The Final Months

At the House

"Hey Bosco, I thought you weren't in today," Sully walked by the front desk where he was talking to Faith standing behind it.

"Yeah, well you're not the only one who can log in a couple extra hours now and then. You know I do work too," Bosco laughed at his co-worker.

"Yeah right..." Sully smirked and nodded at Faith as he walked off.

"I got a wicked headache today that just won't quit," Faith rubbed her forehead. She looked as if she hadn't had a good night sleep.

"Yeah? Maybe you should get a little rest today, don't stay too long." Bosco nodded at Faith who pulled out a bottle of Aspirin from her purse. Opening the bottle she took two and downed them with a few sips of her water bottle. "Oh that reminds me," Bosco sat down at the desk with Faith, picked up the phone and began to dial. "Maia didn't take her pills this morning."

"Why is she taking pills, is something wrong?" Faith looked up from what she was doing.

"Nah, it's just these vitamins that the doc prescribed for her, she has to take them every morning."

"Oh yeah, I remember that, those horrible tasting humongous pills. Man I hated them," Faith shook her head at the memory.

"Hey Maia," Bosco finally got through to her on the other end. "Yeah, you forgot to take your pills this morning... Oh yeah, okay well I'll see you later then."

Maia hung up with Bosco as she walked into the pharmacy. As she filled her prescription and turned around another man walking up to the counter bumped into her causing her to drop her prescription bag.

"Sorry," he bent down to pick up the bag for her. "Congratulations by the way," he smiled looking down at the label on the bag. "Vitamins, my wife used to take these," he handed the package back to Maia.

"Thanks," Maia smiled and took the bag back. "Have a good day," she waved as she turned and left the pharmacy. The man watched as she left the store.

Hailing a cab, it screeched to a halt in front of her. Climbing is she directed him to grocery store that was right across from the bank and only a couple blocks away from the pharmacy. The driver skid off without and regards for the upcoming traffic in the same lane. Quickly Maia put on her seatbelt and held on to the door handle. Speeding down the road, the driver whizzed through two stop signs and through one red light.

"Um, sir, could you slow down please?" she tapped on the driver's seat. He said nothing but kept driving erratically. "Sir, please slow down!" Maia began to breathe heavily gripping the door handle tightly. "Stop!" The driver slammed on his breaks as he stopped at the side of the road by the grocery store. He turned around and looked at her calmly.

"Seven twenty." Maia undid her seatbelt, grabbed the change from her purse and slapped it in the driver's hand, quickly jumping out of the backseat and closing the door behind her. She stood back as the driver skid off again into the traffic.

"Geez," Maia put her purse back on her shoulder and walked over to the grocery store. Picking up the few things she needed she paid and headed for the bank.

"Okay, bill, bank card, licence, money," she noted as she went through her purse. Just as she was about to turn the corner and walk up the stairs to the bank, she screamed as someone grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth with a wet cloth.

Dropping her bags, she fought becoming weaker and weaker from the solvent on the cloth. The person behind her held her tightly until she fell unconscious in his arms. Quickly he dragged her backwards into the nearby alley and into a black truck. Going back he threw all of the groceries and her purse into the dumpster beside the bank. Looking around to see if anyone noticed, he ran back to the van and sped off with Maia inside. Just as they sped off, two teenage boys on bikes came out of the alleyway and raced in the other direction.

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