The Final Months


"Faith, I can't do this," Bosco stopped just before they reached the maternity room door.

"Boz, you can't stop now, you're already here, let's go," Faith took his hand and walked him up to the door where a nurse greeted them.

"Can I help you?" The short woman looked up at them both.

"Uh, yeah, we're looking for a Danforth-Boscorelli. It's a girl, born a month and a half early."

"Faith, I can't." Bosco pleaded as the nurse left.

"Boscorelli, you're staying right here," the nurse came back with a clipboard.

"I have a Danforth preemie but no Boscorelli."

"We're not married yet, we're only engaged. Maia Danforth is the name of the mother." Bosco looked over the clipboard curiously at the chart.

"Black woman, late twenties she was admitted just a couple of hours ago," Faith added.

"Danforth, Maia, sure right this way," she turned, leading Bosco and Faith to the back of the room. Bosco walked hesitantly as Faith pushed him forward. "Here we are, Danforth," she stopped beside the incubator. "She's a tough little one, lots of attitude," the nurse looked up at Bosco who stood more than three feet away from the incubator. "I'll leave you alone to get acquainted." She nodded unsurely and bowed her head, walking past him quietly.

"Bosco, she's gorgeous, come here," Faith looked into the incubator. She signaled to him who only looked away and closed his eyes. "Aw, look at those eyes, Bosco she has your eyes," Faith smiled waving at her beneath the plastic covering.

"Yokas, I.."

"Enough of that crap Bosco, get your ass over here now," she looked over at him. "This is your child; you helped bring her into this world, now you're going to take responsibility for her all right?" Bosco paused for a second looking at the incubator before slowly stepping towards it.

"See honey, your daddy's here," Faith smiled as he stepped up to it looking down at her. As soon as he was near enough to the unit, she slowly opened her eyes again to look up at him. Bosco gasped quietly to himself as he felt the tears racing to the surface. Ten tiny toes and ten more fingers wriggled slowly as she yawned, scrunching her little eyes shut. Bosco's heart warmed looking back at Faith.

"It's okay," she smiled. Bosco looked back down at her dressed in her little hat and oversized diaper. A heart monitor and IV were hooked up to her but she didn't seem to mind it at all. "Talk to her, let her hear your voice," Faith handed him a stool from the corner of the room finding one for herself as well.

"Hi baby," he put a hand on the plastic cover. She looked up at it, blinking innocently. Bosco smiled as he moved his fingers around, keeping her attention. "Hey, I'm your daddy; I just came by to say hi and to meet you for the first time." He moved his hand to the side of the unit and she slowly turned her head to follow. He smiled for a minute before his face turned serious and he dropped his head into his other hand.

"I'm so sorry your mom's not here with you, she was hurt real bad but she's getting better, you can see her soon," he tried not to tear up. She smiled up at him for a second before sneezing, both her arms and legs going straight up in the air. Bosco sighed, looked back at Faith who smiled and nodded. Just then the nurse came back in.

"Hey, I see you two are getting to know one another quite well. Have you chosen a name for her yet?" The nurse walked over to the counter and began to write something on another clipboard. Bosco thought to himself for a moment.

"Maia always wanted to name it Lilly if it was a girl, with two L's, you know," he wiggled his fingers again making the baby smile. "I always thought it would be a boy by how much Maia said it kicked."

"Is that the name you'd like then, Lilly with two L's?" Faith looked over at the nurse then back at Bosco who thought for a moment looking back down at the baby before answering.

"Maia would want to be here for it, I don't want to shock her with too much when she wakes up."

"I understand sir, I'm sorry about your fiancé," the nurse handed him a clipboard with some forms on it.

"What's this?" He looked it over.

"Just some forms you have to fill out to say that you are the father of the child, just making things legal and all." Bosco looked over the forms some more and signed them, handing them back.

"Now I'm sorry, you'll have to excuse me, I have to change the baby's diaper."

"Do we have to leave?" Bosco got up off the stool beside the incubator.

"No, you're more than welcome to stay, but you will have to get a new change of coveralls and scrub down."

"Come on Boz, let's get you something to eat. Thank you," Faith smiled at the nurse. Bosco smiled again at the baby and left with Faith.

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