The Final Months


Once out of the room, he ripped his arm away from Faith. "God damn it!" He kicked over a chair that sat in the waiting area, and then sat in the chair across from then with his head in his hands, the blood from Maia's face and hands staining them. Quietly, Faith sat down beside him in the chair, resting a comforting hand on his back. Ty and Sully took the remaining seats to the right. They waited for some time in silence as the occasional nurse went in and out of the room.

Bosco looked down at his bloodstained hands. It was then that he realized that his life could actually go back to a time when Maia wasn't in it. He found it hard to imagine what it was like when she wasn't around him. When they weren't dating, when he didn't know who she was. It brought him back to the first time that he met her at the station. Again he could feel his breath catch in his chest.

"Maurice? Bosco looked up to see his mother standing just a few feet away.

"I called her, I thought you might want her here," Faith rubbed his back as he stared up at her.

"Ma," the tears welled up in his eyes as he got up to embrace her.

"Oh, baby I'm so sorry," she held him tightly as he cried with her. Faith, Sully and Ty bowed their heads respectfully.

"Her heart stopped Ma, the baby wasn't even out yet and her heart stopped," he sobbed gently into her shoulder. It was almost painful for Faith, Sully and Ty to watch their friend in his current state. They had never seen Bosco this vulnerable before.

Suddenly the doors burst open and two nurses ran out with an incubator. Bosco was just able to make out the tiny figure of a baby wrapped up inside of it.

"Hey! Hey!" He called after them but they didn't make any effort to stop, which made him even more nervous.

"Mr. Boscorelli?" Bosco turned around to see the doctor who delivered the baby step out of the ER. Everyone stoop up and slowly Bosco walked up to him.

"What happened," he wiped the tears from his reddened eyes.

"You're fiancé's heart stopped during the birth but we were able to deliver the baby safely. You can soon visit in maternity once they get the incubator sorted out," the doctor removed the green cap he was wearing. Quietly Bosco breathed a sigh of relief.

"And what about Maia, how is she?" He gripped his mother's hand as she slipped it into his for support.

"We were able to successfully restart her heart but she is still unconscious. It's uncertain when or if she'll wake up."

"What do you mean if? If she's okay, why wouldn't she wake up?" Rose rubbed her son's hand in hers.

"Your fiancé has had a very traumatic experience; victims of assault or rape have been known to stay out instead of waking up, for fear of facing what has happened to them. Now it's not certain that this is what will happen to your fiancé but I felt that I should warn you that there is a chance," the doctor spoke softly.

"What are the chances of that happening?" Sully spoke up from behind.

"It's uncertain, there's no way of knowing for sure, I'm sorry," he nodded in their direction.

"Oh, baby," his mother hugged his arm tightly, gripping onto his shaking hand.

"Once we get her all bandaged up, I'll let you know so you can see her." Behind Rose and Bosco, Faith, Sully and Ty were all smiles and a few tears.

"Thank you doctor," Bosco shook his hand. The doctor smiled and nodded before turning to leave.

"You should wash up before you go in to see her, I'll have a nurse help you with some coveralls."

"Thanks again doctor," Bosco smiled uncertainly.

Just as the doctor was about to turn the corner, he turned around again. "Oh yes, congratulations, you have a brand new baby girl." Bosco's heart raced with happiness as his friends patted him on the back smiling.

"You're a father now," Ty smiled hugging him.

"Yeah, I guess I am," he smiled back with emotions still mixed.

"And you're a grandmother," Faith put a hand on Rose's shoulder.

"And I'm going to be the best damn grandmother a kid's ever had."

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