The Eyes Of A Wolf

Chapter 2

Chapter Two

Snape was staring at the wolf on the bed in shock. The Dark Lord had just addressed the animal as Potter, but that was impossible. Potter was far to shallow and self concerned to be anything but a Eagle Animagus, let alone a Wolf Animagus It was impossible, and highly unlikely, but it seemed that the brat had once again pulled off the impossible, and just to make his life miserable. Though, truthfully, it was a wonder that he hadn't noticed before, as the gray lightning bolt on his rump was a clue, and the black fur and Avada Kedavra eyes gave it away. The potions master felt rather stupid now that he thought about it. It was rather obvious, unfortunately.

"My lord," Snape glanced at the dark lord. "How did you manage to capture Potter? And why is Potter a wolf?"

"Oh, I didn't capture Potter, the boy ran into me." Voldemort chuckled at the look on his followers face. "He was a wolf when I found him, and covered in numerous injuries. It took a total of an hour to heal all of them, and even now, I missed some of them."

"It's not possible!" Snape argued. "I would have seen something during our lessons!"

Voldemort laughed, "Not if he hadn't wanted you to. I doubt that you even saw one truthful memory of his home life."

The Slytherin's taking care of the wolf had to control themselves from gaping. Snape was a very talented legilinimins (spell?), and it was very impressive that Potter had managed to hide and fake memories that Snape didn't even notice. It was an amazing feat and their respect for him rose.

Harry was ignoring everything that was going on. It didn't matter to him if Snape believed them or not, he would never get along with the man. There was to much bad blood between them for them to be anything but barely civil. Harry didn't forget the way the man acted in their first year, the glare and watching eyes during his second year, and the attempt to have Sirius kissed in his third year, and not to mention the way he blamed him for everything last year after the tournament and fifth year with his assault on his mind during their 'lessons'.

No, the man was not someone he would ever like or appreciate.

His thoughts were interrupted by the howl of another dog, a grim to be specific. Harry jerked his head up, his ears standing at attention. The humans in the room were confused, but Harry knew what was going on. They had gone and gotten Siri! Immediately, the wolf pup was off the bed and out the door, Voldemort chuckling and the Slytherin's falling over themselves to keep up.

The howl sounded again, and this time, Harry answered with a howl of his own. His instincts were taking over and Harry burst through a pair of double doors, his magic aiding him in the feat.

Siri sat on the other side in his Grim Animagus form. Bella was standing next to him happily. Harry flung his small body at the man and knocked the larger animal down. They ended up in a strange game of tag, the Slytherin's in his year snickering in the background.

"Come on Siri," Bella laughed. "I think it's time you began teaching your godson how to change back."

Draco gaped as the grim changed back into the man Sirius Black. There was a mischievous grin on his face. "But what if Bambi doesn't want to change back?"

Harry barked, he rather liked being a wolf, actually. It was a lot less stressful than being human. Then frowned. Maybe he needed a new nickname. Being called Bambi when he was a wolf wasn't very practical. Sirius seemed to be thinking along the same lines.

"Hmm, maybe Midnight? Mooney's already taken, and I'm Padfoot, so Midnight because of your fur. I'm sure that Remi would agree." Sirius laughed, "You're officially a Marauder pup!"

Harry barked, his tail wagging happily. He rather liked his new name, it was much better than Demon, and he'd need a name that fit his new form. This was the perfect name for him at the moment.

"Yeah, I like it too!" Sirius grinned at his godson happily. "Now, how are we going to get you to change back?

Harry barked, not sure how he was going to change back. He wasn't even sure how he'd ended up a wolf in the first place, which wasn't going to help with changing back.

Sirius sighed, almost as if he could hear what Harry was thinking. "Well, that complicates things. If you don't know how you changed in the first place, we're going to have a lot of trouble getting you back to normal. Usually I would suggest the spell the forces a Animagus out of their forms, but that spell is particularly painful and would reopen all your previous injuries."

Harry whimpered at the thought. It wouldn't do for him to become a bleeding mess just to change back into human form. Until then, he was stuck with being a wolf. They would have to try the natural way, and if that didn't work, they'd have to wait for all of his injuries to heal on their own before the spell was safe to use.

The Slytherin's watched them with uncertainty. They knew to a extent what Sirius was talking about, but they weren't sure how badly Potter would be injured if they went that route. It wasn't their place to ask, either. If Potter of the Dark Lord felt that they should know, they would have already been informed.

It was sad, really, that Potter seemed to enjoy being a wolf more than he had being a human. They had never seen the boy this carefree and happy at Hogwarts and seeing as the injuries came from his family, they could easily guess that he never had any down time at home, either.

Draco was talking the news the hardest, as he made it a habit to tease Potter about his family not wanting him since first year. He hadn't actually thought that it was true when he'd said it, but that didn't mean that he had any right. To find out that his was true was like a kick in the gut, one that Draco hadn't wanted, nor had he needed. He would have to apologize whenever he found himself alone with his former rival.

Pansy wasn't taking the situation as hard, all she had ever done was tease the mudblood a little bit. The blood traitor as well, but she had mostly left Potter alone because he had left her alone.

