The Final Months


Back at the station Bosco sat at the table in the computer lab with his hat on the table and his head in his hands. He rocked back and forth in his chair, the anger and worry building up in his mind. Maurice Boscorelli was no good at being helpless. He was always the one to go and get things done. It had been 2 days since Maia had been missing and there had been no leads. He was the one who knew what to do and how to get it done. This feeling of helplessness was one that he rarely felt.

"Bosco! Bosco, we found it!" Faith bound into the room with a piece of paper. Bosco's head shot up as she came in.

"What?" He stood up to meet her.

"We found the van, we found the black van!" Faith smiled as Bosco breathed a sigh of relief. "Sully and Davis found it outside the bank again."

"God damn it, this guy is playing with me Faith, he's toying with my family!" Bosco picked up one of the chairs and threw it against the wall.

"Boz, the video surveillance from the bank shows the guy with Maia changing cars. He put her into a 1959 Impala and took off."

"Arrrggghhhh!" Bosco cleared the table with one clean sweep. "I'm tired of just standing around here, I've gotta get out there," he headed for the door just as the lieutenant came in.

"Where are you going?" He stopped Bosco before he left the room.

"I'm going to go look for my fiancé that's where I'm going."

"You're not on this case Boscorelli, you know I keep saying it..." Lieu shook his head, pushing him back into the room with Faith.

"You expect me to just sit around here and wait while some guy has Maia out there doing God knows what to her?! Seriously??"

"Bosco," Cruz poked her head in the door, "I heard about what happened."

"Yeah save it Cruz, I'm not in the mood for you're bullshit right now," he pointed and yelled at her.

"Hey I just came in to say I'm sorry all right?" She stood in the doorway.

"Just leave Cruz," Faith warned.

"Yeah if you're so sorry, why aren't you out there helping to find her?" Bosco yelled across the room.

"I just found out all right? I'm sorry. I'll lay off 'cause you're obviously upset."

"Yeah you do that..." Bosco paced back and forth.

"All right." Just as she was about to leave another officer rushed to the door.

"We got it," he panted as he reached the door, "We found the car."

"Where, where is it?" Bosco stopped in his tracks.

"It parked outside a factory / warehouse on 9th all by itself."

"Let's go, let's get outta here," Bosco pushed the officer out of the way followed by Faith before the Lieutenant Swarsky could do anything.

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