The Final Months


"Hey everybody!" Bosco walked into 55 behind Maia who was pushing Lilly in the stroller. Everyone turned and looked, cooing over the little bright eyed baby in the basket.

"Wow, Bosco, this came from you? She's too good looking!" One of the other officers joked.

"Hey, she's 100 percent Boscorelli buddy," he pushed him playfully.

"Hey Lilly, how are you sweetheart?" Faith tickled the bottom of her feet and she smiled back up at her. "So how is everything?" Faith pulled Bosco aside form the crowd and let the others fight over her.

"It's okay so far, we brought Lilly home last night, she has some meds we put in with her bottle," Bosco nodded, looking over at them.

"Any other trouble?" Faith cocked her head.

"No, Maia's been good, we made an appointment to see the shrink next week, I think it's gonna help her a lot."

"It'll help both of you," Faith nodded looking down at the floor. "Boz, there's been a sighting." Bosco's head shot around.


"Right here on Arthur, one of the ladies said she chased him down but didn't catch him."

"Was she sure it was him? I mean could it have been someone else?"

"She said he fit the description, when she yelled his name, he fled."

"When was this?"

"Last night, Boz just keep an eye out okay, he's around here somewhere."

"Thanks Faith, and tell her thanks." Bosco pat her on the arm and went back over to his family.

"You did good Boscorelli," Swarsky pat him on the back before returning to the front desk. Bosco smiled at the sight of Maia and their daughter talking and laughing with is friends and co-workers.

"Okay, I think it's time we get going to the doctor's now," Bosco clapped his hands signaling for everyone to say their goodbyes. The officers and detectives waved and smiled one last time into the stroller before carrying on with their business.

"I'll walk you to the cab," Faith ushered them out the door. On the sidewalk, they waited for a taxi. "How long did they say it would be before she was fully recovered?"

"About a week, they want us to bring her in today and in one week, just for a checkup, just to see how she's doing," Maia fixed Lilly's hat and tucked the blanket underneath her. When Maia stood up, she froze looking out past Faith and Bosco.

"Maia? Maia, what's wrong?" Bosco looked at her. When he touched her hand it was ice cold.

"It's him," she whispered, not breaking her gaze. As Bosco turned around, he saw Graham up the sidewalk. He fired two shots at them and ran just as Faith was taking her gun out of its holster.

"Are you all right," he turned to check on Maia who was shielding the baby with her body.

"I'm okay," she nodded.

"Gun," Faith handed him her gun as other officers started coming out of the station down the road. Bosco took off after him on foot, running as hard as his body would let him. The only thing he could think about was not letting him get away again. He ran and ran until, Graham finally tried to cross the street a few blocks up and was hit by an oncoming car, the gun flying out of his hand and up onto the sidewalk and across the street.

"Don't even think about it," Bosco held Faith's gun on him as he tried to get up again. "You son of a bitch, I should kill you right here!" Bosco stomped on his chest with his boot to hold him down.

"Bosco don't!" He heard Faith call from behind him.

"He, could have killed her," Bosco panted from running.

"Do it, it won't change anything," Graham rested his tired, bleeding head back down on the asphalt.

"I should kill you for what you did to her," he took the safety off of the gun.

"Bosco put the gun down, we'll take him in," Faith edged closer to them. Police cars were now surrounding them in the street, other officers were keeping the crowds back from the scene.

"Faith, how could you not want this guy dead?"

"If you kill him, he wins. He's wanted you to catch him all this time, why would he have come down here?" Bosco stared down hard at him, looking back up at him. Graham rolled his eyes unsympathetically, as if he didn't care at all.

"I could have killed her you know, I wanted to, I planned to, just like you…" Graham started.

"Shut up!" Bosco warned.

"She should have died just like my Laura did, they both should have."

"Shut up!" Bosco yelled, kneeling down and pressing the gun to his head.

"You don't deserve a family; all you do is hurt the families of this city, you and your partner, that filthy bitch." Bosco pressed the barrel of the gun as hard as he could against his temple, the anger storming inside of him.

"Mo!" He heard from the crowd behind him. He turned his head to see Maia trying to make her way through.

"Maurice, wait," she struggled through the crowd but an officer held her back.

"It's okay," Faith grabbed her hand and led her through. She stood just a few feet back, staring at them.

"I don't want him anywhere near us again," Bosco looked back down at Graham who looked back at him grinning.

"He won't Mo, because you're going to read him his rights and lock him up."

"What?" Bosco turned around surprised at her answer.

"Maurice, if you kill him, he won't be the one to pay, we will. Lilly needs her father. I need my husband, we both need you, and you can't be around if your in jail." Bosco shook his head at Graham, fighting against the urge to pull the trigger. "Please Maurice."

He took a deep breath and yelled, hitting Graham across the face with the gun. "You have the right to go to hell, jag off." He stood up and backed away, giving the gun back to Faith as the other officers took Graham away. "I love you baby," Bosco wrapped his arms around Maia and held her crying gently into her neck.

"I love you too honey, I love you too."

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