Dark Revelations: Rey's Falling


Rey has cornered Kylo Ren at Snoke's castle only to be told of the truth about her dark origins.

Scifi / Action
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Dark Revelations: Rey's Falling

With one stroke of her double-sided light saber, Rey split Kylo's red cross-saber in two. Kylo fell on his back to the ground with his left hand, begging Rey for mercy.

"Good, good. You have done well, Rey. Now, finish him. Avenge the death of Han Solo, your surrogate father. Avenge all those who were murdered by this madman," said Snoke sitting on his dark throne the same way Emperor Palpatine during his observation of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker's light saber battle.

Snoke was very far from the fight, but saw the last blow that Rey did to Ben, crippling his will to get up. Snoke was intrigued and happy that he finally got what he wanted.

Rey with all of her anger inside drew her blade out for the kill. Ben looked at her eyes with shock and fear in anticipation of his end. Rey then remembered the teachings of Luke Skywalker telling her to let go of her hate and remembered her true mission was not of revenge, but of liberation of Ben's return to the light.

Instead of calming down, Rey clutched the middle part of her double-sided lightsaber and pointed right in the direction of Snoke and cried, "No, I will not kill Ben Solo. I am taking him with me after I am done with you."

"Brave words you got there, my girl. You are strong in the Force, but not as strong as the dark side. What makes you think you can take on anyone if you are truly a no one," Snoke snared back with a slight, sleek laughter.

"For I am of the Skywalker Legacy, like Anakin, Luke, and Ben before me and I will fulfill that legacy by taking you down," Rey replied still pointing her blade straight in direction of Snoke's face.

Ben, hurt and lying on the ground, was confused on what he heard. Skywalker…I don't recall Luke having a child nor my parents. What's going on?

"Hah, Skywalker. Such a very funny name you say. What makes you believe you are of the Skywalker legacy when you are not of a Skywalker yourself? You think you have the power of now the light and the darkness emanating within you the same way Kylo Ren has before he completed his training to the dark side."

Rey stood as she was, silent, but focused in killing Snoke. Rey thought to herself on strategies on how to fight Snoke and ways to have Snoke feel her pain even if it meant using torture on him.

"Well, then, Rey. What a pity that I cannot reach your senses. In that case, if I can't convince you to join the Dark side, then killing Ben Solo will."

Rey was shocked by Snoke's ultimatum. She quickly turned around and saw two Knights of Ren appeared out of nowhere and locked Ben Solo to the ground with only his head sticking up to see Rey.

"No! What's the meaning of this? Let him go, you monster!" Rey shouted, scared and even more alert. I must think of something. I need Ben alive, but what should I do. Think Rey. Think Rey.

Rey looked back at Snoke before returning her attention to Ben again. This time Ben has a metal straight sword positioned above his back waiting to be plunged.

"Monster, I think you are the monster here for the trap has sprung. I think it's about time for you to know the truth," said Snoke as he walked away his throne and stepped several feet forward.

"As I said, if you don't join the dark side, then your precious love one, Ben dies," said Snoke.

"You can't do this Snoke. This is blackmail. Even for a Knight of Ren, you have a code of honorable transactions in not taking unnecessary life even on an unarmed opponent."

"What makes you think I am from the Order of Ren? I am above that Order. I can do pretty much whatever I want," Snoke snarled at Rey before proceeding to his conjecture, "Let me tell you a story."

"Do you know who your parents are? Or, where you from? Why all of sudden you have these force powers that are stronger than this despicable Kylo Ren, grandson of the Darth Vader who betrayed both the Jedi and Sith? How about your fighting style that is somehow similar to several known Jedi and Sith Lords of the past like Darth Sidious, Darth Maul, and Obi-Wan Kenobi."

Obi-Wan Kenobi...

Both Ben and Rey were shocked by the name, Obi-Wan Kenobi. He was Anakin Skywalker's master and Luke's master. He went by the name of Ben, which was a name past down to Ben Solo. Rey…felt a hidden voice in her mind, a memory of a deep voice… "Rey, these are your first steps."

