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Happy Khushi

Chapter 2

Arnav looked at the girl who was roaming the temples slowly to accommodate her limp while also handling a group of french tourist and guiding them throughout the temple.

He followed them after he helped his sister sit in the spiritual discourse. He heard her speak fluently and helping them speak some hindi words while explaining the meaning of everything that they did while paying to the gods.

He too, first time in years, did as she instructed while his eyes followed her. Others were praying to the goddess while he was worshipping her through his eyes.

He moved along with the group noticing her trying to make little talks and making everyone smile, not at all like the girl he saw yesterday, that one was shy, away and unreachable but this one, she is close, happy and most of all reachable. Her smile was more beautiful than anything he have seen before. He could feel how she was happy working. He saw something that his sister once had but lost lately.

A compassion to prove herself to her own soul, no one can prove her worth other than that. A passion that drives her to walk even the harder to walk path.

She spoke softly when they asked about herself. She likes to cook and is looking for a job where she can cook to her heart’s wish.

A restaurant isn’t a perfect option as she preferably likes to work alone. She learned french when she was in France, learning cooking and different cuisines. She was a scholarship student in France recommended by the biggest chef who once ate her dish which she made after being inspired by a show.

She was worthy of the title she won and graced her parents with respect and glory. A cuisine queen.

In her college, she only ever had two friends and both were boys who helped her learn french and slowly but steadily she began to speak more and more fluently.

With the conclusion of her looking for job, the tour came to an end as she told them to call her if they again wants to visit any temple or old palaces in here. She is always ready to help.

A french boy took out some money which she didn’t took as she said “This is a 2000 rupees note, I only charge 200 rupees.”

The french guy smiled and said “we love the tour because you helped us. Take it. You deserve it.”

Khushi smiled and took it as she knew it was her hardwork and waved at them while turning to leave.

Arnav realised how he roamed the whole temple while following her and prayed to the goddess he didn’t believe in.

“Chhote...” Anjali stood at the end of the stairs walking herself slowly and looked at her brother who she saw standing alone.

“What happened? Who were you looking at?” Anjali asked as soon as she reached him and Arnav who was half confused with himself held her from her shoulder and took her to the car while ignoring her questions.

He drove to sheesh Mahal and fired the cook who he didn’t liked since, he always makes mistake with his coffee.

He is a diabetic causing him to be unable to eat sweets much but the cook seems to be an idiot who makes sure to add sugar to his coffee.

He called for Shashi who came running to him and said “Kaka, I fired the old cook, can you find a new cook for the family. We will need a cook urgently as my nani, mami and her family will be coming here soon.”

Shashi nodded at Arnav while thinking something in his head and said hesitantly “Maalik, my daughter, khushi, knows how to cook and can make the best food of the world. You can test her cooking and see if you like it.”

The pride in his voice was unmistakable but the hesitancy of crossing his line was also there. No matter how much Arnav respects him, he is still a servant who will remain one.

Arnav agreed to the suggestion eagerly to eat the food made by the beautiful girl he saw twice now.

He was interested in her life and would like to know more about her but still, he can’t understand his reasonings of seeing her.

Is he interested in the way she enjoys life or is there something else that he saw in her? Maybe her passion draws him to her or is it the way she smiles? Does he too wants to get under his skin like she gets under his?

He wasn’t sure what the reasonings and logic of him desiring her here was but he wasn’t in a hurry to find out. He has time and lots of it at the moment.

Unbeknownst to Arnav, the haunting thoughts ceased the moment his thoughts wandered to the new adventurous journey of Khushi, a new place in his heart to visit.

He want to see her smile like she did at the temple when she spoke about cooking. Will she smile more, would there be more sparkles when she will cook in reality? He didn’t know nor did he care.

He wants to see her and soon he will.

He closed his eyes waiting for sleep which came sweetly to him with dreams of a smile that teased his entire being and made him short of breathe yet he wanted to sleep for a while longer to feel the moment again and again...

He wants to see the smile even if in dreams again and again...

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