To Right the Wrongs

By MisteryMaiden

Adventure / Fantasy

Chapter 2

Well, enough of you liked this, that I decided to post a new chapter and continue the plot line. Really, though, I didn't expect such a response to just a Prologue...

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Chapter One: Beginning A New

September 1st

Harry whimpered as he moved. Just like the first time he had been through this, his uncle hadn't ceased beating him until Harry had threatened to curse Dudley. That had earned him a horrid beating, but he had been left alone afterwards.

Harry smiled when a soft hoot alerted him of the annoyed presence of Hedwig. The owl was just as fond of him as she had been the first time around. Harry suspected that the owl had chosen to become his familiar, and if he was correct, than that was why he understood her so well. "Yeah," Harry cooed. "You're such a beautiful and smart owl. There's not a place that you can't find."

Hedwig gave him a happy hoot, obviously pleased with the praise. The owl didn't know why, but she felt as if her master would do anything for her. That feeling alone, and with the knowledge of how his nest elders treated him as their hatchling, Hedwig, as her master called her, had decided that she would return the favor and do anything for him as well.

"Would it be okay to put you in this cage? It would only be until we get to train!" Harry gave her the puppy dog eyes. It wasn't necessary, but Hedwig hooted her consent anyways. "Thank you so much!" Harry beamed at the bird. He knew that most people would think that he had gone around the bend, but Harry knew that Hedwig understood him.

"BOY!" Vernon screamed up the stairs. Harry knew that this was his way of telling him that he would be leaving now, with or without him.

"Coming," Harry called back, his trunk already shrunk in his pocket and a Notice Me Not charm on Hedwig and her cage. He had learned from the first time not to leave without those charms. Darting down the stairs, Vernon stared at him warily before muttering about freaks and their tricks. Harry barely managed to hide his flinch when his uncle looked at him. The wounds on his back and abdomen were still throbbing, and Harry had enough bruises to worry about at the moment.

Getting in the car, Harry prayed that the blood from his wounds wouldn't seep through his robes. The last thing he needed was the inquiring questions that would bring. If it got out that the Boy-Who-Lived was abused, then Harry wouldn't have a moment's peace from now until graduation. Not that he would anyways, even with him and Voldie on better terms. Harry wasn't even sure what the Dark Lord thought about all of this, as he hadn't seen him since they had been sent back.

Harry barely noticed when they arrived at King's Cross. Getting out of the car, Harry made sure that he didn't move wrong and reopen his wounds. Hedwig hooted reassuringly from her cage, and Harry couldn't help but smile warmly at the bird. Oh, how he adored her. He had been devastated when Vernon had killed her the summer he had died. That was the worst day of his life. Smiling, Harry made his way into the station, fully expecting that things wouldn't be the same as before. Unlike before, Harry planned on finding and befriending Draco, not Ronald.

The platform was just as crowded as Harry remembered it, and making sure that he had a firm grip on his trunk, Harry heaved it up the steps of the train. When the blasted thing slammed into his foot, Harry had to work to not scream in pain. That was when the familiar red hair appeared.

"You need help with that?" Fred asked, concerned. "Hey, Fred, get over here!"

Harry fought not to laugh, even when they were doing something casually, the two were pranksters. He watched in fascination as George appeared just behind his brother, a sly grin on his identical face. With their help, Harry managed to get the very heavy trunk onto the train. Hedwig let out a few encouraging hoots from her cage, catching Fred and George's notice.

"Wow, your owl's gorgeous!" George whispered, awed. Fred nodded in agreement. Harry grinned, while Hedwig hooted in delight. Remembering his previous promise, Harry quickly unlocked the caged and opened the door, Hedwig hoping out onto his arm, nibbling on his ear affectionately.

"You can pet her, if you'd like. Hedwig adores people who help me," Harry beamed at them. The twins gave the owl a contemplating look, before reaching out their hands and stroking her feathers.

"You've got yourself a familiar," Fred observed. "That's a right hard thing to do, animals like owls are very picky about whom they bond to."

"Really?" asked Harry, this was news to him. "I couldn't ask for a better familiar then!"

Hedwig hooted, as if confirming his statement, her feather's preening in pride. The twins grinned, both deciding that this boy was the newest member of their friends. Any first year that managed to already gain a familiar was fine with them.

"Allow us the introduce ourselves," Fred began.

"I'm Fred Weasley, and this is my brother George." George finished, grinning mischievously.

Harry cocked his head. "You're George," Harry pointed at George, "And you're Fred."

The twins positively beamed at him, only Lee was ever able to tell them apart. "Very good!" the two chorused. "The firstie's got talent! We'll see you at Hogwarts!"

"I'm Harry, by the way," Harry called after the two retreating backs. "Harry Potter."

He was already gone by the time the turned to stare at him in surprise. Turning to look at each other, they grinned, already planning on telling only Lee about their new friend, before hearing their mother call and hurrying to say a quick goodbye.