Rey thought, That's who I was hearing back on Takodana…but…No, this is not real. It's a trick. He's using empathic connections to weaken me.

Snoke continued, "Now, back to your parents. Who were they? Why did they abandon you on Jakku? Well, the truth is you don't have any. Well, in fact, you do. A mother who was once a follower of the light before we captured her, experimented on her, and turned her to the dark side."

Ben and Rey both shocked on this revelation. Their eyes were widened with disbelief. Rey's arm, holding her double-lighted saber began to tremble with the weight of this news.

Ben, still feeling that blade sticking to his back, was astounded. He was never aware of any Ren Knight who resembles Rey's facial features let alone had a Force connection to Rey unless it was that energy he felt when he interrogated Rey back on Starkiller base.

"I don't believe this! This is a trick! You are mingling lies and more lies," Rey re-focused her double-sided lightsaber in a different stance.

"But, it is the truth child…Oh yes, I can see feel it now, the dark side flowing through your veins. I can sense your hidden thoughts and feelings being awakened. Now, Rey, try to remember. Try to remember the day you were born."

Then visions came to Rey's eyes. She saw the beginning of her birth at a laboratory of a woman, in her thirties, screaming and giving birth. Then, moments later, she saw herself as baby being held in the hands from a Knight of Ren.

Flashback to Rey's beginnings…Rey's birth

"It's a girl, Supreme Leader," said the Knight of Ren who went by as Smud Ren.

"Good, welcome to the world, Reina Ren. Once you are of a proper age, you shall begin your training at a place where the forces of light and darkness once clashed," Snoke said

"My lord, Snoke, please hand over my child, I need to see her," said Rey's mother.

"Of course, my lady."

Flash forward to when Rey was five…

Rey finally sees her younger self being held by another Knight of Ren standing alongside with Rey's mother and Lord Snoke. The young Rey continued to cry as the ship landed on the desert sands of Jakku. The Junk Dealer, Unkar Plutt, stood waiting for them.

The ship landed and Snoke, the Ren-Knight, Rey's mother, and a young Rey walked out to be greeted.

"Well, hello…who do we have here?" said Unkar Plutt.

"A slave child. We want her here for safe-keeping until our return," Lord Snoke said.

"No! I don't like this man! Mommy, please don't leave me here! Ahhhhh!" screamed the young Rey.

"Here's your payment," said a Ren-Knight.

"Mom, I don't want to stay here," cried the young Rey.

"Don't worry my child. I will come for you. I promise," said Rey's mother, "May I have a moment with you, Plutt?"

"Certainly," Unkar replied and walked away from Rey's ears.

"Unkar, after we take off, take this antidote. It will repress her memories and the only thing she will remember is that her family will return for her. You understand?" said Rey's mother.

"Of course, as long your daughter works for me."


Then, Rey's mother, Lord Snoke, and a Knight of Ren returned to their ship and blasted off back into space.

In the present moment, the now older Rey saw for the first time who she really was. Ben was also witnessing the same vision as he tapped into Rey's thoughts and saw to his horror what was unleashed.

"Snoke! I can't believe you did this! Was this your plan all along to replace me so she takes my place as the Master of the Knights of Ren?" Ben shouted.

"Of course, Kylo Ren or should I say Ben Solo. I always knew you will turned your back against me the same way your grandfather did to his master, Darth Sidious and overthrew the Empire. To prevent this rebellion against me, I have many students, all of them expendable, so I can replace one over the other. With Rey on my side, I have no use for you."

Rey stood there in shocked and her mind being milked away into nothing. I must move…but…I can't. Something is wrong with me. Is this who I really am? This whole time I was living a lie! This can't be happening…!

Rey, feeling more vulnerable than before began to shed tears. Her saber retracted and she fell to her knees. She is not a Skywalker, nor a Solo, nor a champion of Light. She's their champion. The champion of the Dark.

"Now…would you join the Dark side, Rey?" Snoke asked with open ours then made a counter-question, "Or better yet, let's have your mother ask that?"

A female Ren-Knight appeared from the darkness behind Snoke's throne. Rey's mother in full Ren-Knight armor, red, black, and metallic silver…the colors of the Dark Side and the Knights of Ren.

