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Liliana Snape is about to start her first year at Hogwarts. In this year she'll learn a lot of new information. Not just necessarily the standard syllabus of the school either. --- I do not own the harry potter story nor the characters within. This is merely just a fanfiction. It is a story I have written based on the harry potter series, including my own characters. --- Writing Start date - 27/10/2020 End date - 22/11/2020

Drama / Romance
Jordan Leigh
Age Rating:

1: The beginning

The prequal book is called 'How It Began'. You can find it on my account.

You do not need to read this first to read this book. It will be explained during the story. So, if you want to find out the truth of this story as it goes along then DO NOT READ THE PREQUEL. But, if you want to know how they ended up in the situation beforehand then do.
If you enjoy this series then please read my other book 'The Late Bloomer'.
Also if you have any other book ideas for me, just say.


"Dadddd, have you seen my potions book?!" I shouted down the landing hall. "It's right here Liana. You don't need to shout." He said passing me my book. "Thank you!" I replied quickly before placing the book into my trunk.


Perhaps I should tell you a little about myself, huh. My name is Liliana Snape, but everyone calls me Liana. I live in Cokeworth, England with my Father Severus Snape. I never met my Mother, she died when I was just a few months old. Dad doesn't talk about her much, but I don't mind, I know it upsets him.

My dad is a tall, thin man with sallow skin and a hooked nose. He has shoulder-length, black hair which frames his face, and black eyes.

I have pale skin, long, curly, red hair and my Fathers eyes. I'm short and thin in body structure. I'm 11 years old and my birthday is May 28th.

I'm starting my first year of Hogwarts today.

According to the very little my Dad has told me, I look a lot like my Mother except I have his eyes.


It was 9.45am and I had just finished packing all my things and placing my green eyed, black cat, Salazar, into his cat carrier when I heard my Dad shouting, asking me to come downstairs.

I brought my trunk and bags down and put them in the hall. "Yes Dad?" I asked walking into the living room. "I'm sorry to say, but I have to put up protection spells and then get to Hogwarts right away, so I'm afraid I won't be able to see you onto the train." He said, apologetically.

"Well, thats okay Dad but how am I going to get there now?" I asked him curiosly. "Well, I'm not going to leave you to go by yourself now am I? So, I will apparate you and your things to Malfoy Manor and you will go with them. It'll give you some time to meet their son. I believe he is in the year above you and can explain to you about Hogwarts more from a students point of view. Is this okay?" He asked.

"Yes, thats okay. I'd love to make some friends before getting there." I replied excitedly. He nodded in return.

"Very well then, make sure you have everything and we'll get going in 15 minutes." He told me. I nodded and ran back up to my room and made sure I had all my things i needed packed up.

At 10am, I went back downstairs, certain that everything was packed. My father was waiting at the bottom holding my trunk and a bag. I grabbed my cat carrier in one hand and held onto his arm with the other.

We apparated to the front of a large Manor with large gates. I felt a slight tug in my stomach whilst apparating but by now I'm used to it.

We walked through the gates and down a driveway. Then, my father knocked on the door. A family of three greeted us and welcomed us into their home. Their was a young boy, I assumed around my age. He was a boy with platinum blond hair and a pale, pointed face. He looked like the older man who i assumed was his father. He even had the same grey eyes, but his looked less cold than his fathers. His mother had black and blonde hair and wore elegant robes.

"Good Morning Lucius!" My father greeted, shaking hands with the man. "Hello Severus! I see you've finally brought your daughter to meet us." He said glancing down at me. My father nodded in return.

"Good Morning, Mr Malfoy. This is a lovely Manor you have!" I greeted giving my best welcoming smile. "Why, thank you! I pride myself in my belongings. This is my son, Draco and my wife, Narcissa." He said pointing accordingly to the people stood in front of me.

"Nice to meet you Mrs Malfoy." I said bowing my head slightly. "Its lovely to meet you, you're very well mannered, you Father taught you well." She said looking up to my Dad. I gave her a thankful smile in return.

"Well then, I must get going. I have matters to tend to. I'll see you at Hogwarts. And Lucius, thank you for this." My father said before leaving the Manor.

"Well then. There is still 50 minutes until the train leaves. We will apparate to kings cross at 10.45am to make sure you get a good seat. For now, I think its best if you two get acquainted. We will be in the drawing room if you need us. Come along Narcissa." Mr malfoy said. I waved at them and they went into a room down the hall.

"My names Draco. I'm a second year at Hogwarts. Nice to meet you." The boy said giving me his hand. I shook it gently before speaking. "Draco? That's a nice name. What does it mean?" I asked looking up to the boy. He wasn't that tall but I was quite short.

"It means Dragon, actually. No ones ever asked me that before." He answered with an unreadable expression. "Oh okay."

There was a short silence before he spoke again. "I think I can show you who is best to be around whilst you're there." The blonde boy said with a smug look. "I think i would like that. I don't want to be mixing with the wrong sort." I said smirking.

"Yes, we wouldn't want that. Well we've got some time to kill. Do you want me to show you around?" The boy said looking a little bored. "That would be nice. Thank you!" I said smiling.

Draco showed me around his Manor. He showed me all the different rooms and talked about some of the dark objects they had. I already knew what some were from my father. We talked for a while. Getting to know eachother wasn't that bad and he seemed easy to talk to.

At 10.40am we made our way from downstairs to meet his parents in the drawing room. I apparated with Mrs Malfoy and Draco apparated with his father.

