20 things the doctor did in his spare time

Chapter 10: Bananas


“Hi Doctor,”

“Amy! I just got a text from myself to call you!”

“Yes, we know.”

“Wait a minute, ‘we’? Is Rory there?”


“Oh, hi Ror-”


“Sorry a bit loud here,”

“What are you doing here?!Amy heard River’s voice in the background.

“River? You’re here too?” the Doctor exclaimed.

“Looking for the same thing as you Timelord,

“Oh, a lot of Daleks are surrounding us.”

“I have eyes Doctor. Now where’s my gun?Amy heard shuffling from the phone. Rory rolled his eyes, mouthing an uh oh.

“Oh! Gun! Yeah right um, the gun! Uh…”

“Doctor, why do I have a banana?

“Bananas are great! They’re extremely healthy for you and-”

“Doctor where is my gun?!

“Oh, that part…”



“River, quick, give me the banana!”


“Just give me the banana!!!”

There was a pause.

Then, Amy heard a loud explosion.


The sound echoed around in the phone, creating static and ringing.

Then, the noises in the background subsided. There was an awkward silence as Rory shifted around in his seat.

“So…what do you think happened?” he asked quietly.

“I have absolutely no idea.” Amy replied, shaking her head.

Then, someone spoke.

“Doctor, your bananas explode?

“Oi, I actually never knew but I remember somewhere along the way someone happened to give it to me…”



“Quick! Run!

And a yell from the Doctor, “My telephone!”

Followed by a plastic hitting stone sound then hollow wooden surface.

beep beep beep

The call ended.

Finally, Rory pipped up. “You know, I’ve been wondering, how long is his telephone cord really?”

Amy shrugged. “Well, he sure managed to drag the phone all the way to the cave that’s for sure.”

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