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Athena Nero Hamilton, more commonly known as Lily-Rose Fisher, has had it rough since the beginning and when it finally began getting better, her whole world came crashing down. She had just gotten an offer for a modeling contract and she was supposed to be graduating the eighth grade when they got hit. At just barely 14, she was orphaned and inherited a million dollar investment company that she never wanted to have in the first place. But life has to go on, so how will it? On top of all this, maybe her neighbors life of superheroes and vigilantes is as far fetched as she once believed.

Drama / Romance
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If an outsider looked through the window on her hospital door, they would see someone who just got out of surgery. But, if someone who knew this girl looked through they would see that she had just been in a car accident, gotten out of surgery, told that only one of her family members survived and that that one person was hanging on by a thread that she just inherited a company she never wanted, and that she should’ve been at her eighth grade graduation dance.

No one should even be able to fathom what this girl is going through, and no one can. To her it seems as though her entire world was falling down and that it was her fault. She believed that if maybe she had chosen a different restaurant for dinner or made their reservation for a different time or hadn’t been arguing with her little brother or about a million other things she couldn’t control then they would still be alive.

When her father’s lawyer had come in, she had been calm and collected but when he left she was on sensory overload. Who was going to help her? How in the hell could her life ever get better? What was she going to do to help herself? The three questions that circulated her head at the pace the car was going when they were hit, and the three questions that circulated her head for months afterwards.

And the answers to theses questions? Well, let's just see if she finds them.

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