The Final Months


Maia's face was numbed with the pain of it being thrown against the hard, cold cement over and over again. In her mind, her main fear was for the baby. She thought over and over of Maurice holding his child in his arms and smiling, she thought of a time where everything was fine. She could see the baby's little eyes, nose and mouth looking up at him with wonder about the new world. She sobbed lightly, with the taste of blood in her mouth.

"Are you listening Miss Danforth? You're going to hear every word of how I suffered then." The man leaned over her as she lay with her eyes closed on her side. "And he will suffer just as much." Just as Maia could feel the man's breath on her face, she gathered her strength, turned her head and bit the mask still on his face. Pulling away, he yelled as the mask came off in her mouth. Spitting it out, she looked up to see the man from the pharmacy.

"You stupid bitch!" He whipped her again and again on her belly and back, which were both numbed from pain. She curled up as much as she could, trying to shield her stomach from his blows. As the stick was about to come down again, an alarm went off in the building. Maia began to cry again at the thought that someone else might be in the building and coming to help her. "Shit," he broke the stick into four pieces and put it in his pocket. Looking back down at Maia he laughed. "You tell anyone what I look like and I'll kill you both before they find me. I know where you live." He cursed again, then ran for the door, closing and locking it behind him. Maia lay still on the floor barely able to breathe from the pain of the blows. Her skin covered in gashes and blood, she gasped for air.

"Help," she strained, tasting more of the blood in her mouth, "please help me."

At the far end of the warehouse Sully and Davis were searching, guns drawn.

"We must have tripped the alarm, but I didn't see any sensors on the walls or door," Ty looked behind him whispering.

"It could have been in the door, you never know," Sully whispered back. As they walked they went through corridor after corridor and room after room, each one looking like the last. "This place is like a maze."

"Yeah, it's a great place to hide." Just then they heard the far off sound of a door slamming shut.

"Come on!" Sully and Ty both ran towards the sound, with Ty leading the way. As they ran towards it, they passed a room with the door closed.

"Davis, hold on," Sully called him back.

"But Sully," Ty pointed in the direction of the sound.

"Just wait a second, come here," he put his finger up to his lips and pointed at the light coming from the crack under the door. Ty nodded and walked quietly to the other side of the door pressing his back against the wall. Sully mouthed, one, two three, and they Ty kicked open the wooden door. As they entered the room with guns in the air they stopped in their tracks at what they saw.

"Oh my God," Sully took a deep breath looking down at the body on the floor.

"Jesus," Ty put his hand to his mouth in shock. Sully quickly removed his radio and jacket running over to her side.

"Maia," he slowly knelt down behind her on the floor, wrapping his jacket around her. "Maia," he leaned over to see if her eyes were open. Slowly, she cracked her eyes open; her eyelashes caked together with blood. She moaned in pain with tears washing blood down her face.

"Yeah she's here, and we're going to need an EMS here now, she's not in good shape," Ty called into the radio.

"10-56, they're already on their way," the radio blared in Ty's ear as he stepped closer to Sully and Maia. "Is she..." Ty carefully leaned over to see her face.

"Yeah she's alive, but I don't know bad she's hurt, or how the baby is..." Sully held Maia's hand, holding the jacket wrapped around her legs. Squeezing his hand, she all of a sudden screamed and the jacket became soaked with liquid, Sully shocked, pulled his hand away, and seeing the puddle on the cement.

"What, what happened?" Ty stepped closer again. Maia panted, still holding Sully's hand tightly.

"I, I don't know, I think her water just broke," Sully shook his head confusedly.

"Doesn't, doesn't that mean..." Ty ran his hand over his head.

"Let's just hope the medics get here before anything big happens."

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