We walked into the train station and everything looked very muggle-like. I was walking between Draco and Mrs Malfoy.

"Urm... Mrs Malfoy, how are we to get onto the train without muggles seeing?" I asked looking around, disgustedly.

"They honestly don't have a clue about anything that's going on dear, they won't even notice." She replied. I decided to take her word on the matter. When we got to the wall to pass through I felt very nervous all of a sudden. Draco seemed to notice as well because I started walking really slowly.

"I can go through with you, if you'd like?" He said smirking. I couldn't tell if he was mocking me or just had a natural smirk. I decided I didn't care at this point. "That would be helpful, thank you!" I replied giving him a nervous smile.

We gave our trolleys to his parents. We stood in front of the wall and now my stomach was doing flips. "We just run to the wall and we'll go straight through to the other side." He explained. He then stepped closer to me and held my hand. "If you tell anyone I'm being nice, I will make it my personal mission to destroy you." He whispered.

I smirked up at him in response. "Don't worry I'm not that stupid." I said still smirking. He smirked back at me, causing me to laugh.

"Come on now you two, we haven't got all day, not if you want a good seat." Mr malfoy said ushering us to go.

"On the count of three?" Draco asked holding my hand more firmly. I nodded and simultaneously we both spoke "1... 2... 3." At three we both ran through the wall.

Draco loosed my hand go as soon as we were through. I looked around and saw the large, black and red steam train in front of me. Around were witches and wizards scurrying their children aboard and saying their goodbyes.

We stepped out the way and Mr and Mrs Malfoy came through the wall next. We began walking towards the train and Draco and I took our luggage off the two adults.

"Draco I expect letters, at least once a weak." Mrs Malfoy said sternly. "Of course Mother." Draco replied with his signature smirk. "Right, well then I think its best for both of you to board the train then. Hurry on." Lucius beckoned us aboard.

We each waved goodbye and climbed aboard. I wasn't sure where to go so I stood there for a little while. "Do you need me to help you find a compartment? Or are you meeting up with some friends?" Draco asked looking confused.

"Urm.. I don't have any friends yet. I think I'll just look for an empty compartment though. Thank you." I replied with an awkward smile. He nodded at me before walking off.

I walked down the train for a little while and was about to go into a compartment when I noticed a broen, bushy haired girl sitting inside already. She was reading a book and looked really involved.

"Uch... who reads before they need to actually do the school work? What a waste of time." I muttered quietly. "I know right. Who would get a head start on the work." Came a high voice from behind me. Her tone leaked with sarcasm.

I turned around and saw a girl, around my age with long blonde hair and brown eyes. She was a little chubby and towered over me a bit. She looked a little untidy with how she dressed though. I glared at her for her sarcasm before continuing down the train.

Eventually, I found an empty compartment and put my stuff inside. I unlatched, Salazars carrier and let him out around the compartment.

At exactly 11am the train started forward. So far no one had sat with me. I didn't mind because I liked to be alone with my thoughts sometimes. I got comfortable before sitting down and watching the view pass by from the window.

Half an hour later I heard someone passing the door. It opened and revealed a tall, dark skinned boy with high cheekbones and long, slanting eyes.

"Hes not in here Malfoy." He said looking back over his shoulder. I was extremely confused. "Urm... who isn't in here?" I asked dased. "We were looking for Harry Potter. He hasn't boarded the train. Maybe dumbledore has come to his senses and expelled him." He replied with a smirk.

I recognised the name. 'Harry potter' thats the kid that was in the daily prophet before.

"Maybe so. I think he got way too much praise and is lying about everything the daily prophet says about him. I mean really? A baby defeated the dark Lord? I think not." I said before even thinking about what I was saying.

He gave a small chuckle before replying. "I agree. My names Blaise Zabini, hopefully you'll be in Slytherin and we could be friends. You sound like you know whats right." He said sticking out his hand. I shook it gently before answering.

"My names Liana. I hope I get Slytherin too. At least then I won't be too close to any Mudbloods." He smirked slightly, then took the seat across from me and shut the door.

For the rest of the train ride we got introduced to eachother and spoke about different lessons and what they were like.

There was about 15 minutes remaining before the compartment door opened. It was Draco this time.

"Oh, I see you've met Liliana." He said looking from me to Blaise. "Anyway, we have quarter of an hour left before we're at Hogwarts, Zabini. I wanted to find you before leaving because I'm sure Crabbe and Goyle are going to throw up from too many sweets soon." He said scowling at the end.

"Alright, I'm coming." Blaise said to Draco whilst standing up. "You should get into your robes Liana, we're almost there now." He said looking back at me. I nodded in response. "Okay, thanks. I'll see you later Blaise." I said waving at him. He waved back but Draco just looked between both of us confused.

When the two boys were gone I shut the door and opened my trunk. I put my robe on, on top of my clothes. I decided this would be alright rather than getting into full uniform. I was wearing a white t-shirt and a black skirt already anyways. No one would notice.

The train started to become slower as we approached the castle. I closed my trunk over, making sure everything was packed and the put Salazar back into his carrier. I made sure everything was packed and sorted before leaving the compartment and going to the girls lavatory. I put my hair into a high ponytail and pulled out some loose hairs and made myself look presentable.

Once the train stopped I left and followed some people who looked my age. They were following a loud voice. "Firs' years! Firs' years over 'ere!" Said the loud voice. I realised it was coming from a large man who looked half giant. This must have been the 'Hagrid' my dad was telling me about. A little later he led us down to a row of boats where we all got in and were sent across the lake.

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