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The Thingummy || BTS ✔


On the 21st of August in 1863, a massacre occurred in Kansas, causing the elimination of a large number of civilians including women, men and children. The massacre left the city in terror and orphaned many children.

A noticeable number of those children went missing, and amidst the chaos, no one was in their right state of mind to look or even beware of those children’s lack of presence.

A truck, covered with a thick dark greenish cloak, swallowed up the children who their ages varied between eight and fourteen. After being harshly pushed inside by bulked men and before the children could break out a sob, the men threw hypnotizing gas which made the children to instantly fall unconscious.

“How many are they?” A man in his mid-forties asked as he drew his eyebrows in a straight line, making sure the men in front of him understood his serious tone.

“Fifteen, sir.”

The well-suited man hummed in satisfaction as he ordered his men to start the journey to his organization’s base.

It took them a solid one hour drive to reach their destination. A big iron gate creaked as it opened for the truck’s passage. The driver raised his hand to greet the gatekeeper and immediately increased the speed to deliver the kids.

The truck entered through the gate and moved through the large entrance, leading to the main door as it halted there. There were a total of six people standing by the front door, three of them wore white coats indicating their profession while the other three wore the military uniform.

The uniform-suited men greeted their boss formally as he descended the truck. He hummed and shrugged them off while his focus was on reaching the back of the truck to get to the children he picked.

He unlocked the door and waited for the doctors to witness what he caught as if he went on a hunt for humans. The doctors, one after the other came closer as one of them said, “You did a great job this time, Daniel.”

Daniel smiled to himself and decided to take his leave because what comes next is their job to do, not his.

The three uniformed men transferred the children, one by one, inside the building. The front door was a stairway underground. A whole place was built under the building which looked like a normal residence, but in reality, it was for show because everything happened underneath it.

The place reeked of chemicals and medicine while the only sound that could be heard was heavy footsteps. Many plain steel closed doors were lined up beside each other on both sides of the hallway, hiding whatever was behind it.

The uniformed men placed the children behind each of these doors, five children per room, while they were still unconscious. When the last-child got placed along with the other four, one of the four stirred in his place uneasily.

He opened his eyes and rubbed them tiredly as he saw the only strip of light getting thinner and thinner. His eyes widened in fear as he made eye contact with the uniformed scowling man closing the door.

The child faltered on his way to the door and kept banging it to get it opened. He howled and cried asking for help, but it was of no avail. Tears streamed down his petite face, till he felt something weighing his shoulder which made him flinch so he looked behind him and slowly lifted his head, seeing the other four children already awake.

“W-where are we?” The sobbing child asked, but all of them gave him a headshake. His sobs increased and were now doubled, indicating that another child was weeping as well.

Three children out of five stayed quiet, they were a bit older, but that didn’t prevent their hearts from feeling sorrow and anxiety whereas the other two children kept sobbing until there were no more tears to shed. The last sniff resonated in the dim place, making it the last sound they heard at that night.

They drifted to sleep and got awoken by the sound of the creaking sound of the door opening. They slithered to the rear of the room, hiding from the unforeseen strong light which invaded their space.

Fear overtook them when they saw two people getting inside, one was in the uniform while the other was wearing the white coat.

“I see, we have twins,” the doctor said as he took careful steps towards the two children hugging each other in terror. He leaned down and softly asked, tricking them by his tone, “how old are you?”

“W-we are twelve,” the male twin stammered while tightening his arm around his sister, who was fiercely closing her eyes with her head against his chest, scared to look at the man talking to them.

“Oh!” the doctor’s face turned into a smug smile which made the male twin squeeze his eyes shut, in an absolute panic, but the panic didn’t last long as he suddenly felt the doctor move away from him.

For a second there the twins felt like they would be able to live for another day, but that hope was snatched away from them when they heard him say, “Bring those two to lab 22.”

“No, n-no,” said the twin male as he tried to get engulfed by the wall behind him whereas the girl kept crying and clenching onto her brother’s shirt, almost tearing it from the force.

The uniformed man walked towards the two children but instantly halted when the other three children stood in front of them protectively.

“We will not let you take them,” said one of the children glaring at the man in fury.

The twins quickly hid behind the older while the girl stuttered and pleaded, “Flint, p-please, d-don’t let him take us.”

However, at that moment, her dark brown orbs got stained by the color red. She couldn’t comprehend the sudden warm feeling on her face, making her look like a statue.

Her brain suddenly clicked when she saw the body blocking her from having a direct view of the doctor, collapse. Her pupils moved frantically as she felt her hand get soaked in liquid.

“F-flint,” she stuttered out the name of the child who was now lying dead in front of her and her brother who was also in his own panic room.

Amidst the horror the children were facing, the doctor ordered, “Kill the other two, I only need the twins.”

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