Rey's mother took off her helmet and revealed a familiar face. Rey turned to see her mother, her real biological mother for the first time. Rey can see the similar facial features that she shares with her mother.

Rey's mother stood down and lifted her daughter up. Rey still shaken on what's going on as the light inside her slowly drifts away.

"Hello, daughter. Long time no see. See how much you have grown and how strong you are with the force. Your brothers and sisters of Ren should be very proud of you."

"Rey! Don't listen her! She's not your real mother! Even if she is, she's already dead!" Ben shouted.

"Quiet you!" shouted the Ren Knight holding Ben down as he pressed his face down to floor.

"Well…isn't it the valiant leader, Kylo Ren. I have seen much of your actions during the Jedi Massacre and the killing of the clan leader during the fight with the Mandalorians. I really admire your skills. It's a pity had things were different now, I would be happy for you to be my son-in-law, seeing how much you care for my daughter. But, now you have no place amongst us. For Kylo Ren is dead and so is Ben Solo. You are no one. You have outlived your usefulness."

Ben shouted back, "No, you can't do this! I am Kylo Ren, I am the Master of Ren and you shall obey me."

"And I am Snoke's right hand. I have been spying on you for some time waiting for Ben come through to take down our master. Full knowing that you are always Anakin's grandson, the man that took down his master and the entire Empire. Snoke lied to you about giving you great power like what your grandfather Darth Vader had because we grew afraid that you want the power of the Dark Side all for yourself. Or, was it to balance it?"

"You know nothing about me, you dirty witch! I've been tricked too long enough when I was ordered to kill my father and received orders to kill Rey if I failed to turn her to the dark side," Ben said.

"Then, that's what we are going to do. We'll turn her to the dark side, so she'll be your master and put you in your proper place among us."

"NO!" screamed Rey as she continued to stand there, breathing very hard as the powers of the dark side went through each part of her body, numbing her senses. She had no control of her body as the inner darkness consumed her. She soon realized the truth that she has been living a lie all along and must accept it in order for Ben to live.

"If you're my mother, why did you leave me? You used to be a Jedi."

"A Jedi? Don't be foolish my daughter. I was never a Jedi. I was a simply a follower of the light before Lord Snoke showed me the truth. You see the Jedi never understood the power of the dark side. They believe it is something to be avoided; something that must be controlled. They don't care about progress or bring order out of chaos. They care about letting go and remain static while leaving their loves to die and rot. I left you on that desert world the same way we left our children of Ren to inhospitable places in order for them to survive, to grow, and to nourish the anger and hate that keep us stronger with the dark side."

Rey shook her head as tears rained from her eyes in disbelief, "You're not my mother. Ben was right, you're dead! I never had a real family. The only family I have is with Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, Ben, Poe, Finn…"

"Finn, you mean FN-2187. I can't believe that one is still alive. We should have killed at the moment he defected to the resistance and none of this would've happened. Ain't that right, Kylo…Ben?"

Ben snared back in anger.

"So, what is it now my daughter? Will you submit yourself to the Order of Ren and embrace the dark inside you? Or will you allow Kylo Ren to die for you?"

"Rey…don't do this! You see, I've been fooled. If you join the Dark side, you don't know what they'll to do you as they have done to me!"

"Shhh, Kylo Ben…Now, Rey, if you join, we'll allow Kylo to live and be reconditioned to serve only you and obey your every command," offered Rey's mother then she continued, "With the power of dark side, there will be no more pain, no more killing from this poor boy here. With us, the Knights of Ren, you will never be alone and you can have whatever you want. No more scavenging. No more running away to nowhere. You will have a place amongst us. You will have a family that watches over you."

"Indeed," Snoke interrupted, "As you can see Ben, your plan to use Rey to kill me has failed. But, in fact it was all part of my plan all the long to ensure that our Rey has returned home," Snoke laughed after he said that.

"You'll pay for this Snoke! You'll pay for this!" shouted Ben.

"We shall see," replied Snoke.

