20 things the doctor did in his spare time

Chapter 11: BORED!!!

ring ring ringring ring

“Hello Amelia Pond.”

“Hey Amy! Quick think of something that can keep him from being bored!”

“Wait-what? Keep who?”

“Come on! His pacing is really getting on my nerves now.”

“Keep who?”

“Sherlock! Oh wait, he stopped pacing now.”

“What’s he doing?”

“Staring at me.”


“He’s not blinking, that’s creepy.”

“Why are you at his house anyway?”

“I was visiting a friend.”

“You and I both know clearly that we are not friends,came a retort from behind.

“Awww, comeon! How about the time I helped get you your phone?”

“That doesn’t count!Amy heard hot frustration in his voice as the frantic pacing started again, “I need to do something! I need a case! Something!

Amy sighed. Sometimes Sherlock is like a child.

“Why don’t you try shooting at the wall?” She suggested.

The pacing stopped.

“You telling me…to try shooting at the wall?Sherlock said. Amy can almost sense him narrowing his eyes.

“Yes, try shooting at the wall. That should keep you away from boredom for a while.” Amy quickly said.

There was a pause.

Then the Doctor spoke up. “Umm, I’ll be going…see you later Sherlock…”

Sherlock cocked his head as he watched the Doctor set the phone back into its case and enter his box. Interesting. That woman he was talking to. Obviously married, no child, around in her mid-thirties, wants to have a peaceful life, former companion of the Doctor but… she left him…in order to get a normal life.


Why don’t you try shooting at the wall?

The words echoed in him mind.

Try shooting at the wall.

Sherlock glanced at the wall in front of him, with that hideous wallpaper and dull colors.

Yes, maybe he should try shooting at the wall.

Only, the wall seems to be…missing something.

He looked at the can of yellow graffiti spray left from the Chinese terrorist group they encountered last time.

Oh yes, he should try shooting the wall.

Except, only with a target to shoot at.

He felt a smile creeping to his lips. Its time for some artistic skills.

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