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That One Night

Awkward Morning After

Crap! What was I thinking? You say to yourself as you are walking down the hallway to find the elevator. As you reach the elevators, you press the down button and pull up your maps to find out where you are at. "Hmm... not too far from my apartment." You mumble to yourself. *Ding* The elevator arrives, you step into the enclosed box. As you begin your decent you try to recall the vents that happened last night that led you to waking up in a stranger's bed.

-Flashback to last night-

"Come on y/n! You have to come! It's been so long since we went out." Your best friend Amber whines. "Ugh! Fine! You are lucky I'm in the mood to celebrate since I got my promotion." You retort back. "Yassss! All the more reason to celebrate! I'm so happy for you!" Amber yells. The next couple hours are spent choosing your outfits, doing your makeup and hair.

Getting out of your uber both you and Amber make your way to the entrance of the club. You didn't even have to wait as the bouncer look you and Amber up and down, and let you both in. "Have a good time ladies" he says with a smirk. "Oh we will sweetie, thank you." You reply with a smile and a wink. "Ahh!" He says while clutching his heart as you two walk by. "Dang girl, the things you can do." Amber says smiling. You two walk through the double doors and make your way through the hallway, feeling the vibrations of the music with every step.

-End of flashback

You were brought out of your thinking by the slowing and stopping of the elevator. *Ding* the elevator sounds and the doors open. The uber is supposed to be outside by now, you think to yourself as you make your way through the luxury entrance of the apartment complex. Seeing the SUV of the uber you ordered you hasten your steps to leave this unknown building. You enter the vehicle and give the driver your address, "please make it fast." You say. "Yes ma'am, will do." The driver says.

After 10 minutes later you pull up to the entrance of your apartment complex. "Thank you so much for getting me here safely." You say as you are paying for your fare. Making your way out of the vehicle and towards the entrance of the building you run into your neighbor Sun'ooh. "Oh, good morning y/n! Just getting home I see?" he says while opening the door for you. "Um- yea." You say trying to think of a good excuse. "Alright, well have a good day! Don't forget you still got to have dinner with me one of these days." He says while walking away.

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