Struggling inside herself, she began to feel sad and wished for better days than this. She thought about Finn and Poe at the bar, drinking beers, getting drunk and danced around like children. She thought about Master Luke being the father she never had. She thought about General Leia with her warmth grace and protection of her status amongst other resistance fighters. Of course, there's Chewie and BB-8 always hiding C-3PO's real arm.

Rey was starting to regret coming here and should have waited for the right moment to strike at Kylo Ren. But, due to pressure from Resistance High Command, this was the only chance to nab Ben and kill Snoke. But, as Snoke said, the trap had sprung and she began to feel small again like the young version of herself left behind on Jakku, crying for someone to save her.

"Awww…my daughter. Why are you crying? You should be happy that you have finally reunited with your real family. This is where you belong. Your fellow brothers and sisters of Ren await your presence and soon everything will be over and everything you desire will be yours," said Rey's mother.

"This can't be happening to me…the pain, the torment, I'm being torn apart," Rey said to herself.

"Then, that's a good thing because my real daughter inside you is coming out. You see this "Rey" you call yourself is nothing more than just a shell, a cocoon waiting for my true daughter to be born."

"Why would a mother like you do this to me?" asked Rey.

"That's what mothers do. They do what they think is best for their children," replied Rey's mother.

Then, Rey's mother placed her left hand on Rey's face and used her right hand to take away Rey's light saber.

Rey's mother tossed it and aside and said, "You don't need this anymore, Rey. We have one just for you once you finally…SUCCOMBED TO THE DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE!"

Rey's mother pressed her two hands on Rey's face, as streams of the dark side flowing through Rey.

Rey screamed. Agony ensues.

"Rey! No!" Ben shouted.

"Knights finish him!" shouted Snoke.

The Ren Knights holding Ben pulled out their metal swords and stabbed multiple times in his back, hitting vital organs, and waiting for Ben to die from bleeding.

"Just let it all in my daughter, it'll all be over soon," comforted Rey's mother.

Rey's vision turned into a swirling whirlpool of darkness, the light at the end of the tunnel is closing as memories of anger, hate, fear, and resentment from Ben's mind and his dark power flowing into her. Rey began to see visions of Anakin's loss of his wife. The death of countless Jedi over the centuries. The screams of pain in the air. Then, Rey was surrounded by darkness. Someone appeared behind her. Rey turned around and saw a hooded figure. The figure is of the same height as Rey, but the face shrouded in darkness. Rey walked towards this hooded figure. It revealed itself. It's an evil version of Rey, Rey's dark side.

"Hello Rey," it spoke.

"You're me!" Rey said.

"That's right and you are nobody. You were just an illusion, a disguise for me to use. This is the real me. This is what I was born to be. Whenever you feel angry, that's me. Whenever you feel hate, that's me. I used you in order to get to Luke. I used you so I can use Anakin's light saber to kill Kylo Ren, but that stupid chasm separated us."

"No! You are not me. I will never become like you. I have my friends, Poe, Finn, Chewie, Luke, Leia, the resistance and Ben…"

"Ben? Why do you need Ben so much? Do you know that he only wants you to be his apprentice so he can rule the galaxy in Snoke's place just so he can be like his grandfather, Darth Vader?"

"No, that's not true! Ben is never like that. There's light in him. I knew it. He expressed his guilt for everything he's done. Even though he never told me, I always know it's in there. I would never betray the family of Skywalker."

"But, would you betray the family of Ren esp. the fact that you now betrayed Obi-Wan Kenobi, your grandfather?!"


"It's true. Your mother is a descendant of Obi-Wan Kenobi. He's the old man who called out to you, telling you that these are your first steps. But, now these are my first steps for me to take over your mind and body."

"No, I shall resist for I am a Jedi and you're only…ahhhhh!"

Rey, began to feel the pain of the light pulling away from her and the darkness within and outside of her growing like a reptile breaking out of its shell.

"It's time for you to die, so I can finally fulfill my destiny."

"No, I won't…I won't…I…ahhhhh!"

The old Rey faded away to oblivion, into a hole, small enough for old Rey to not climb out. The new Rey, Reina Ren, has finally taken over. She had won. Victory is hers.