Theo was neutral, he hadn't ever really participated in antagonizing any of the other Houses at Hogwarts. He preferred to keep out of the way, and observe the other's, while most of the Slytherin House was making themselves known as a nuisance to the school. He'd never really paid any attention to Potter or his band of friends, not when all he had to do was listen to people around him talking to know what was going on. Though some of the rumors were outrageous. Really, there was not way that Harry Potter was the heir of Slytherin. It was just to stupid to even make sense. When had the Potter family ever not been in Gryffindor? To have the Potter scion a Slytherin heir was ridiculous. There had to be some other rational explanation to why Potter was a parselmouth.

Blaise was almost as neutral as Theo, and even more so in other aspects. The Zabini family took no sides in the wars, he was only really here because he was a Slytherin and the Dark Lord was well aware that he wouldn't be speaking any of their secrets anytime soon. The Zabini, while Neutral, were dark supporters, though they never picked a side, they would never be caught dead with a blood traitor, and there were the questionable marriages of his mother, who was secretly nickname 'The Black Widow'. It was amazing that men kept marrying the woman if they were so afraid to die. It was amusing though, seeing as his mother was never the one to kill her husbands. That had been the work of the curse his father had put on her, the only one that she had killed. That was a secret they kept to the family, however. Not even the Dark Lord knew if his mother had really killed her husbands or not. Not that the Dark Lord really cared.

Harry was having the time of his life. Sirius was here with him, the Dursely's were far away and he was never going to see them again. The Dark Lord was being nice, though that was strange, but Harry could get used to the fact. He had met a young Tom Riddle, and the teenage Dark Lord was much kinder than the one he had met before during the Philosopher's Stone and during the Triwizard Tournament. Being a wolf was great, though he missed having people understand what he was trying to tell them. It was annoying, but that didn't mean that he had to change back anytime soon.

Harry had always wanted a normal life, where he was free from responsibility. He hated the titles that the Wizarding World gave him. He hated the fame that caused people to stare at him whenever he walked by. He hated that he couldn't do anything normal, not even after he learned that he was a wizard. How many normal wizards vanquished the Dark Lord at the age of one? Wait a minutes...

Harry barked at said Dark Lord, getting his attention. Inquisitive red eyes fell upon Harry's form and Harry growled, remembering that he couldn't speak. Harry turned to Sirius, who was a grim and could understand him, and barked out his assessment.

Sirius frowned, he spoke dog fluently, but wolf? That was Moony's forte, not his. "Okay, so, what about a prophecy?"

Voldemort raised his eyebrows, "The one that concerns us both."

Sirius nodded in understanding. "He says that...what do you mean it's no longer valid?"

The whole room was watching the interaction intently. Harry groaned, Sirius needed to brush up on his wolf. What made dog and wolf speak so different from each other? He barked a few more sentences, being careful not to go to quickly.

"Yes, it says vanquished," Sirius frowned at his godson, Moony was going to have to give him more lessons in wolf. "No, not kills. Um, oh! You're right!"

Voldemort was confused and rather frustrated. Not being a canine animagus meant that he had no idea what Harry was saying. It was more than a little annoying, to say the least, as it concerned both of them, and not his godfather.

Sirius looked around the room in excitement. "He says that he already vanquished you, when he was a baby. And if that's not enough, what about his second year, when he got rid of the diary!"

Voldemort blinked, well, he hadn't even considered that. Could the prophecy have been predicting both of the events that had transpired? When Harry was a baby, he had indeed vanquished him. During second year (which Lucius was punished for) Harry and the Dairy had only been surviving each other, and Harry had been the one to live at the end. "Well, then," Voldemort grinned. "That seems to be one less problem to worry about. I'm surprised I never thought of it myself. I wonder if the Old Coot realizes that his prophecy is no longer valid?"

Harry let out a celebrating howl, making Sirius laugh. "I should brush up on my wolf." The Grim Animagus admitted. "That was a lot harder than it should have been, though I have been out of practice for a while."

Severus was merely staring at the encounter with shock. He hadn't even considered that there was no longer a valid reason for the Potter Brat to be fighting the Dark Lord. No one had realized when the Dark Lord had been vanquished that Halloween that the prophecy was beginning, and with the destruction of the Diary, no one considered it was the prophecy at play. Why hadn't they even considered it.

'Because then Dumbledore would have lost his pawn.' His mind whispered.

"What about 'the power he knows not?" Pansy asked, remembering what the Dark Lord had said earlier.

Sirius snorted. "How many of you deflect Killing Curses?"

Harry barked, sulking. He hated that being brought up, though it was rather relevant to the conversation.

Voldemort nodded, "That is something I hadn't known about."

"So, now what?" Sirius asked. "The prophecy's complete. That's what the Light had been relying on, and without that, how is this war going to play out? I also need to go get Mooney. He should be able to translate for Harry, since I'm very bad at it."

"Retrieve your wolf, and we'll figure out where to go from here. This has been a very strange and revealing day. Potter should go rest, as should you all. It's gotten very late." Voldemort indicated the now dark sky, filled with stars. Harry blinked and yawned, he hadn't realized how late it was.

"We'll continue this discussion tomorrow."

There, the second chapter has finally been finished! I bet you thought that I was never going to update (truthfully, computer troubles made it hard to get out, and while the laptop has been fixed for a while, it's been hard to regain all the documents that where on here. I ended up completely rewriting this, which was sad, because the original chapter was longer and so much better).


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