The Final Months


"Well everything seems to be in check here, all of her signs are good. She only has a few more stitches that need to heal and she'll be fine," the doctor smiled at Maia as she draped her stethoscope back around her neck. Maia kept her eyes closed and her head turned away. The doctor sighed noticing Maia wasn't listening. "Your fiancé should be able to sign out shortly along with tour daughter.

"Thank you," Bosco nodded as the doctor turned to leave.

"I'll try to schedule her x-ray for tomorrow afternoon if possible, after then we'll see about getting her released," Dr. Levin wrote a few things on Maia's chart at the end of the bed.

"Okay," Bosco cupped Maia's hand with both of his and watched as her lip quivered.

"I do, however recommend that you and your fiancé have some counselling sessions with a psychiatrist, whether it be one of our resident psychiatrists or one through your precinct."

"Thanks again Doc." The doctor nodded and replaced her chart. As she was leaving, Faith came back into the room, greeting the doctor as she left.

"So, what did she say?" She looked over at Maia who had turned away then back at Bosco.

"They said that she should be out of here real soon, maybe even tomorrow, and we can take Lilly home too."

"That's real good Boz, that's good to hear," she put a hand on his shoulder. "Listen, I hope you don't mind but I put a call into the house to let Sully and Davis know that she was awake, dispatch is letting them know."

"Yeah, no, that's fine, I'm sure Maia would like to see them," he looked down at Maia who stared off in the other direction silently.

"So how is she really?" Faith pulled him aside for a moment, whispering.

"She's scared Faith; she hasn't really said anything since you left the room. I mean there must be so many things going through her head right now, and I don't know what to do," Bosco scratched the back of his head as he looked back over at his fiancé.

"Hey, why don't you come with me, we'll get you a cup of coffee or something." Bosco sighed and nodded agreeing. He walked back over to the bed and reached for Maia's hand but she pulled it away.

"I'll be right back okay, I'm just stepping outside with Faith for a minute," he paused waiting for some kind of response but she only kept staring away. Getting up, Bosco left with Faith. Once they got their drinks, they sat down at one of the tables in the room.

"She won't let anyone near her, not even me," Bosco looked down into his coffee.

"Bosco, she's just scared, she needs some time, and she just woke up."

"What if she blames me, I don't want to lose her Faith, I can't lose her, not now."

"Boz, you have to trust that things are going to be okay, you have to be brave for her when she can't be, let her know that you're there. That's all you can do right now." Bosco thought for a moment, ripping off pieces of the paper handles of his coffee cup.

"Hey guys," Faith and Bosco looked up to see Sully and Davis in their blues.

"Hey," Bosco stood up smiling and hugged Sully. "Thank you," he patted Davis on the back next. Davis smiled.

"As soon as dispatch called, we came here," Davis shrugged.

"Yeah with cherries blazing I bet," Faith smiled back.

"So how is she?"

"Well, she's awake but she's scared, she would hardly let the doctor near her, she hardly lets me even hold her hand," Bosco bowed his head.

"I'm sorry man, just give it some time," Davis nodded.

"Has she seen the baby?" Sully put his hat under his arm.

"Yeah, in fact she wouldn't let the doctor check her out until she saw her."

"Did you name her yet?"

"Yeah, we finally decided on Lilly with the two L's."

"Lilly Boscorelli, now there's an Italian name if I ever heard one," Ty joked hitting Sully with his hat.

"So where is she, can we see her?"

"Uh, yeah, she's in room 135 now, come on, I'll show you," Bosco and Faith led Sully and Davis back down to Maia's room where she had rolled over on her side away from the door.

"Maia," Bosco walked up and sat down next to her. "Maia, Sully and Davis are here to see you," he put a hand on her shoulder. She paused for a moment before slowly rolling over to face them.

"Hey Maia," Sully stepped closer to the bed followed by his partner.

"Hey," Davis held up a hand unsure of what else to do.

"How are you feeling?" Sully smiled down at the sullen face looking back up at them both. He remembered what she looked like, lying naked and bloody on the cold cement floor in the factory and his face tightened at the thought.

"You were there," she whispered quietly staring up at them. Davis and Sully looked at each other then back down at Maia whose eyes were beginning to well up once more.

"Maia, sweetheart, what is it, what do you remember?"

"You," she looked right at Sully who looked completely uncomfortable, "you held my hand, you talked to me." The tears burned down her face as she stared up into his eyes. "You told me that he was coming, that everything was going t be okay." She reached out her hand to take his in hers, all the while tears running down her face. He looked over at Bosco who nodded, and he took her hand. It felt warm and clammy in his, still rough and scarred. Sully looked down at her not knowing what to do or say.

"We just came by to see how you were doing, we heard that you were awake," Davis tried to smile, fidgeting uneasily with his hat under his arm.

Maia looked up at the two men whose faces could barely hide their uneasiness.

"Thank you," she whispered, cracking what looked to be like a smile, "thank you." She let go of Sully's hand and curled hers up against her chest.

"We're just glad that you and the baby are okay," Sully looked over at Bosco who shook his hand.

"Can we see her?" Davis looked up.

"What you guys haven't seen her yet?"

"No we weren't able to last time we were here, the doctors were doing something to her," Sully replaced his hat on his head.

"Sure, yeah of course," Bosco turned to face Maia. "I'll be right back babe," he bent over to kiss her but she closed her eyes and cowered. He stopped, looking at her, then moved back. "I'll be back, okay?" Maia, still cowered, nodded.

"Bye Maia, take care," Sully and Davis waved as they left the room with Bosco and Faith. Maia watched as they left and rolled back over on her side.

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