"Goodbye Rey! It was good using you."

Rey, let out a loud screamed of pain as the windows glass shattered. Bolts of lightning hit everywhere, including Rey. Rey's face was still in position of being held by her mother's hands. The electric shock never hurt Rey's mother for she is of the dark side, immune to its physical manifestations.

Meanwhile, outside Snoke's castle, there was an intense battle going on between the First Order, the Knights of Ren and the Resistance with their allied Mandalorian warriors, hell bent in destroying the Order. Rey's screamed reached to the battlefield as a wise Luke with his light saber deflected several laser bolts and penetrated his blade into torso of every Ren Knight. Luke felt a sudden shocked in the force and realizes the horror in his senses.

Luke, using the powers of the force, fled the battlefield and became invisible. He finally approached the castle doors and used the powers of the Light Side of the Force to put the guards to sleep. Then, he made his way through the stairs.

Rey. Ben's thought screamed out to Rey. But, it only fell on deaf ears. The screaming stopped and Rey fell to her knees. Everything fell silent. Her transformation was complete.

"Rise, my daughter. Rise," ordered Rey's mother.

"Yes, mother," replied Rey.

Rey slowly got up on her feet and her head rose up. Another Knight of Ren came behind Rey and put on a dark cloak for her. Snoke walked closely to Rey and saw the transformation of the now called Reina Ren.

"You have returned to us. From now on, henceforth you shall be called Reina Ren. You shall lead our Knights to battle and crush the resistance. Soon, the Republic will be no more and the grasp of the Dark side shall swallow the galaxy in darkness."

"Yes, Master," said Reina Ren.

Then, a door went open and there stood in the silhouette of a man in white and beige robes. He activated his light saber and shouted, "Snoke!"

"Well, well. Isn't it Luke Skywalker?"

"What have you done?" asked Luke.

Snoke replied, "The same way you have done to Darth Vader. The same way we did to Rey," Snoke replied and continued, "You have taken Darth Vader to destroy the Empire now I have taken your precious Rey, our Reina Ren to bring down the Jedi, the Republic, and the Resistance."

Luke walked over and saw a barely alive Ben Solo. Rey…Ben murmured. Luke heard that, but turned his attention to Snoke.

"It's too late now, Master Luke. You have failed," Snoke said, "Rey is dead or more precisely our Reina Ren has returned."

"This is my real family, Luke. The Order of Ren," Rey talked loudly, "Leave now while you still get the chance."

"Rey, this is not you. There's still light in you. Come back to us!" shouted Luke.

"It's Reina, now, Luke Skywalker. For you have been deceived, I only used Rey only as a disguise to help orchestrate Snoke's plan to get you out of hiding, so the last of the Jedi dies."

"These are not your words, Rey. These are of Snoke! You're being used!"

"Maybe, you should say that to Ben Solo as he lies there dying for me, the real me, to return."

Luke looked over and saw Ben nearly coming close to death.

"Uncle Luke…" said Ben, weakly.

"Ben," said Luke as he went over to comfort his nephew.

Then, Snoke called out to Luke, "Surrender to the Dark Side, Luke Skywalker. For not only you have failed Ben, you also have failed your precious order and everyone else."

Luke, with so much anger inside, activated his lightsaber and went into the battle. He threw out his lightsaber like a boomerang at the charging Ren Knight Regulars. The lightsaber went through armor and sliced them in half. Then, Luke retrieved his lightsaber, but was only stopped by Reina's force hold.

Luke, felt weak, as Reina Ren's dark side powers grew exponentially. She contained Luke in his place, lifted him in the air, and then finally threw him out the window. Luke hurled in the air, but safely dove into the lake below.

Ben Solo, despite being critically wounded, used much of the remaining dark side power he had to heal only a portion of his critical wounds. Ben charged at Snoke and with one of the blades lodged in him. He threw the blade at Snoke, but it only went through another hologram.

Damn…Ben thought to himself as he pivoted his way to his next target. Ben tried to attack Reina's mother, but only to be stopped by a chokehold around his neck. Ben struggled to breathe as he begged for Reina to stop.

