The Final Months


"Davis!" Someone yelled from down the hall, "Sully!" They could hear the stretcher echoing against the walls as the paramedics came barreling down the hallway.

"We're in here!" Ty yelled back, heading for the door. As he got to it, Carlos and Kim met him outside the door with EMS bags and the stretcher. Squeezing through the door, they raced to Maia's side, shocked not only at what they saw but because they knew it was their friend's fiancé.

"Oh, God," Kim looked down at Maia on the ground before kneeling down beside Carlos. Carlos removed Sully's jacket, revealing the swelling wounds in her skin. They covered her back and the exposed side of her stomach. Her head was bleeding from being thrown against the ground. She was barely breathing.

"I think her water broke, "Sully moved to the side still holding Maia's hand gently.

"Has she had any other contractions?" Kim asked while putting an oxygen mask on her and attaching a small tank to it. She carefully wrapped the elastics around her head and placed her head back on her arm.

"Yeah one," Sully nodded nervously.

"How long ago?" Carlos tore open packages of gauze to dress her wounds, wrapping them around her arms and taping them to her sides.

"Maybe 5, 6 minutes after her water broke."

"She's going into labor, we need to get these cuffs off of her now!" Kim opened a pack of wet, antiseptic cloths and wiped the blood from Maia's arms and wrists.

"We tried, our keys don't work in those for some reason," Sully shook his head helplessly. "I don't know what kind they are."

"Maia!" Bosco yelled from down the hall. His heart was racing so fast he could almost feel it in this throat. He had no idea of what to expect, he was afraid to expect the worst. "Maia!" He ran up to the door where Ty stopped him before going in.

"Bosco..." Ty tried to warn him, pushing him back from the door. Bosco could hear Kim, Carlos and Sully almost yelling at each other from inside the room.

"Davis, let go of me!" Bosco tried to get out of Ty's grasp but was met with aggression.

"Bosco, you do not want to go in there just yet, just let EMS do their job and stay out of the way," he fought with his friend to keep him from seeing what was just around the corner.

"Get off me! Why don't you want me to see her?" Bosco pushed Davis away and found his way into the room.

"Bosco!" Ty called after him but he was already in the room.

"Maia?" He froze in place. Sully looked up as Bosco made his way over to where they were kneeling around his fiancé.

"Boz, I..." Sully shook his head as he came closer. When he finally saw her face, his hearted dropped.

"Oh, God, Maia," His chest clenched and his eyes began to burn as the tears pushed their way to the surface. Sully moved out of the way for Bosco to take his place. Taking her hand, he looked her over almost able to feel each and every wound in his own skin.

"Maia, baby?" He moved her bloodstained hair from her face. It had begun to curl from the dampness of the wet floor and the blood. She squeezed his hand and tensed up again, yelling in pain. "What's going on, what's happening to her?" Bosco yelled frightened.

"She's in labor, but we can't do anything till we get these cuffs off. Your keys aren't working in them," Carlos explained as he continued tending to her wounds. Her light chocolate skin began to turn purple where the bruises were forming.

"She's going to have the baby? But it's too early; she still has more than a month left."

"All this stress is most likely what brought it on sooner," Kim tended to the wounds on her back." Just then, Ty came in the door with a pair of bolt cutters.

"Here I have them," he knelt down by Maia's head while Bosco held her hands apart. Forcefully, Ty finally cut the handcuffs apart. As soon as they were separated, Carlos and Kim began to prepare to move her. Carefully turning her over and placing on her back, they were better able to tend to the wounds on her other side. Taking a thermal blanket form one of the bags, they bother began to wrap her up in it. Kim put the neck brace on securely while Carlos packed up the bags.

"On three," Kim put her hands under Maia's back while Carlos stood by her legs, Bosco keeping her head steady. "One, two three," they all lifted her up on to the stretcher.

"Let's go," Carlos began to push the stretcher out the door.

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