The Final Months


It was three weeks before anything had happened at the hospital. The suspect was still not found and no new information had been uncovered. Whoever it was had covered the rest of their tracks well.

The baby was now strong enough to come out of the incubator and stay in a small crib in the maternity ward. Bosco would sometimes bring her in to see her mother and the doctors would help him to help her breast-feed, since that is what she would have wanted to do.

Late one evening, Maia lay alone in the hospital bed. The only sounds in the room were her breathing and the beeping of the surrounding machines and monitors.

Quietly, Maia stirred in the bed, but no one was there to see. Slowly she opened her eyes to the dim light of the room, looking around at her surroundings. Beginning to sit up she breathed heavily at the small amount of pain still in her body, and the massive headache that pounded on the inside her skull. Just then, Faith walked in the door and stopped when she saw Maia sitting up in the bed.

"Maia?" she cocked her head, unsure of what she was seeing or what to do. Maia just looked back at her confused. "Bosco!" Faith stood at the door and called into the hall. Maia could hear footsteps running and getting closer to the room. As soon as he got to the door, he paused and stared. Maia held the same confused look on her face. Bosco started towards her and she quickly backed herself up against the headboard of the bed frightened. He stopped rushing and slowly walked towards her.

"Maia, baby, it's me, Mo, it's okay," he stepped up to the side of the bed, as she looked confused and frightened at the both of them staring back at her. Bosco tried to take her hand in his and she pulled it away.

"Don't..." she shook her head at him and he pulled his hand back, looked back at Faith, then back at Maia.

"Maia, it's me, it's Maurice. I'm not going to hurt you honey, I just missed you," she shook her head at him again and the tears began to well up in her eyes.

"Where's my baby?"


"Where's my baby, is it okay?" She breathed heavily, clutching the gown on her stomach.

"The baby's fine, she's fine," Bosco carefully sat down next to her on the bed.

"She, it's a girl?"

"She's beautiful Maia, she's really strong," Faith smiled, standing just inside the door. Bosco put up his hand to touch Maia's face but she cowered away.

"I want to see her," Maia whispered. Just then, Faith signalled for the doctor to come in the room.

"Maybe we should get you checked out first," Faith suggested as the doctor entered the room.

"No, I want to see my baby first; I want to see my daughter."

"Maia," the doctor came up beside her in the bed. "My name is Mark Preston; I've been looking after you while you've been asleep." Bosco moved aside so the doctor could talk to her.

"How long have I been asleep?"? Maia looked over at Bosco whose face was stricken with worry and guilt.

"You've been out for about three weeks now, I know it's a shock," the doctor's voice softened.

"Three, three weeks?" The tears welled in her eyes but stayed there. She looked over at Faith who just stood and watched, then looked back at the doctor. "I want to see my daughter," she pulled the sheets up to her chest.

"Ms. Danforth, I have to do a check-up first, I need to get some information," he stepped closer reaching for her arm.

"Don't, don't, I want to see my daughter!" She yelled at the doctor who took hold of her wrist.

"Maia, just let the doctor check you out okay, he's only trying to make sure you're okay," Bosco pleaded with her.

"No! Don't, stop it!" She screamed as the doctor tried to keep hold of her wrist. Faith ran up to the bed and tore the doctor's hand away.

"Stop it, just stop it! Can't you see she's freaking out; the poor girl's terrified." Faith gently pushed the doctor aside.

"Faith I..." Bosco started but stopped seeing that Maia was squeezing Faith's hand in hers.

"It's okay Maia, it's all right, we're going to get your daughter in here as soon as possible okay?" Maia nodded averting her eyes from the doctor.

"Would you like it better if you had another doctor? I'm sure Doctor Levin wouldn't mind checking you out instead."

"I just want to see my daughter."

"You will honey, she's coming," Bosco put his hand on her leg and he could feel her muscles tense up. The doctor had left to go and get the baby and the other doctor.

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