The Final Months


Outside the nursery, Faith sat down with Bosco in a lounge waiting area.

"Thank you Faith, I don't know how I could have gotten through any of this without you," he leaned over and hugged his partner.

"Boz, you know any time you need any kind of help whether it's with your daughter or Maia or anything, you can come to me."

"Yeah, yeah, I know." Just as he was finished speaking, Faith's cell phone began to ring.

"Just a sec," she took it out of her jacket pocket. "Hello...yeah we found her... yeah she's going to be okay... yeah it's okay too, it's a girl... I know I know... he's good, he's keeping it together. Yeah I'm okay... I will. I love you too, bye." Faith closed the phone and put it back in her pocket.


"Yeah, he says congratulations," Faith smiled.

"Tell him I said thanks," he nodded looking down at his rough hands.

"Boz, I think you should go home and get cleaned up. You can't say in those clothes all night.

"I can't leave them Faith, what if something happens?"

"Boz, nothing's going to happen okay. Maia's fine, the baby's fine, everything's gonna be all right."

"Faith I..."

"Look, at least if you go home now, and take a shower, and get something to eat, you can bring back some things for Maia and the baby, and then spend the night here in some comfortable, clean, clothes." Bosco thought for a moment, bowing his head.

"She's right honey," Bosco looked up to see his mother looking down at him with her arms crossed. "Maia's resting comfortably, she hasn't moved at all. I can stay here with her so she won't be alone while you go home and get things together," Rose encouraged him.

"Go on Bosco, if you're not going to get some rest, at least get cleaned up."

"All right, all right, I'll go, but I want to tell her I'm leaving." He stood up with Faith following.

"Good, now I'm gonna go home and see Fred and the kids, but I'll be back in the morning okay?" She hugged her partner.

"Thanks Yokas," he held her tightly as she kissed him on the cheek.

"You're a father now, at least try and get some rest, it'll be the last time in a long time that you'll get any," Faith smiled.

"Yeah, maybe, I'll try," Bosco nodded back.

"Good, I'll see you tomorrow." Rose and Bosco watched as Faith left, waving behind. Quietly, they walked arm in arm back to Maia's room comforting each other.

"It's times like this I'm almost glad that Maia's parents aren't still here. I wouldn't wish this on any parent; I can hardly take it myself," Rose put her hand to her cheek and shook her head.

"Ma," Bosco shook his head.

"You know that girl is like a daughter to me Maurice, ever since you brought her home I just fell in love with her. I saw what you saw in her right away you know," Rose looked up at her son. "But everything's gonna be fine now, you'll see, Maia's safe here, and you have a little baby just down the hall who's a fighter just like her father." When they reached the room they stopped just outside. "You go in, tell her you'll be back," she brushed him away.

With his coveralls still on, he took the booties out of his pocket and put them back on before going into the room. As he entered the room, he carefully closed the door behind him and walked up to the bed.

"Hey Maia," he took her hand in hid left and her cheek in his right. "I went to see the baby, she's beautiful. I put my hands on the glass and she smiled. The nurse says she has attitude," Bosco laughed to himself. "I wonder which one of us she gets that from. She has my eyes and your nose and smile," he brushed an eyelash off of her lip. "Anyway, Faith says I should go home and get some rest. The only reason I'm actually going home is because it sounds like something you'd tell me to do. Plus it gives me a chance to get you some things from the apartment and some clothes from the nursery for the baby," Bosco watched her for a moment, waiting and hoping for her to react in some way. "I'll be back in a couple of hours okay? I promise, Ma is going to stay here with you while I'm gone, but I'll be back," Bosco kissed her on the forehead and smiled. "I love you baby," he kissed her hand and smiled again. "Bye," he turned slowly and left the room.

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