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Vulnerable|| myg


Yoongi suffers from a dissociative personality disorder and that's why he breaks up with you. Ops. Yoongi loves you but his alter namely Suga loves your sister, for her, he becomes a murderer and takes his revenge upon what he lost a very long ago. "He's a monster inside me making me vulnerable." Would Yoongi fight or let his 'monster' consume him with rage? Started: 05/ 11 /2020 Ended:

Thriller / Action
Age Rating:

01: Piece of me



If I give you every piece of me, I know that you could drop it.


Your POV:

It’s been four months since we broke up the engagement. The days I found him not being in his house and spending the nights with them women. I knew it. I knew something was off since Yoongi didn’t spend much time with me anymore.

The day I cornered him for an explanation he wasn’t himself, he was more of a violent person.

As if my questions unleased the beast inside of him.

He was lowkey unhappy with me and I could feel it, I tried to help him but he distanced himself away from me.

And then just like that, one day, he came in our shared apartment and announced that’s his breaking the engagement for good. He said he found me clingy and got bored of me. I still remember his words. They keep on replaying on my mind.

“You’ve become clingy. I don’t like women like you. I should just break our engagement.”

He didn’t give me a proper reason, leaving a huge void of dejection in my heart.

If only I could ask him what really made him change his mind. If only he would listen. I didn’t scream, shout or even say anything that day despite being aware of his one night stands; I knew he loved me deep down and all this doesn’t make any sense. It didn’t matter to him, I didn’t matter to him anymore.

Just the flow of tears on my face was enough to say that I wouldn’t be able to manage without him.

But what about him?

I left him behind nonetheless.

No further questions, nothing.

Only tears spilled from my eyes, I ran away from him, thinking it was just a nightmare.

Did I do the right thing?

Was he right about me being clingy?

How could I not be when I got to know he’s been sleeping around?

All the unnecessary questions came in my mind and maybe that time I thought maybe it was really my fault.

He wanted to leave me, and I agreed.

When coming to think of it my heart aches for him, I want him back in my life, back into my living system. Without him I can’t seem to find meaning in anything.

I follow him sometimes to go where he goes and eventually lose him in traffic or find him going to his studio or another bar leaving with someone.

Just thinking about him wrecks my heart, and I find myself crying.

Stop it, Y/N get over with it.

One things for sure that I definitely wasn’t over him even after these four long months, being a top student in my university this break up affected my health and studies. I just wasn’t the person I used to be.

A piece of me was gone with Yoongi.

Dahyun, my best friend along with Chaeyoung my sister always tried to cheer me up in multiple ways. In the past two months they have set me up to meet up new guys, but little do they know my heart was taken by Yoongi and I cannot find anyone as him.

While I was secretly crying in the bathroom again, Dahyun barged in to shit, but saw me crying all over the bathroom floor.

“Hey! Why are you crying?” she asked as she bent down next to me. “Stop crying.” she insisted.

Hearing her pleading it made me cry even more. A moment later Chaeyoung came in, “Don’t tell me she is crying over Yoongi again.” With that she dragged me outside while I was crying uncontrollably. My hysterics back.

“Why are you acting like this?” she yelled at me. “Are you still not over him?” she yelled while Dahyun was a midst of who to calm down. I abruptly stopped crying and got up to wash my face several time with cold water until I felt like freezing.

Chaeyoung followed along. She stood at the doorframe of the bathroom door staring at me. “You know you’re acting like an idiot right?” she came in picked up my phone from the floor. I was about to take it from her but she unlocked it and stared at me annoyed.

“Why are you stalking him on SNS? A fake account to prove that it’s another girl?” she spoke and I was getting embarrassed. “What the fuck? What is this? You’ve been trying to talk to Yoongi too? Are you out of your mind girl? You freaking deserve to move on. Don’t you see him dancing around with girls every day? He isn’t the one to keep the promises of forever! You get up this instant, you’re going to be happy after this day. No stupid SNS for Yoongi nothing,
you’re going to live without him happily! Do you hear me?” she lectured me and I nodded slowly.

“Let’s go to the club to cheer you up.” Dahyun cleared her throat. Everytime I cried I ended up clubbing and getting wasted, I guess it was okay with Chae because she needs alcohol to calm her nerves everytime she shouts at me.

An hour later, we were all drunk pretty bad, I really wanted to use the restroom so I left. I finished my business and as I was washing my hands a group of girls came in giggling
whispering something about some guy arriving the club tonight.

I shrugged and left the restroom carelessly until I bumped into someone. The moment I bumped into him, I lost my balance and fell flat on my butt. My vision wasn’t helping me anyway and I was too drunk to care. The guy made me stand on my feet and without any warning I slammed
my lips onto his, whoever he was, was drunk too and yes he was kissing me back rather hungrily.

The next thing I know is he brought me into a cab and within five more minutes to his home, the moment I stepped in the strangers house, he slammed me against the wall and attacked me with his lips all over my neck and surprisingly I didn’t push him back, even though it wasn’t Yoongi, I was needy. I needed someone.

It’s been a while though so I didn’t mind him. He lifted me and took me to his room, I couldn’t take anything in but I could sense him rushing, he literally threw me on the bed and stripped his clothes. The lights were switched off, it was so dark that I couldn’t see his face properly.

He helped me strip my clothes and soon started exploring my body. Somehow I felt deep down that I know this touch but my mind isn’t processing right now. We both were too drunk and we eventually ended up having sex.

With each thrust, I felt memories of Yoongi disappearing, or was it the alcohol in my system.

I know I was drunk and I know this was going to a big mistake, giving yourself to a stranger but it was something I needed to break my sadness. I wanted someone to break my shell once again.

I hope this person becomes my getaway.

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Peace out
-ibti ✌
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