The Final Months


"Bosco, where the hell have you been, I've been trying to get a hold of you for like an hour!" Faith shook her head at him as he walked up to her with bags of food in his hands.

"I went to get something to eat, here I brought you something back, there's one of them wrap things in there for ya," he threw the bag with the food on the table where Faith was sitting. Faith looked up at him in shock at his candidness. "Hey did Maia stop by, she said she was coming in to say hi to the guys but I couldn't wait man, I was starving. She's going to hurt me if she finds out that I already ate," Bosco sat down at the table with Faith as she sat nervously.

"Boscorelli are you all right?" the chief burst in the door. Bosco looked up at him confused, as he was about to take a bite of his sandwich.

"Yeah, I'm fine why wouldn't I be?" He put down the sandwich finishing what was in his mouth.

"Boz, you don't know..." Faith looked down at her fidgeting hands unsure of what to tell him.

"Faith what's up, what's wrong?" Bosco shook his head at his partner. The lieutenant came closer to the table where the two of them were sitting.

"Maurice..." he almost couldn't look Bosco in the eyes.

"Would somebody just tell me what the hell is going on?" He raised his arms in anger at all the silence.

"Boz, about an hour ago, the house received a call about a 10-39," as she spoke the words began to choke her.

"Well what was it?"

"A woman had been taken off the street near a bank," the lieutenant finished as Bosco sat forward in his chair. A look of shock and worry immediately found his face.

"What?" Bosco shook his head in disbelief, "no, this isn't funny. If this is some kind of joke, it isn't that Goddamned funny Faith," Bosco shot up out of his chair, putting his hands on his head.

"Bosco it was Maia," Faith was almost in tears.

"Faith this isn't funny!" He yelled at her, "This isn't funny, this isn't funny…" He grabbed his head again and paced about the room, breathing heavily confused and distressed.

"Boz, I'm sorry it's true," Faith closed her eyes trying not to cry.

"It's a mistake, maybe it's a mistake, my God she's pregnant! It has to be somebody else right? Right?" He leaned onto the table looking at Faith who refused to look up at him.

"We pulled her purse and what looked to be her groceries from the dumpster beside the bank, where the 10-39 was reported," the lieutenant filled him in.

"Her groceries, she was going shopping for spicy food," he half smiled. "Well are there any leads, any information? There has to be something right?" Bosco sounded desperate; he had no idea of what to do at that moment.

"The boys that reported it said that man in a black, ski mask stifled her and put her in a large black van in the alley way beside the bank, throwing her things into the dumpster beside it," Lieu sat down in one of the chairs at the table.

"The baby," Bosco pulled off his hat and pulled at his hair. How could this be happening? He was just with her the night before. They were going to have dinner together. All of the thoughts coursed though his head and his heart pounded in his chest. He hadn't felt this way since his mother's life had been threatened so long ago.

"We have a partial licence plate for the van; all we have to do is find it Boz."

"He wants us to find him, he did this on purpose," Bosco pulled out the chair beside Faith and sat down.

"That's what we're thinking Boz, this guy was messy, public, we think he was looking to leave a trail, and all we gotta do is follow it."

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