t st-top…” is all you could manage to say. You were a moaning mess at the mercy of his tongue. You lace your fingers through his jet black hair, pulling him closer to your core. “mmm… you taste so good kitten, so sweet.” He says as he starts another attack at your core. Feeling that tight coil beginning to wind up, your walls start clenching, and your back starts to arch. Just as you were about to cum he pulls away from your core, smirking and wiping your juices from his mouth only to lick his hands clean.
You whine at the sudden emptiness, looking up to see his rather toned body, your mouth dropped. “Does kitten like what she sees?” he says in his gritty voice. All you could do was nod, as you sat up and ran your hand over his chest down to his abs. He lets out a deep growl as your hands make their way to his belt. Slowly you begin to unbuckle his belt, unbutton his pants and letting them drop with a clink as the buckle hits the floor. He is standing in front of you in nothing but his underwear, your hands trace the hem of his Calvin Klein’s sending shivers throughout his body creating goosebumps. He lifts your chin making your eyes meet, as he is doing this you pull down his underwear letting his hard cock free from its confines. As you look down you met with his hard, thick and long member, you lick your lips and grab ahold of his cock. He lets out a moan as your grab his cock, you lick the tip slow, “mmm, don’t tease me kitten.” He says. Next you take his whole length in your mouth, you feel his tip hitting the back of your throat. “Ahhh” he says shakily while sucking air. You start to bob your head, up and down on his cock taking him all in your mouth. Your throat will definitely be sore tomorrow you think to yourself. As you start to go faster you feel his hands tangle themselves in your hair and make you take him deeper. You moan while you feel his cock go deeper down your throat, this sent vibrations throughout his body. He began to thrust his hips, basically fucking your mouth, your eyes began to water and you feel the need for air. You feel his cock start to twitch in your mouth, “ahhh” is all you hear as you feel his hot seed rush to back of your mouth. His hands loosen on your hair as you look up and meet his eyes while licking your lips swallowing all of him.
He picks you up and lays you on the bed again, hovering over you he hungrily kisses you. He grabs his cock and aligns it with your core, slowly he inserts himself causing both you to moan out. He gives you a moment to adjust to him, you give him a nod, he pulls himself out only to slam his cock back into your dripping wet core. “O-oh god! D-don’t stop!” you breathlessly say. His thrust are slow but deep, hitting your spot over and over, you feel your climax building. “Ahh, you are so tight kitten.” He growls while kissing you. He begins to pick up his pace while still going hard, the room is filled with lewd sounds of skin slapping and both of your moans. “H-harder!” you scream as you are so close, he obeys and starts slamming himself into you. Your walls start clenching around him causing a low growl from him, “I’m close kitten.” Feeling his cock twitching you feel the sudden rush of euphoria and you release causing your walls to convulse around him. “Ahh, I’m cumming.” He says as you feel his warm seed feeling you up. He stills while riding out his orgasm, as you are coming down from yours as well. He pulls out and drops next to you, “That was the amazing!” you both say at the same time. Looking at each others he caresses your face before pulling you in for a passionate kiss. He wraps his arms around you as you both drift off to sleep.
You are awaken by the loud ringing of your cell phone, trying to locate the screeching sound you realize you have a throbbing headache, you finally find it. “Hello?” you say. “Y/N! What happened to you last night? We couldn’t find you at the club.” Your best friend Adora asks worriedly. “Can we talk about this later? I’m hung over and have a killer headache.” You say “Oh yea, I’ll call you later. Bye Bye Bye!” She replies in a shrill voice. Thank god! Now I can go back to sleep. You think to yourself. As you lay back down you feel another body next to you, soft snores coming from the person you look at the stranger. Realizing you aren’t at home you look around for your clothes and run to the bathroom to get dressed. “SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!” you say to yourself in a hushed tone as to not wake the stranger. You finished getting dressed and slowly make your way out of the bathroom shoes in hand. Looking back to the handsome stranger in the bed you hesitate, but your conscience tells you to leave and fast. As you are closing the door the handsome stranger turns over to feel the empty bed. He sits up looking around for you but only to find himself alone.
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