The Final Months


Bosco put the key in the key in the lock and opened the door.

"Here we are babe, we're home" He stood aside for Maia to look around and finally step in the door. Rose holding the baby tightly wrapped up in her arms followed behind. When they were all in, Bosco closed and locked the door behind him. Maia stepped into the living room, looking around at all the pictures of her, Bosco and his friends and family. She thought for a moment, wishing she had her family still.

"I'll just put her down in the nursery," Rose walked past Maia and into the nursery. Bosco put the bags down and walked up behind Maia.

"Welcome home baby," he put his arms around her and she jumped. "Okay, its okay, I'm sorry," he backed away shaking his head. Maia walked slowly over to the bedroom. The clock beside the bed showed 9:42pm, she stared at it for a moment then looked over the bed and all of Bosco's clothes on the floor and draped over the chair and dresser. "I haven't really had a chance to clean it, I kind of just come here to get stuff or to drop stuff off. Most of the time I was at the hospital with you." He stood back from Maia. As he talked, his mother quietly approached him.

"I'm going to go all right, if you need anything, anything at all," she hugged him.

"Thanks Ma," Bosco nodded as she kissed him on the cheek.

"Welcome home Maia," Rose called to her but she didn't turn around.

Rose closed the door carefully behind her as she left. Maia walked quietly over to the nursery doorway. It was not quite yet finished; pictures of baby animals still sat on the floor leaned up against the wall, and packages of diapers and bottles remain unopened on the changing table. Slowly, Maia entered the room. She walked over to the crib where Lilly lay sleeping on her back. She stared down at the baby, all cozy in her oversized jumpsuit and hat. Bosco stood in the doorway watching them.

"I was so scared that she wasn't going to make it," Maia touched the baby's cheek. "I though we were both going to die."

"I wouldn't let that happen Maia," Bosco crossed his arms leaning on the door frame.

"What could you have done?" Maia turned around to face Bosco who looked shocked and saddened. Maia lowered her head and walked past Bosco to the living room area, towards the couch. There she lay down quietly, curling herself up and closing her eyes to sleep. She moved around getting comfortable and then took a deep breath. Bosco watched her for a moment just happy to have her back and safe in their home.

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