The Final Months


With the baby and bags, Maia checked into a motel room just 20 minutes outside of town. Throwing the bags on the floor she gently placed Lilly in the middle of the bed. Looking around her, the room was small and dark. For the most part, it was clean, except when she opened the door to the washroom and saw the rust in the bathroom tub and sinks. She pulled her jacket around herself, feeling the chill of the room under her skin. Turning back towards Lilly, she pulled out a blanket from one of the bags and wrapped it around her gently so as not to wake her.

Taking her shoes off, she closed all of the blinds, turned off all the lights and curled up beside her daughter. She looked over the sleeping baby, taking in all of her features, down to each sliver of her downy hair.

"I'm sorry I haven't been the best mother to you, I haven't really been given a chance. I can remember when I first found out you were coming, I almost didn't accept your father's proposal, I hadn't told him yet. I was so scared," she bundled her up in her blanket and she let out a little sneeze. "Bless you," Maia just watched as Lilly slapped her lips together, her eyes closed and relaxed. "I'm trying honey; I really am, for you and your daddy." She lay beside her daughter until she too fell asleep in the dampness of the room.

The first two nights were fine; it was almost as if the whole thing hadn't happened, like they were just on a small vacation, away from everything. It wasn't until their third night in the motel that things began to go wrong.

Maia paced back and forth in the middle of the room, coddling and truing to soothe Lilly's constant tears. Se hadn't stopped crying and coughing for the past forty-five minutes. Worried and tired, her eyes darted from Lilly's flushed cheeks, to her cell phone on the table beside the bed and back to Lilly. She paced and bounced for fifteen more minutes before she picked up her phone and called a cab.

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