The Final Months



Baby D Series Fan Fiction© does not own any of NBC's Third Watch characters nor do I have anything to do with the show.) (Maia Danforth is an original Baby D Series Fan Fiction (c) character.)

Bosco held up his glass and tapped it lightly with his knife, arousing the attention the friends and family members sitting at the tables below. He set the knife back down on the table as the noise in the room dulled. He turned to his left and looked down at Maia in her chair. When she smiled up at him, he could feel his temperature rise just a little and the hairs stand up on his arms. This was the feeling he had wanted, something only she could give him.

"Maia," he took a deep breath in and sighed, "my wife." He shook his head as if in disbelief, the room chuckling a little. "I have to tell you that the word 'wife' is usually not what comes to mind first when I first meet a woman." They laughed even more. "But when I first met Maia, well, I still wasn't thinking wife…" She laughed a little, relieving his tension. She knew how uncomfortable he was standing up there in front of everyone he cared about. "When she first walked into the precinct my jaw dropped to the floor, I could barely speak or take my eyes off of her. Actually it was Davis that had to dare me to go and ask her out." He turned to Ty who held up his glass to him.

"You did it!" He chuckled in his seat.

"You goddamned right I did," he turned back to Maia. "And it was the best thing I ever did. Meeting you changed my life forever." Bosco laughed to himself. "I'd never been so nervous to talk to a woman in my entire life, but it was worth the sweaty palms and the cottony mouth. We went out to Dominick'sright on Arthur, and we must have talked for hours. And the more I found about you, the more I wanted to find out about you. You told me about how you lost your family and how you'd just moved here and you didn't know anyone." He paused for a moment when she looked down at the placemat on the table in front of her. He could see that what he was saying brought back memories.

"And when you told me all of these things I didn't feel sorry for you at all, I knew somehow that you were okay, that you were independent and strong, and that you could handle your own." Maia felt her cheeks get hot when she noticed that everyone was looking at her.

"The more time I spent with you, getting to know you, the more I realized that I was also letting you get to know me, I was letting you in to my life and my heart, and I had never let anyone else in as much as I had let you in. I feel so comfortable and close with you, we're so much alike it's scary. I couldn't imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else. I knew that you would bring nothing but goodness into my life, and there she is, my daughter, my beautiful daughter Lilly, who every time I look at her reminds me that no matter what I see going wrong around me that there is still goodness, that there is still love, that miracles really do happen." Bosco paused taking a deep breath, letting the words just roll off his tongue without even thinking.

"Maia, I love you, and I promise you that I will spend the rest of my life trying to make you feel as needed and loved as you have made me feel. Baby, I love you forever, till death do us part and even after.

By this time the tears were streaming down Maia's face. Standing up she kissed him lovingly, holding him as tightly as she could, as if, if she let go he would disappear.

"Friends, family, I am both honoured and proud to present to you, my beautiful wife and daughter," he picked up his daughter out of his mother's lap, "Maia and Lilly Boscorelli." Everyone in the room stood up and clapped, sheering and hollering. All Maia could do was stand there and take it all in.

She had her storybook ending, her prince, her daughter, and her new family, whom she knew would love her for the rest of her life.


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