Reina walked towards Ben, "Well, Ben Solo. It was nice knowing you. I never realized you had such feelings for me when we first met. But, now times have changed. For now I'm the master and you need a teacher."

Ben said, "Rey, I know you are in there. Fight it Rey! Fight it!"

Reina walked over and placed her face close Ben's and whispered, "Ben, I...I…I'm…so sorry. I'm so…sorry. I can't control who I am now. It's too late for me. I know how much you loved me…and I love you too…but, it's too late now."

Ben saw a drop of tear going down her left eye and felt a sudden sadness of an entrapped Rey now under the control of her dark alter ego, Reina Ren.

"Rey…" Ben responded weakly. Then, he felt a stabbed wound entering at the side of his right thigh. Ben shrieked.

"Run," was Rey's last words before throwing Ben out of the window.

Ben fell into the lake and nearly drowned. Rey relaxed herself her bearings and was approached by her mother.

"We shall leave at once," said Rey's mother, "Come with me Reina. There is much to tell you."


Over at the lake with its waves hitting and back and forth the sides of Snoke's castle, Luke Skywalker swam through the waters to pick up an injured Ben and raised him back to the surface.

"I got you, Ben. I got you," shouted Luke as Ben coughed out water out of his mouth.

A ship flew by and spotted the two Jedi. It was a Mandalorian dropship. It opened its doors and a Mandalorian warrior wearing bluish armor came out and lend out his hand.

"Master Luke, good to see you. Give me your hand," said a Mandalorian warrior.

The Mandalorian warrior picked up Ben's body and with the other help of other Mandalorians coming over and placed Ben in a bunk bed to dry and to patch up his wounds.

"Thanks," said Luke as he made his way inside the ship.

Several hours later…

At a nearby Resistance operating base, Luke and now an emotionally distraught and saddened Ben recovered from their fight. Luke held a special meeting with his sister, General Organa along with Rey's closet friends, Poe, Finn, and Ben in regards to explain what just happened.

It did not take long for old tensions to rise up for Poe and Finn as they saw Kylo Ren now Ben Solo entering the room. General Organa calmed them down and ordered to them to hear him out.

"Luke, what happened?" asked General Organa.

"I sent Rey on a mission to track down Snoke's location where she found and fought with Ben," Luke said and continued, "I did not get a chance to catch up since I was busy to helping the Mandalorians in their fight against the First Order. It was when I finally arrived to Snoke's castle is where things went wrong."

"Rey has turned to the dark side," Ben said.

"What! How can that be? She's been training well with you, Luke, for even a few months now," shouted Finn.

"Oh man…this is getting bizarre. First, Rey's gone and now Kylo's here," said Poe.

"It's Ben now and please I don't want to hear that name again," said Ben, sitting down on his chair with his hands in his hairs and his elbows resting on the table.

"How's that even possible?" asked Leia as she walked over to Ben's side to comfort.

"After Rey beaten me, Snoke threatened her to join the dark side or otherwise I would die. Rey wouldn't accept that since she was on Luke's orders to rescue me. Then, I was shocked by the truth," Ben continued, "Snoke and the Knights of Ren had a belief that Anakin Skywalker was created by Darth Plagueis in using the dark side of the force. I thought it was just a legend only until Snoke revealed that he and member of his order were able to create Rey through the force. Snoke abducted Rey's mother who followed the light side. But, she was turned and was experimented in order to create Rey. Their Awakened One as Snoke calls it."

"Who is this mother, Ben? Do you happen to know her during your time amongst the Knights of Ren?" Luke asked.

"I never seen her face before, but I have feeling that she used to serve with me on several First Order attacks against the Resistance and she was probably there at the Jedi Massacre."

Ben continued, "When she appeared and came to close to Rey, she mocked me and made Rey turned."

Ben, then dropped to his knees, as symptoms of post-traumatic stress hit him hard in the chest. Ben tried to catch his breath and emotionally spoke about what he saw, "I saw Rey screamed in agony as I saw the memories of Rey's past coming to her. From the day of her birth, her abandonment on Jakku, and now the dark side that consumed her."

