The Final Months


Maia got up from the bench and walked into the interrogation room with Bosco close behind her. She sat down at the table and pilled in her chair. Maritza and Lieutenant Swarksy followed suit with Bosco sitting down beside Maia.

Cruze started the tape recorder and opened the folder in front of her.

"When was the first time you came in contact with this guy?" Cruze jumped right in. Bosco show her a look of displeasure and Maia bowed her head to look down at her hands resting on the edge of the table.

"Um," she hesitated for a moment, carefully thinking of what she was going to say and how. "The first time I saw him was in the pharmacy, when I was picking up my pills." She could see his face smiling at her in the pharmacy in her head.

"Can you tell us exactly what happened?" Maritza leaned forward on the table.

"I was turning to go out the door after picking up my pills and I bumped into him and dropped them. He picked them up and gave them back to me, saying he remembered when his wife used to take the same ones. I said bye and left."

"That's it, nothing else happened at the pharmacy?"

"That's it." Bosco's leg could not keep still under the table; he was trying his hardest to keep quiet while Cruze questioned her.

"What ethnicity would you say he was?"

"He was white, or maybe Latino? His eyes were green."

"Anything else you could remember about him, hair colour, facial hair, piercing tattoos, scars?" She kept writing while the Lieutenant looked on.

"He had dirty blonde hair, no scars that I could remember. He did have his ear pierced."

"Which one? How many?"

"I can't remember, two maybe, in his left ear I think," Maia shook her head.

"You think?" Maritza raised an eyebrow.

"She said she doesn't know all right, just get on with it." Bosco almost yelled at Cruze across the table slamming his fist down.

"How old would you say he was?"

"30, 35 maybe? He didn't look that old."

"What happened at the bank?" Cruze kept writing while the Lieutenant stood over her.

"I had just been dropped off by the cab at the bank and was walking towards it with all of my groceries. I was looking through my wallet to find my banking stuff, and then out of no where he came up and grabbed me from behind," Maia bit her bottom lip, stopping in thought. She remembered how he had jerked her back against him and how her heart felt like it had stopped beating in her chest. She tried to keep her emotions in check as much as possible as she recounted what happened. "He put a wet cloth over my nose but it didn't smell lie anything," Maia inhaled deeply. Bosco's knee was bobbing uncontrollably now under the table beside her. The Lieutenant sat down beside Cruze with his arms crossed in the table in front of them.

"I tried to fight him, I dropped my bags and kicked but I just felt numb, like my limbs were getting heavier and heavier. After a couple of seconds I just blacked out." She chewed her bottom lip even more as she finished the thought. Already she could see how upset Bosco was getting; his whole expression and posture in the chair had changed.

"Could you tell how tall he was, or his build maybe?" Cruze jotted something quickly in the folder in front of her

"He was taller than me, I dunno, maybe 6 feet, he was a lot stronger than me."

"Can you tell me what happened when you woke up? Did you now where you were?" Bosco turned to face her, waiting for her answer.

"No," her eyes darted rapidly over the table, the feelings and emotions coming back painfully. "I remember feeling cold; the ground was cold on my skin. I remember feeling it before I opened my eyes. It was like the shock of the cement work me up," she rubbed her arms.

"Was there anyone with you when you woke up, could you hear anything?"

"I was alone when I opened my eyes, there was no one there, and I couldn't hear anyone or anything. When I tried to get up I realized that I was chained up to the pipe and my clothes were gone." Maia's lip began to quiver as she took a deep breath. Bosco lowered his head and shot up out of this chair quickly, kicking it away and standing over in the corner of the room, rubbing his face roughly.

"I didn't know what had happened, I didn't know where my clothes were," she hesitated for a second, "I didn't know if he had done anything to me," she chewed on her thumbnail, not taking her eyes from the revolving sprockets of the tape recorder.

"Nothing happened," Bosco jumped in, "they did a test at the hospital, nothing happened." He just then realized that he had never told her that since she had woken up in the hospital. "I'm sorry," he apologized. She tilted her head in his direction and then looked back down at the table.

"So I tried calling out for help. I called out for everybody I knew, Maurice, Faith," Maia looked up at Maritza who was writing something in the folder, "you." She looked up stopping what she was doing, and then looked over at Bosco who looked back at her.

"After about what felt like an hour, my throat started to hurt and all I could do was wait. I tried to think of only good things, you know like getting my baby out alive, like seeing her father hold her, and lover her. Bit then after a while I could only think of not freezing to death on the cement." Maia chuckled uneasily in her seat.

"Uh," Maritza collected her thoughts, "what happened after that?"

"I heard someone outside the room so I tried to yell again, but when the door opened, it was him. He hadn't changed but he had this long bamboo like stick with him and I got scared.

"Did he say anything to you?" Maia looked over and up at Bosco who looked down at her. Her heart started to race. She finally had to tell him why all of this had happened, she finally had to make a decision.

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