The Final Months


Maia looked up at Maritza who stared back at her anxiously. Maia subtly shifted her eyes to where Bosco was standing, but didn't directly at him.

"He told me why he was doing it," she brought her eyes back to the recorder in front of her and drew in a quick breath. Bosco immediately stopped fidgeting with his hair and turned to look down at her. Maia tried as hard as she could to keep herself together. As she drew in another deep breath, she explained.

"A couple of months back, his wife, who was pregnant at the time, she was knocked down a flight of stairs. Her and her baby were dead by the time they reached the hospital." As Maia wiped a tear away, Bosco, Cruze and Swarsky all looked at each other.

"Did he say what that had to do with you?" Swarsky shook his head confused. Maia stared hard at the table in front of her. The sadness in her was very slowly replaced with resentment and anger as she explained further.

"Two police officers were carelessly chasing a runaway car down the street until it crashed in the intersection of where the building his wife was in was. The car was souped up on some kind of gas that made it go faster, no one was in the car driving it. It exploded in the intersection, killing everyone involved in the accident including two firefighters." Bosco's mouth dropped and his breath caught in his throat at what he was hearing from her.

"The blast was so powerful that it shattered the windows and shook the buildings around it, including the one his wife was in, knocking her down the stairs and killing her and her baby," Maia was sobbing now, both angry and sad at the same time. "He said that he had found the cops responsible, and that he was going to make them suffer as much as he did, and that I shouldn't take it personally because I was his first opportunity." Maia tried to sop up the tears with her sleeve as she sobbed. "He kept saying that it was just 'an eye for an eye'." She shook her head and half smiled, "just an eye for an eye." Maia looked up at Cruze who just sat staring wide eyed and shocked at her. There was a moment of dead silence in the room before Maia wiped her eyes dry and collected herself.

"Then the alarm went off and he was mad. Before he left he sad that if I told anyone what he had said, that he know where I'd be, and he know where you all worked and lived, and that he would kill me and my family and everyone involved until there was no one left." Maia clenched her teeth and shook her head angrily. "So that's it, that's all, I'm done. I don't have anything more to say." Maia continued to wipe her face. "I have to get out of here, I'm going, you figure all this shit out, figure it out and leave me the hell out of it, 'cause I can't do anymore of it, I'm done." She tried not to cry again as she stood up out of her chair, straightening up her shirt and grabbing her purse off the back of the chair. She turned still trying not to make eye contact with Bosco.

"Maia," he put his hand on her shoulder as she tried to leave.

"Don't," she pulled away form him angrily shaking her head. She could finally see the tears slowly making their way down his face and dropping off of his chin. "Just don't," she opened the door and left the room. Bosco stood silently in thought, taking in everything he had just heard.

"Somebody wanna tell me what exactly what the hell just happened?" Swarsky looked at the two of them.

"Bosco, I'm sorry," Maritza looked up at Bosco shaking her head remorsefully. Bosco turned to her and leaned in over the table, speaking in low, angry toned.

"This is your fault Maritza," he slammed the table as he stood back up and left the room after Maia.

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