"I can still feel her, screaming for my name and…" Ben stopped and gave in to his tears and his mother came over to hold him.

"It's okay, son. I'm right here."

"Oh my gosh! This whole thing. It's all my fault," Ben cried, "First, my friends, the academy, my dad, and now …Rey."

"I'm sorry, Ben. I should not have put you on this secret mission without knowing the consequences," said Luke.

"What?!" everyone shocked by the revelation.

"Secret mission, what are you talking about, Luke?" asked Leia.

"Ben and I felt that the only way to beat Snoke and the First Order was for Ben to infiltrate the Order as Snoke's new apprentice. Snoke is a wise man. He gives orders from the distance and does not allow anyone get close to him. By allowing Ben to follow the teachings of Snoke, we were hoping that Ben gets close enough to kill him. But, everything went wrong. The massacre at the Jedi Academy came. It was unbearable. I lost all hope. I went into exile. Gave a map of location to Lor San Tekka for safe keeping until the time was right. And now, we lost Rey. Not knowing this was all part of Snoke's plan. I'm sorry, Ben. It should be me who is responsible. Not you."

"Luke, about Rey, are you saying that she is of the dark side?" Poe said.

"When Rey found me, I knew who she was, but I grew skeptical over time during her training. She was very strong in the force. She learned things very quick. But, her presence made me suspicious on what may have happened to Ben. Rey did convince me that Ben still have good in him, which made me glad. But, there were times I felt there was a growing presence of the dark side in her."

Luke continued, "Rey too has anger issues. Like, Ben, she too grew up alone on Jakku and was abandoned by parents. The same way how Ben felt at the Academy and while being amongst the First Order. I outreached to force for answers from Obi-wan and my father, Anakin. Only to come up nothing, except the feeling Rey could be Obi-Wan's granddaughter."

"Obi-Wan's granddaughter, I thought he never had any children," Leia said.

"Well, I read his journals back on Tatooine. Obi-Wan met someone very close to him. He probably never knew he had a child. But, the way Rey holds herself to high standards reminds me very much of him."

"Then, what are we going to do? Are we going to kill Rey the same way we tried with Kylo?" asked Finn.

"Shhh…don't say that," shouted Leia before turning her attention to Luke, "There's got to be another way, Luke. If Ben can turned back to the light side, then Rey could," said Leia with conviction in the truth that Rey can become good.

"I don't know, Leia. The way things are. It's more complex than it seems. I never foresee that Rey was born of the dark side that was trained with the light."

Then, Ben remembered something. "There is," Ben said. "Before she threw me out of castle, I saw sadness in her…telling me she cannot control who she is. But, then she stabbed with this."

Ben held out his blade and continued to look at it. "After recovering in the infirmary, I took a closer look at this blade and I knew something was odd."

Ben continued on, "I knew Rey had a thing with mechanical parts, so I am going to take it apart."

Ben dismantled the blade and found a blinking, tracking device.

"I've seen that before," Poe said, "It's a First Order master tracker. It's used to find those who have a…"

"A tracking device," Finn said, "Then that means…"

"There's a chance we can rescue Rey and bring her home," Luke said and gathered everyone in the room to plan their next move to save Rey and defeat the First Order.

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smjeldred: I loved this book! I just wish authors would number the series in order to read in sequence. There are a lot of grammar errors in this book. But yes, I still would definitely recommend this book.

Nixla: Six is a story that you won’t want to put down. With a strong heroine trying to survive her new life, readers will follow along on a journey that is sure to bring laughter and tears.

Brittany Bergantzel: I just loved it that was awesome please make a sequel to it

More Recommendations

Mary Schwartz: so so so so so so so so good-keep up the great work-can’t wait for the next chapter!!!!

vazquez1: Loved the series! So happy that paul had his one. Hopefully we see more of them get thier HEA

Sculptureplus: I’m so glad you wrote this story. It’s so sad that this really happens in real life and hopefully those people go to hell but people need to be educated about it and I’m so happy you wrote about it great job 😊👍

Leyla Larrea: Short and Wonderful

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