Harry was almost twitching; the intelligence of his fellow first year's making him want to slam his head into a wall, repeatedly. Never mind that he had been among them at one point, putting a sixth year back in first year was almost insulting, not that he had much of a say in the matter. Who would believe that he was sent back in time after he died by Thanatos himself?

The only one who didn't seem dazzled by him was the ever changing Draco Malfoy, who he had managed to befriend on the train. Thankfully, Harry managed to destroy all fantasies that Draco had previously had by getting to know the young blond on said train. It truly was a miracle and a stress reliever. Either way, Draco was still a eleven year old, and Harry was counting down the minutes until he would be able to meet with Voldemort (who was on the back of Quirell's head), and have a decent conversation. Preferably without the stuttering, act or not, it was annoying!

After what seemed like an eternity, with his body aching all over, the door's to the Great Hall opened, and the group of first years walked in. Harry didn't have to force the gasp that came out of his mouth and the awe on his face. This Hogwarts, while it hadn't changed in the future, was the one he had fallen in love with and called home. It wasn't the prison the Dumbledore had turned it into for him.

Sure enough, there Quirell sat at the Head Table, his eye's flashing red as they met his. Almost unnoticeably, Harry nodded in return, letting the man know that it was him. One by one, each of the first years were sorted, and since Harry knew the result's for each of them, he spent his time searching out Fred and George. The two were seated not far from Percy at the Gryffindor table with Lee Jordan. They poked Lee in the side, and point at him. Cheekily, Harry gave a small wave, letting his Harry move enough to show his scar.

One of the changes Harry had made when he and Hagrid had gone to Diagon Alley was going to a Medi-Wizard the specialized in the eyes. There Harry had been given a potion to correct his eyesight since his eyes condition was due to blunt head-trauma, which Harry had passed off as from concussions he had gained from being clumsy. They had readily bought the excuse, and Harry had rid himself of those horrid glasses. The only time he wore them was to fool his relatives, as it wouldn't do to risk another death from being beat by informing them of the correction.

Without the glasses, and with his Harry growing out (He hadn't allowed his aunt to cut it every week as she used to), the only thing that identified him was his scar. Well, the Avada Kedavra green eyes did, as well, but that was different, as nobody had ever paid them any attention before. Harry watched in amusement as Lee waved back, just as cheekily. Oh, how he had adored the trio of mischief in his timeline.

"Potter, Harry!" called Professor McGonagall. The hall went silent and filled with the familiar whispers. Like he had trained himself to, Harry ignored them. He was pleasantly surprised when the hat was placed on his head.

"Well, well, a time traveler, aye? I haven't had one of those in a few hundred years! Death must like you, Mr. Potter." The Sorting Hat commented in his mind.

Harry just sat there, not showing any outward emotion except what was expected of him. 'Yes, I do rather recall hearing that before, from a certain Headmaster, though he was unaware of my presence at the time.'

"Ah, I see you know exactly where I want to place you. Though you fit the requirement for all the houses, I don't think they would survive you team with the Weasley twins. I pity the lot of them." The Sorting Hat laughed, out loud, causing a lot of murmurs, as the rest of the school had never seen the hat laugh before.

'Yes, well, they'll probably deserve it,' Harry paused. 'At some point in time. Maybe. Probably not, though.'

"Oh, do come speak with me again," The Hat sent a mental equivalent of a grin. "You do so make such interesting conversation, far more interesting than thinking up a song every year."

'I don't see why not. It might take a while to convince the barmy old coot, though.' Harry said, shrugging mentally.

"Oh, don't you worry about Albus, I'll convince him it's for the 'Greater God', and he'll be fine. Bring Tom Riddle with you too; he was a fun person to converse with as well." The Hat grinned. "Better be…SLYTHERIN!"

There was complete silence as the Slytherin's merely blinked in shock along with the rest of the school. Fred and George stood up, ignoring the incredulous gazes of their housemates, and clapped. The whole school turned to look at them, making them pause, and turning the attention away from Harry who sat next to Draco.

"What?" The two asked. "We talked with him on the train. It was rather obvious to us where he would go! Besides, we like him!"

All those who knew what the Weasley twins looked for in a person shuddered. That they like Harry Potter was an terrifying though. All the Professors prayed for the three never to team up. The school wouldn't survive.

The whole hall turned to look at Harry, locating the boy at the Slytherin table, feeding Hedwig, who refused to leave her master. The green eyed boy looked up at them all, before saying in a rather oblivious voice, "What'd I do?"

Fred and George merely laughed, while the rest of the hall gaped at the Slytherin. The only other person in the hall that shared their amusement was a certain DADA Professor, who chuckled at this once enemies act. 'What'd I do' indeed. Maybe being on the boy's side would be better than he had thought. Now, he only needed to get his body back…and maybe get Potter out of the muggle's grasp by freeing his godfather. It would be a real pity if the boy died again. A real pity, indeed.

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