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Save Me If You Can


"Keep it up," I hear my warlock instructor, Magnus Bane say as he circles around me, "You need to remember to breathe. You are holding your breath." I try to breathe, but also try and keep the shield that I have been trying to stay around me stay up and around me. "Focus." Magnus says before swinging his arm out at me, causing me to drop my shield and get hit. " Come on. You can do better than that. Keep your shield up." He says again before swinging his arm again. When he does I drop my shield before taking his arm and twisting it behind him causing him to go down in front of me. "You have been practicing I see. Next time you might want to try and drop me." He says before sweeping my legs and making me fall on the ground before he kneels down and puts a dagger to my throat. " I win. Keep practicing, we will train again next Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, got it?" He says as he helps me up from off of the floor before walking out of the room and teleporting back to his house. I begin to practice again first throwing knifes, then archery, and finally dodging attacks from holograms. "You seem tired, why don't we go out and take it easy tonight maybe go to a club buy some drinks?" I look over to see Evelynn walk into the room and before I can tell her no." We are going out and I'll make sure to call Justin and Eric." I laugh as she says that because it is funny that she would want to hang out with her ex Eric Bloodstorm. "What? Okay so what I might have given Eric another chance I mean he is a really sweet guy, he just forgets I have feelings." Evelynn says before going to the door, and looking back to see if I'm going to give her an answer. "Sure, I could use a good distraction." I say before hearing her squeal, making her grab my hand and drag me into my room. "Ok, First thing is to get you looking hot." She says before opening my closet and trying to find a dress occasionally throwing some clothes she thinks would look good on me on my bed. "Here is the perfect one." She says holding up a gold yellow slightly puffy dress that goes down to my mid thigh. "Go put it on." Evelynn tells me before pushing me into the bathroom. After I finish putting it on I step out into the room and as I step into the mirror Evelynn turns toward me and gasps,"Lilah, You look amazing." I blush at her nickname for me even though Justin was the person who originally gave me that nickname. I pull out my phone and facetime Justin,"Yellow, this is Justin and I am kinda playing a game right now... um Faith you look gorgeous... um bye." Justin says over the phone before hanging up. "Um that was weird. Hey Ev is something wrong with Justin?" I ask before looking at her while she shrugs meaning that if something is wrong with him, he didn't tell her. She then steps out of the room I assume to call Eric to ask if he wants to go to a club with us, I walk around my room and pick up one of my many sketchbooks before picking up a pencil and start to draw many pictures of me, Justin, and Evelynn. I start humming before I realize that Evelynn is waving her hand in front of my face. "Sorry, what were you saying?" I ask before closing my sketchbook and put it on my nightstand. "I was saying that Eric is coming and he is bringing Justin with him." I nod before going to pick out some shoes to where with the dress. I go through them and finally decide on some gold three inch heels, before pulling out some black heel boots for Evelynn and placing them on the bed for her."I'm actually pretty tired from training, can I possibly not go to the club?" I ask Ev with a pitiful look on my face." No, you are going because I'm not about to go alone." She tells me almost yelling at me as if I had asked to go jump off a bridge."You won't be alone, you'll have Eric and Justin with you." She walks in front of me and starts pouting," But it won't be the same without you." I let out a breath before giving in,"Fine i'll come but when I say I want to go home we are leaving, got it?" She nods her head before going to change into her clothes as I do the finishing touches on mine. She comes out, pulls her shoes on before grabbing her purse, not forgetting her car keys, grabbing my arm, and pulling me with her to her car. Her car is a beautiful 1957 mercedes 300SL Gullwing with black carpet and black leather seats. It is one of the best cars I have ever seen in my life, other than my own of course. My car is also black with Black leather and black carpet but it is a 1966 Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto, it only has two seats so I only drive it when I know I'm only bringing one friend along. As I get in and buckle up while Evelyn starts up her music and starts the car up before driving downtown towards times square to go to Justin's house to pick him up. As we pull up he comes out of his house wearing jeans, a white t-shirt, and a black leather jacket that I got him for his birthday. He climbs into the backseat as Evelyn puts the car in drive and heads toward Chinatown to get Eric. If only we knew what we would find when we got there...

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